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May 2021

Introduction to Data Visualisation & Storytelling

Course Information

Start Date3 May 2021, Monday
End Date4 May 2021, Tuesday
Time9am to 5pm
VenueHoliday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$990 (excluding GST) Inclusive of refreshments, lunch, and course materials
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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As awareness of data analytics, data storytelling and data visualisation grew over the last decade, it is now considered a core capability in many organisations today. As such, many individuals and organisations have invested heavily in building such capabilities. However, many continue to struggle to realise sustainable value from analytics. Part of the reason why many organisations fall short lies in the “last mile” of realising value from analytics – more specifically, how to glean pivotal messages from data, how to make large & complex data sets accessible and how to structure and tell a story from the data that makes the audience care.

This data visualisation course aims to address such capability gaps especially for professionals and managers who have some experience with analysis but are finding some challenges in making an impact in the “last mile” of value in analytics. This course is specifically designed to round up the final pieces in the analytics value chain to help organisations achieve sustainable value in analytics.

Course Highlights

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what data analytics is and the key ingredients for sustainable analytics
  • Understand the analytics value and the part that effective communications with data plays in delivering the “last mile” of value
  • Appreciate the thought process as well as key technical and visual considerations to designing effective data visualisations
  • Appreciate the thought process as well as key technical and visual considerations to assembling data visualisations into coherent and impact dashboards
  • Understand the key principles behind developing and telling a concise, coherent and compelling story from the data
  • Gain exposure to various data visualisation techniques and tools
  • Gain practical data visualisation and dashboarding skills through exercises with Microsoft Excel
Target Audience

This course is designed for professionals and individuals from all levels, industries, and job functions with an interest to make a bigger impact with their analysis.


Participants are required to have basic Microsoft Excel and computer skills. Some prior knowledge of analytics would be helpful.

Participants are required to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel (version 2010 or later).

Course Outline

What is Data Analytics?

  • A general introduction of the concept of analytics, including the general applications and the potential of analytics to inform, explain and guide decision making
  • Case studies – See how some notable organisations have successfully deployed analytics to great effect (Walmart, Target, Google etc.)
  • Foundations for sustainable analytics – understand what it takes to build analytics capabilities


The Analytics Value Chain and role of Data Visualisation and Communication

  • The analytics value chain
    • The right combination of hard and soft data skills
    • The soft skills in interpreting the analytical outcomes in the right context, to prioritise the many findings and to tell a concise, coherent and compelling story
  • Key components of effective data storytelling
  • Case study – Florence Nightingale vs Gregor Mendel


Conveying the message through Data Visualisation

  • Key principles in data visualisation
  • Thought process in selecting the right visualisation for the intended message
    • Finding the right message
  • The require comparison to convey the message
  • Selecting the right visualisation
  • Other visual cues at your disposal
    • Color, Text, Size, Area, Shapes etc.
  • Hands-on exercises on MS Excel


Self Service Analytics using Dashboards

  • What is a dashboard? Why deploy a dashboard?
    • Dashboards are simply a collection of related visualisations to support self-service analytics. Just as there are too many powerpoint files, reports and databases; dashboards can also fall into the same traps. But when do you deploy dashboards and how do you measure success?
  • Dashboard design
  • Key design requirements – Purpose, Development, Delivery and Evolution
    • Purpose – Why is the dashboard supposed to accomplish? Who is the dashboard intended to help and how?
    • Development – Data sources, frequency of update, data quality, distribution method, technology platform etc.
    • Delivery – How will users gain access to the platform? Is access exclusive? Are there data concerns? Training and technical support?
    • Evolution – Measuring and ensuring success, evolving with maturing organisational needs
  • Class Exercise: Building interactive dashboards on MS Excel Analysis
  • Exposure to other data visualisation tools in the market


Data Storytelling

  • People hear statistics and data but feel stories
    • Good data story telling appeals to both the emotional and logical mind and allows audiences to make OBJECTIVE decisions about topics they CARE about
  • Principles of Storytelling with data • Finding the conclusions and key messages from analysis
    • Leveraging frameworks to structure the story into a storyboard
    • Finding the right balance to tell a concise, coherent and compelling story
    • How to make the audience care and achieve the intended objectives


Bringing all together: Capstone Business Case Exercise

  • The participants will work on a capstone business case exercise with the concepts and techniques they have acquired in this course
  • The final presentation, which should include the following: Finding the key messages form the dashboards (build in previous exercises), structuring the messages into a concise, coherent and compelling story, identifying the visualisations to convey the story, telling the story to make the audience care and act
  • Group presentation & discussion
Data Expert: Joanna Tan

A seasoned leader in Human Resource Business Partnering with more than 25 years of diverse industry, Joanna has experience with reputable multinational and local corporations such as Sage Software, Hasbro, Apple, IBM, Rockwell Automation and Wing Tai Holdings. She has proven success in managing and rolling out major organization change initiatives involving various key stakeholders especially with the sales and marketing teams in driving revenue and margin optimization using business metrics and intelligence.

Joanna currently consults and leads engagements to help FYT clients build HR analytics capabilities across many sectors and regions, including technology, government, pharmaceutical, sales & finance across the Asia Pacific Region. She also has a strong background in talent management and development, organization design, change management as well as employee engagement. Joanna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with National University of Singapore and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with Singapore Institute of Management. In addition, she is accredited in Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA v5).

Data Expert: Michael Lee

Michael Lee is an associate of FYT Consulting Pte Ltd. An IT professional by training with more than 25 years of consulting & practical experience across many functions (sales, client management, business operations & customer service) throughout various roles (Vendor, Systems Integrator, Distributor and Enduser) in both the public & private sector.

Prior to joining FYT Consulting, Michael has done consultancy and process re-engineering for several SMEs. He has also conducted numerous training sessions on Virtual Teaming for international banks and corporations. In addition, he has made many speaking engagements in Customer & Partner events, as well as in major international Sales Conferences.

Michael has managed the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems. His portfolio included the day-to-day operations within the Asia Pacific. He was also running the China sales for almost a year. Prior to that, Michael led the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Cisco System and the Business Operations for Customer Service in Asia Pacific & Japan in Cisco. In addition, he headed a global Metrics & Business Intelligence team comprising members from the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Before joining Cisco, Michael worked for Peoplesoft, AT&T GIS, SAP and National Computer Systems (SCO). Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Mathematics as well as an MBA from the National University of Singapore.


“Michael is a very knowledgeable trainer. He knows his stuff. He is very engaging. He does not only emphasize on theory but practical too which is very good. I would recommend this course. It made my brain working and a very engaging class.”
Nur Haslindah Hassan, Distribution Administrator, Elmos Semiconductor

“Trainer was very engaging and was able to keep a constant steady pace. We covered a lot of material, so again, he kept things moving and relevant. The course was informative and comprehensive.”
Wilson Lee, Singapore American School

“Michael is knowledgeable and able to explain the concepts. I would recommend this course to my colleagues. This structure of storyboarding would greatly benefit my presentation to my colleagues. It enables the thought process to flow smoother when coming up with a story.”
Sandra Tan, Vice President, Technology, Singapore Exchange Limited