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Sep 2021

Thinking Creatively with S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E

Course Information

Start Date13 Sep 2021, Monday
End Date13 Sep 2021, Monday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
VenueConcorde Hotel OR Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$588 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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02 Oct 2020 (Fri) Confirmed Run

24 May 2021 (Mon) Confirmed Run

13 Sep 2021 (Mon)

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Discover Mind Flexing and Juice Flowing Ways to Make the Most out of Your Idea Powers!

Businesses are now conducted at breakneck speed with new technologies and new innovation. The new mantra of today’s successful organization is to innovate or die an untimely death. Competition is abundant and for you to survive you need to continuously learn and come up with new and innovative ideas to keep your organization from becoming redundant. To survive and thrive effectively in such a brutal environment you need to use every ounce of your creative juices in your brain to make impossible ideas possible.

Improve Your Returns On Ideas by Maximizing Your Creative Mind Capital

This may look and feel like a daunting task however if you have the right mental toolset you can do whatever is necessary to come up with creative solutions to seemingly impossible situation. Think how flying was considered an impossibility until the Wright Brothers proved this to be a possibility.

Think how going into Space was considered as merely science fiction and today we have defied gravity and manage to put man in space and on the moon. However your ability to do overcome impossible situation is not going to occur overnight and require you to engage in a process of nurturing your thinking process.  This is where you can use the S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E technique to direct your thought-processes to come with innovative and creative solutions that will work effectively and productively.

S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E methodology will help you identify opportunities that will allow you to become an excellent creative thinker and innovator and thus becoming an asset for the organization that you are working with. In this result oriented workshop you will learn on how to remove barriers that block or limit your creativity. You will learn how to improve your imagination, divergent thinking and mental flexibility.  You will be taught on how to do individual brainstorming and when to recognize and look for what inspires you to become more creative.

Key Takeaways - Learn Breakthrough Techniques that Ignite Innovation and Spark Ideas

By the end of this fun, engaging and enriching workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the hidden potential of your brain to think creatively
  • Understand and apply convergent and divergent thinking
  • Boosting your imagination and inspiration from something out of nothing
  • Removing the Mental Block, self-imposed limitations and beating procrastination
  • Appreciate and apply the universal process of innovation
  • Adapting the six stages of creative imagination – Initiation; Internalization; Intensification; Imagination; Innovation and Implementation
  • Learn to make a paradigm shift and change the impossible into the possible
  • Looking for short-term solutions and long-term solutions based on the acute or chronic nature of the problem
  • Understand S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E application – Substitute; Combine; Rearrange; Adapt and Adopt, Modify, Blow it out of proportion, Liberate your Limitation, Elimination and Elaborate
How Can This Course Benefit You?

What you will learn in this action oriented one day workshop

  • What is creative imagination?
  • Improving your creative mindset
  • Learning to think like a child
  • Creating a conducive environment that promotes creativity
  • Questioning assumptions and developing creative confidence
  • Sparking your curiosity and engaging in creative problem solving
  • Case study on how creative imagination works
  • Underlying premise of creative imagination and how to adapt this in the workplace
  • Preparing the mind to think creatively with the six stage process
  • How to do individual brainstorming
  • How to do group brainstorming
  • Introduction to the S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E methodology
  • Application of S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E to turn creative ideas into reality
  • Creation of an action plan to nurture creative imagination regularly in organization
  • Taking risks
  • Adopting a “Fake it till you Make it” approach
  • Identifying returns of investment in thinking creatively

This is a high-impact result oriented workshop consisting of very short concept sharing followed by group discussion, individual reflection, and focusing attention to specific problem solving puzzles that the trainer will challenge you throughout the workshop.  There will also be short video presentation to demonstrate creative thinking throughout the ages.

Meet the Authority of Singapore: Daniel Theyagu

Daniel Theyagu has been a corporate trainer and performance evaluator since 1989 and has conducted training for more than 500 organizations with his participants coming from more than 100 countries.  He has designed and delivered customize training program in areas of conflict resolution, negotiation skills, crisis management, leadership, performance management, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, critical thinking, systems thinking, speed reading, memory enhancement.

Daniel is the author of five books and has written more than 300 articles that have been published in Straits Times and other magazines and journals. Many of his articles are also found at: www.ezine.com/DanielTheyagu.

Daniel also regularly conduct radio talk shows with 938 Live [Singapore] and his workshops are featured regularly in the newspapers that attracts wide variety of participants.  As a keynote speaker in conferences and seminars, Daniel is well known for his light-hearted and humorous approach to training by using metaphors and parables and engaging his participants actively throughout his training program. His key forte showing participants how to put use the techniques taught during the workshop and measuring the returns on investment.