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Oct 2017

Capturing the Human Spirit: Branding for Success

Course Information

Start Date13 Oct 2017, Friday
End Date13 Oct 2017, Friday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel level 4 Singapore 238840
FeeS$600 | S$360 after PIC Grant 40% Inclusive of tea break refreshments & buffet lunch (halal / vegetarian options)
Contact6720 3333
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Humans are complex creatures. We have this conscious mind that thinks freely out of the box as well as this unconscious mind that is on automatic pilot mode 95% of the time. The latter operates independently of the former where often, we are not even aware that we are acting unconsciously. This unconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind! 95% of the brain activity underlying actions, emotions and decisions are beyond our conscious awareness. Our life choices also reflect our unconscious programming. Neuroscientists have proven that people can change their brain structure simply through conscious thinking. Successful brands contain attributes with emotional benefits where the underlying emotional benefits are what make them successful. This is also known as the psychology of branding. Research has shown that providing an experience that is as personal as possible would increase brand loyalty. Brands with the right emotional values that capture the human spirit has surpassed the appeal of purchasing possessions.

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Difference between branding and marketing
  • Developing a brand perception that connects with customers
  • Developing a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Developing a brand personality that aligns with their personality
  • Creating a meaningful & impactful marketing message
  • Brand image, packaging & positioning
  • Brand marketing channels & strategies
Who Must Attend?
  • Sales, marketing & communication professionals from all industries
  • Product branding, packaging & development professionals
  • Professionals dealing with advertising & promotion
  • Sales, business & marketing analysts or consultants
  • Investors, entrepreneurs & business owners
  • Individuals who are interested in branding &/or marketing & aspire to pursue a career in the related fields
Trainer’s Profile

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Mindful Eating Teacher, Performance Coach: Tiffany Wee

Trained in Australia, Tiffany has practiced within a myriad of world-renowned health establishments like Chiva Som Thailand, Conrad Maldives and ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa. She is a trained Performance Coach under the Human Performance Institute (Johnson & Johnson) to effectively deliver their premier offering, the Corporate Athlete® training course where she effectively counsels and guides top-level management to become more aware of enhancing productivity through a range of proactive and preventive health and wellness measures. This includes showing individuals how to eat, exercise, deal with stress and facilitate positive change.

Tiffany also runs a busy private practice where she specializes with passion in women’s health and weight-loss. She is recognised and much loved by her clients for her warmth, efficiency and expertise in helping them achieve their individual health and wellness goals. She is much sought after as a presenter on health & nutrition topics with corporate clients like Aveda, Metro, ION Orchard, PayPal and TripAdvisor. She is also a regular contributor to RUN, the only running magazine in Singapore.

Believing firmly in the mind-body connection, Tiffany is the first in Asia to offer the University of California San Diego’s (UCSD) Mindful Eating Conscious Living foundational program & provides coaching to individuals & companies.


“It was great to have Tiffany Wee at PayPal’s Wellness Week and Merchant Market in June 2016. Tiffany was a great inspiration as she shared tips and tricks with our employees on how to shop smart at supermarkets through reading labels carefully and understanding what they mean.” PayPal Pte Ltd

“While working with Ms. Tiffany Wee at Tangerine (ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa) she always goes above and beyond her call of duty as a Naturopath… she would often propose alternatives…That made the whole process extremely efficient and I am really appreciative of that. Ms. Tiffany is a very pleasant lady that made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole time working with her. I am sure that anyone working with her would be guaranteed not only excellence in her area of expertise but also her customer service that goes beyond her job scope.” Sam Leong, Regional Chef Consultant and Forest Leong, Culinary Instructor & Consultant