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Nov 2017

Business Professionals: The Art of Accent Neutralization in Presentations

Course Information

Start Date 3 Nov 2017, Friday
End Date 3 Nov 2017, Friday
Time 09:00 am
Venue 100 Orchard Road, Hotel Concorde
Fee S$600 | S$360 after PIC Grant 40% Inclusive of tea break refreshments & buffet lunch (halal / vegetarian options)
Contact 6720 3333
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Does this resonate with you: In your job, you are comfortable reading emails and going through written materials, writing to co-workers and jotting down notes. But when you are asked to speak up at a meeting, or present to foreign guests who are native speakers of English, you can’t seem to express yourself adequately or eloquently despite your best efforts? You are an expert in your field, but when it comes to presenting to a group, or speaking publicly, you often feel anxious or overly self-conscious. Does a thick Singaporean accent affect your eloquence, speech clarity or dampen your chances of clinching that deal when assigned overseas in a western cosmopolitan city? Clear speech is essential for success in today’s global workforce. Communication and language barriers often deter people from reaching their personal and professional goals. Speaking fluently and eloquently with a neutral accent is particularly important for business professionals who are attempting to expand their markets internationally or targeting overseas customers who speak English with different accents. This is when “Drop the tune of your native tongue” is necessary but how? Communication skills are one of the top skills employers are looking for today. Unsurprisingly, this often ranks higher than years of working experience. You may be good at what you do at work, but if you can’t speak clearly and confidently with co-workers or clients in a multi-cultural environment, you may lose the opportunity to achieve full potential in your career. Refining or neutralizing your accent would open more doors for advancement that might otherwise not be made available to you. This workshop includes theories and practices designed to guide participants how to refine their pronunciation so that they could speak confidently with a neutral accent. “The way you speak reflects who you are.”

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • How to refine and improve the way you speak
  • Understand the subtle differences and nuances in the usage of many words
  • How to pronounce challenging English sounds with “th” and “r” etc.
  • How to modify your rate of speech to improve the clarity of your message
  • Why do we have to pronounce the end of every word
  • How syllable stress can change the meaning of the word
  • How to build a daily self-practice for acquisition of new pronunciation skills
  • How to relax and loosen the throat muscles that control your speech
  • Learn useful relaxation techniques & apply them before stressful situation like meeting, interview, presentation & negotiation
  • Boost confidence by acquiring pronunciation skills essential in selling, marketing, persuasion, explanation, clarification & more

1: All about accent neutralization – Understanding

  • Components of free-flowing speech: vowels, consonants, speed, rhythm, stress and intonation
  • Mastering the use of pauses

2: Tools and Theories to learning how to speak clearly – Applying

  • Reduce your accent by reducing your stress
  • Confidence boosting gestures and exercises
  • Common mistakes made by speakers
  • Presentation etiquette
  • Steps in speech preparation

3: Practical exercises to gain confidence in speech and presentation – Practicing

  • Examples of excellent speakers & learning from them
  • Opportunity to practice in a safe environment without judgement
  • Learn from feedback of others

Experiential learning: Activities, role plays, case studies and discussions.

Who Must Attend?
  • Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Public Relations professionals
  • Business consultants
  • Company representatives
Trainer's Profile

Gwendolyn graduated from University of Sydney in Australia and majored in Accounting & Marketing many years back. Since then, she has entered the corporate world dealing with Finance and Banking. Her love for communication coupled with her vibrant personality has led her down a path of professional roles servicing clients including high net worth individuals. Having worked in Sydney for 6 years, she was relocated from JP Morgan Sydney to its Singapore branch to manage the client service team. She presented new banking services and products to multinational clients and was part of the global team from New York, London, Sydney, Japan and Singapore.

Gwendolyn is told that she radiates positive vibes in the corporate training she has conducted.  Trainees have commented that on the personal side, she is someone down to earth, approachable & shares her knowledge enthusiastically.