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Oct 2020

Building Resilience to Scale Greater Heights (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date19 Oct 2020, Monday
End Date19 Oct 2020, Monday
Time02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$350 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of e-materials and e-certificate
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Be Unshakable: Developing Resilience in Times of Adversity

Things may not always go the way you want. When unpleasant situations occur, how do you choose to react? Your attitude will often determine your altitude in life.

In this 3-hour power packed virtual workshop, you will learn how to apply the appropriate techniques to make the best out of any situation. In addition to changing your mood, reframing can shift the entire perception of an approach to a negative situation. The methods learnt can be used effectively in any phase of a conflict, from building a positive atmosphere to identifying issues, exploring interests and turning any negative situation into positive outcomes.

Key Takeaways
  1. Learn how to identify situations and statements to enhance resilience and reframe negative situations
  2. Achieve great levels of awareness of your attitudes towards adversity and ability to ride through them
  3. Know how to use reframing to move beyond deadlock situations
  4. Able to apply reframing to encourage constructive communication
  5. Be familiar with the reframing techniques to turn obstacles into stepping stones to achieving your goals

30% of workshop:

  • Concepts and theory sharing
  • Best practices sharing from trainer
  • Video learning
  • Online quizzes


70% of workshop:

  • Hands-on learning through role plays with observations, review and feedback
  • Breakout sessions and presentations
  • Open discussions
  • Experiential learning activities
Who Should Attend?

Front line staff, individual contributors, sales professionals, department heads, team leaders, IT professionals

Meet the Industry Expert: Ms Maxine Teo

Maxine is a tri-lingual speaker, corporate facilitator and coach with a passion for colorfully impacting lives™ over 20 years of working with diverse teams across Asia. One of the most prolific speakers in Asia having successfully delivered keynotes on wealth management, retirement planning, peak performance and sales excellence to audiences in 30 over cities around the world.

Maxine has a knack of turning complicated concepts into practical and highly engaging learning applications. Maxine is fluent in spoken and written English, Mandarin and Cantonese and she delivers her messages in the three languages seamlessly to help her audiences achieve their highest level of understanding.

Coming from a decade of working in the financial services industry as a financial advisor and banker, Maxine shares her experience and knowledge in Relationship Management topics like Advisory Sales (B2B & B2C), Impactful presentation, Business Etiquette, Networking Skills, Negotiation Skills, Effective Communication, Client Service Excellence, Client Book Management, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Business Presentation Skills, and Time and Stress Management for better productivity. The skills she imparts are especially applicable to service and relationship-based industries like finance and banking, insurance and real estate.

Over the years, Maxine has received multiple awards from various international training institutions in recognition for her excellent work delivered to their corporate clients. She is also a frequent guest on Channel News Asia Radio 938, Money Mind show, to share on her experience and expertise on topics related to client and stakeholder engagement. What sets Maxine apart from most trainers in the industry is her ability to connect with her audiences instantly with her authenticity and personal energetic style!


Industry Expertise

  • Financial services – Insurance, retail banking, wealth management, private banking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality
  • Media & event management
  • Retail & Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Engineering


Education and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelors Degree with Merit, National University of Singapore
  • True Colors Personality Profiling – Accredited Facilitator – True Colors USA
  • Belbin Team Profiling – Accredited Trainer – Belbin UK
  • Professional Diploma in Training and Development – STADA Singapore
  • Professional Certificate in Designing and Facilitating Experiential Learning – STADA Singapore
  • Better Buyer Relationships – Sales Training Solutions Accredited Facilitator – IOWEU Hong Kong
Workshop Outline

Module 1: (1.5 hrs)

  1. Awareness and reflection
    • Gain awareness of how you see things through an experiential learning activity: “Do you see how I see?
    • Reflect on how you react to negative situations at the workplace: positive and negative
    • Realize the importance of reframing to achieve greater productivity and higher job satisfaction


  1. Tool 1: Replace negative thoughts
  • Understand the definition of reframing at work
  • Learn how to recognize opportunities in crisis mode
  • Know how to replace negative thoughts and situations with positive ones


  1. Tool 2: Empower yourself and others
  • Understand the definition and scope of empowerment
  • Know how to empower yourself and others
  • Appreciate the benefits of empowering yourself and others
  • Learn power phrases of affirmation


Module 2 (1. 5 hours)

  1. Activate the positivity within us
    • Realize the importance of positivity to be resilient
    • Learn how to activate the positivity within us
    • Know the 5 key ways to increase positivity


  1. Enriching the mind scale greater heights
    • Appreciate the benefits of enriching the mind to build resilience
    • Learn the 3 tips to enrich your mind
    • Develop a sense of continued learning to scale greater heights


  1. Closing circle
    • Recap and reflect on learning
    • Personal Action Planning (PAP) for personal commitment to improvement
    • Workshop evaluation