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Jun 2021

Effective Change Management: Understanding the People Side of Change (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date10 Jun 2021, Thursday
End Date11 Jun 2021, Friday
Time09:30 am - 04:30 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via ZOOM
Fee$1,200 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of e-certificate, e-materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Course Schedule

10 & 11 Jun 2021 NEW

02 & 03 Sep 2021

09 & 10 Dec 2021

Change Management


Re-learn ABC (Attitude, Behavior & Change) for Sustainable Growth

Analyze You and Your Organization’s Ability to Adapt to Change for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Stability in the market is no longer the primary objective of senior management in an organization. Instead, technological advances, business innovation, and global competition have led to a shift in focus towards managing the complexities of change. As the only thing which remains constant today is change, a major challenge for any organization is to manage change in order to remain competitive & to survive in today’s ever-changing business world

Rethinking, Reframing and Reinventing

The success of a change strategy is largely dependent on the people within your company, and it’s the role of leaders and managers to help them navigate through it.  As leaders, you will need to understand the various aspects of people-centric change management and provides evidence for why certain approaches and strategies work.

An Updated Primer to Catalyze Change Leadership and Competency in Managers and Executives

With the whole world seemingly consumed by the current crisis, companies should look beyond and consider how to use the current global turmoil to find new relevance for businesses, reopen, and ultimately, grow their businesses not just during times of uncertainty, but to prepare for the future. This 2 Day Masterclass beyond common change management models to teach you how to successfully implement and manage change in an organization. You’ll learn core concepts of strategy and organizational design, before exploring how to motivate for change through metrics.

Key Takeaways

This 2 Day Masterclass aims to equip you with the growth mindset and understanding of the importance of “ABC” in enhancement individuals & organizations.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a systematic approach in ensuring the execution of vision and strategy
  • Gain a practical understanding of ABC (Attitude, Behaviour and Change) approach towards change management
  • Review and Renew your business relevance in uncertain times with an actionable plan for effective execution.
  • Seamlessly enable change to be embraced and accepted rather than resisted.
  • Reduce stress and pressure by improving personal, departmental, and organizational performance.
  • Pick up your own leadership strengths and weaknesses in enhancing performance.
  • Become an agent of change and a real good role model people look up to
  • Learn about the importance of strategic and organizational agility and examine how to manage stakeholder resistance to change
Who will Benefit?
  • This 2 Day Masterclass is designed for HOD, Business Leaders, HR Professionals looking to support their organization in maintaining a competitive edge. It will therefore be beneficial to senior and middle management who want to better understand how to manage and foster change in their company.

  • The Masterclass will also be valuable for change management and HR professionals looking for more strategic insight into change management beyond their current knowledge


“Pace is good and well organised. The facilitator has extensive knowledge on the matters he discussed. I am pleasantly surprised. For a quick refresher and crash course, yes. this course gives the important points in a simple and quick way.” Siti, Executive – School of the Arts Singapore

“I liked the use of breakout room. The instructor was obviously experienced. This course did revisit/share some ideas which I had heard of, but in new ways.” Connie, Rakuten Viki

“This is my first experience in Zoom and it is good, images and voices are clear. Mr Andrew is very professional and there is no sense of rush in his training. Slow and steady. Each sentence is clearly conveyed to us.” Mei Ling, Senior Executive – CPF Board

“The experience with Zoom is good. Andrew has given us good examples to understand the topic. The pace is good. There’s always something to take away for anyone.” Chris Tay, Senior Manager – Building and Construction Authority

Trainer’s Profile

Personal and Organisational Effectiveness Master Trainer: Andrew Cheah

Andrew Cheah has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specialising in the areas of performance management, productivity improvement, behavioural change and leadership. Andrew has trained clients from diverse industries such as in banking, insurance, hospitality, sales and distribution, manufacturing, food, property development, government/public services, and higher education. Being tri-lingual (English, Mandarin, and Malay Languages), Andrew has extensive regional exposure in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In addition to training, Andrew has guided and provided consulting services to clients, leading to one of them winning the prestigious Malaysian National Productivity Award presented by the previous Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Andrew has also been invited to speak in events such as International Conference on Best Practices, which was graced by senior officials from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), sharing the stage with Professor Michael Gregory of the University of Cambridge, Mr Dieter Heyl (2007 Vice President of Mercedes Benz Malaysia), and Dr Marcus Chao, President of Lean China Enterprise Inc.

Andrew has an MBA degree qualification with the University of Portsmouth, UK. At the professional level, Andrew has a certificate in Blue Ocean Leadership Masterclass, as well as Leading Dimensions Profiling Trainer Certification (LDP certified). In addition to being a qualified ISO9000 assessor, his experience in international consultancy has also earned him a membership with the Association of Productivity Specialist in New York.

Topics Covered
  1. Introduction
  • Why is it important to establish company values, attitudes, behaviors?
  • Discussion case: Hot dog case
  • Video session: Vietnam traffic light video
  • Discussion (open or breakout room)


  1. Attitude, Behaviors, & Change
  • The directional approach
  • Influence: A to B, or B to A?
  • Case discussion
  • Which is under your control?
  • The logic of directional approach


  1. Behavior & Attitudes
  • Is behavior predictable
  • Can it be controlled?
  • How?
  • Methodology
  • Case


  1. Introduction to change
  • The colour naming exercise
  • Examples of change
  • Why change?
  • Why people behave negatively to change?


  1. The techniques to handle change
  • Zone of stability
  • Case
  • Benefit approach
  • Case
  • Comfort-Learning-Fear Zones
  • Case


  1. Paradigm and change as they relate to workplace
  • What is paradigm?
  • Paradigm paralysis
  • Cases


  1. Change management: from resistance to embrace
  • Management styles to adopt
  • What is the best approach/style
  • The A-D-D method
  • Case


  1. ABC: what to do with stubborn behaviors & attitudes
  • The Objective approach: focus on number 
  • Case
  • The Confrontation Technique
  • Case & Roleplays
  • Guideline to apply


  1. Summary & Conclusion