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Jul 2021

Leading High Performance Team and Winning Culture

Course Information

Start Date30 Jul 2021, Friday
End Date30 Jul 2021, Friday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
VenueConcorde Hotel OR Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$598 (Excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Essential Tips to Drive Winning Performance and Build Thriving Team

High performing teams don’t just ‘happen’. Developing teams of people who work well together, and who harness the differing strengths and attributes of all team members, needs team leaders and managers who understand the process involved and are prepared to put effort into the things that make a real difference. Every team is different, but the factors that determine a team’s success – or otherwise – are well understood and can be developed so that it isn’t something that is left to chance.

According to the latest report by Economics Intelligence Unit (EIU) 2013/14, over 72% of business leaders states culture as a top strategic priority for continued success and growth. A multi-year Harvard Business study on corporate culture and performance found that high-performance cultures resulted in a whopping 682% revenue growth versus just 166% for low performing cultures.

There is a direct relationship between your leadership abilities and your team’s level of motivation and achievement. Even if you have the most talented professionals, you still need to groom, support and coach them to achieve Peak Performance. This is why creating a high-performing culture is imperative for organizational excellence and productivity.

Key Takeaways: Moving from High Potential to High Performance

Building an impactful people-centered workplace culture unleashes the tremendous potential within your organization, creates a workplace that is highly motivated, engaged, and productive, and a winning environment that provides conditions for its leaders, employees, customers, and key stakeholders to succeed and grow.

  • Be equipped with the latest coaching techniques that you can apply in your own coaching or consulting practice or your organisation
  • Gain a detailed understanding of how to use the cultural transformation tools and deepen your own transformation and coaching ability
  • Simple tricks that can awaken the life force energy in values that fuel employee engagement and productivity
  • Toolkits to assess an Organisation’s Motivational Climate, Performance Effectiveness and Critical Motivation Factors
  • Gain knowledge of cultural transformation tools, how they work to map and measure intangible data, and enable leaders to manage culture change
  • Apply the “Whole-System-Change” for preparation, planning, and implementation of cultural transformation
  • Use the Trust Matrix and Facilitative Leadership to build collaborative, nurturing, productive environments
  • Live demonstration and practice on how you can apply 360 degrees Leadership Values Assessment Rapid feedback and Peak Performance Coaching process with confidence.
Workshop Outline

If your team is not pulling together, your success as a leader is on the line. Your clear communication will enhance your team’s collective potential and improve their performance. Whether you are new to the leader’s role or already experienced in managing others, this workshop will help boost your team leadership skills and professionalism.

  • Qualities of a Good Team
    • Gaining Insight into How Your Team Operates
    • Create Conditions that Promotes Team Cohesiveness
  • Designing a Dream Vision for Your Team
    • Improve Your Ability to Conduct Productive Team Meetings, Brainstorming Sessions and Managing Projects Effectively
    • Creating a Less Stressful Working Environment with fewer Conflicts
    • Using the GRPI model for Your Team
  • Aligning Your Team with the Organization’s Vision, Mission and Values
    • Ensuring the Team does not steer away from the anchor of the Organization
  • Ensuring the Marathon continues with Personal Plan of Action
    • Identifying the Support Needed from all Stakeholders
Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed specifically for leaders who face change and how to lead change using Appreciative Inquiry as a starting point to positive organizational change.

Meet the Industry Expert: Mike PA Tan

Michael P A Tan (or Mike) has more than 20 years working experience in Administration and Human Resource Training & Development, and Training Consultancy.

Michael’s client list includes the Civil Service departments and Statutory bodies, the Service and Hospitality Sectors and the Manufacturing Industries from Singapore, ASEAN countries and government officials from Mongolia.

Michael is also an Associate Lecturer at UniSIM and SIM Global Education. He also conduct public workshop under SIM’s executive development programs.

Michael holds a Master of Arts degree in Tertiary, Adult & Continuing Education, University of Hull, UK. His other qualifications include Training, Organization & Methods, Administrative Management and Transport, the Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) issued by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, (WDA), an Advanced Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, issued jointly by the Singapore National Institute of Education, (NIE), NTU and SIM Global Education.