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Jun 2019

Developmental Coaching & Employee Engagement Masterclass

Course Information

Start Date 27 Jun 2019, Thursday
End Date 28 Jun 2019, Friday
Time 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue 100 Orchard Road #04-100 Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee $880 (excluding GST) Inclusive of refreshments, buffet lunch, and training materials
Contact Berenice | 6720 3333 | Benenice@aventisglobal.edu.sg
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Developmental coaching is concerned with uncovering the root of a mindset problem or insecurity and equipping individuals with tools and the mindset to overcome these problems on their own. As such, this kind of coaching looks to place individuals within a constant framework of development rather than attempting to achieve a static goal or target. It is repeatable and sustainable. Every employee is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to engage, motivate, and retain employees. 'Developmental Coaching' is a transformative program designed to enable true shifts in consciousness in executives, professionals, and coaches. It uses a framework of techniques like the W.H.A.T. model, an evidence-based model. It has also been delivered to hundreds of professionals across the globe with stunning effects. Developmental Coaching provides a systematic approach to prepare managers in guiding their subordinates to understand the partnership between the organisation and its employees and enable them to take ownership over their own development within the organisation. This highly experiential 2-day workshop will take you through the entire Employee Life Cycle Management technique and takes a completely different angle to the engagement, motivation, and retention of employees. Instead of focusing on teaching managers how to manage employees, the Employee Life Cycle Management technique focuses on a client-centric approach and the view of the management process from the employee’s perspective.

Gain the Employee Experience Advantage with Developmental Coaching

This developmental coaching training draws on theoretical models of adult developmental stages which have emerged from different fields of study, including psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and organisational psychology. By following employees through the different stages of their employment, you will be able to identify and understand changes employees undergo with the company. Management styles can then be attuned to engage, motivate, and retain team members accordingly.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand how to apply development coaching to help staff and colleagues through change management, job redesigning, and skills upgrading
  • Understand the different stages that employees go through as a member of their team
  • Understand the different needs of an employee at different stages of their employment
  • Learn skills and competencies a manager needs to engage, motivate, and retain employees at every stage of their career
  • Learn how to apply effective coaching and mentoring skills to enhance team competency
Who Should Attend?
  • Coaches, HR Business Partners, Trainers, and Consultants
  • C-suite HR professionals including department leaders and managers
  • Adult Learning & Development Specialists, Organisational Change Practitioners, and Human Resource Managers
  • Team leaders, People Managers, Managers of Managers, and professionals seeking both professional and personal growth
  • Professionals involved in the following functions/departments:
    • Human Resources
    • Organisational Development
    • Metrics and Analytics
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Change Management
    • Team Management
    • Performance Management
    • Employer Branding
    • Employee Experience
    • Other departments in the HR functions
Organisational Psychologist & Coach: Dr. Christopher Fong

Chris has a distinguished career in strategic leadership and coaching that spans over 2 decades. He was appointed National Fellow to the Singapore Ministry of Social and Family and advised the total capability framework of the social service professionals to include mentoring sector leaders and those in the leadership pipeline. In addition, he was the Principal Researcher for the nationwide study on fathers at the workplace. His findings have impacted government and business organisations to review their current pro-family and work-life friendly policies. He has also trained sector leaders in multicultural issues in cross-cultural marriages and clinical case formulations from a multicultural perspective. He earned his Doctorate Degree in Professional Studies(Practice Research) in 2015 and is also a member of the prestigious American Psychological Association (APA).

As a strong advocator for practice-based research, Chris contributes actively by speaking at international conferences and is a thought leader on multicultural and diversity issues and its impact across organisational matrix and businesses. His evidence-based framework that measures culture has since been published and taught across various universities. As an international award-winning orchestra conductor turned psychologist, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the concert hall to the corporate boardroom.


“Dr. Fong is lively and knowledgeable, and tailored examples to the profile of the class”
– Ms Hatsuee Foo, Assistant Commander, Singapore Prison Service

“Chris is entertaining and able to convey the tools and how these are applied in the workplace”
– Ms Carol Tan, Deputy Director, MOH

“Dr. Fong is very passionate and enthusiastic about the course. He used relevant tools and many life examples to make it easy to relate. This course not only helped me at work but also in my personal life”
– Ms Ashley, HR Manager, Bordier & Cie (Singapore) Ltd

Course Outline
  • The challenges of management & leadership
  • Understanding development coaching
  • Psychological analysis of assessment tools
  • Developing behavioural interview assessments
  • Applying the W.H.A.T.© to measure different aspects of values systems
  • Effective employee engagement techniques
  • Learning how to build the 5Cs of the talent capability framework
  • Developmental coaching and mapping my team