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Nov 2017

Aspiring Women Leaders: The “Big Five”

Course Information

Start Date10 Nov 2017, Friday
End Date10 Nov 2017, Friday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road Concorde Hotel Level 4 Singapore 238840
FeeS$600 | S$360 after PIC Grant 40% Inclusive of tea break refreshments & buffet lunch (halal / vegetarian options)
Contact6720 3333
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Women are playing an increasing and significant role in today’s economy, and their salaries and spending capacity are critical to the country’s economic well-being. From a consumer perspective, women hold a lot of clout. Much has been lauded about women’s presence, and performance, both at home, and at the workplace. It has of no doubt that women, whether as home-makers or career women, could contribute to our society in one way, or another. However, the opportunities available to women remain a subject of interest locally, and internationally. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became the first female British Prime Minister. It took a further 26 years for Britain to get its second female prime minister. In corporate leadership positions, the percentage of men to women could be alarmingly skewed. What does this mean? Women in Leadership: Is the Glass Ceiling Cracked? The Five C’s of Concern: Comfort; Confidence; Commitment; Consequence; Contemplate Findings have shown that to be perceived as competent and worthy of funding, women are expected to out-perform or be exceptionally innovative. Fortunately, most women excel at teamwork. Interventions by women are found to be effective because most women could stay very calm (despite the provocation) and be patient. The Five C’s of Conduct: Charisma; Communication; Connection; Consistency; Contribution Although there is a steady rise of women who break the glass ceiling, statistics show that we still have a long way to go. Whether you believe it is nature, nurture or both that influence the behaviors and habits of women, there is no denying that women often collide with the glass ceiling in their climb up the corporate ladder. Perhaps if more women learn what it takes to wield that sledgehammer over the next 20 years, there would be enough women in time to shatter that glass ceiling for good.

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Women leadership: why that glass ceiling is often cracked, not broken? Looking at examples across the world – what else could be done?
  • The Five C’s of Concern
  • The Five C’s of Conduct
  • How Mindfulness can help make your 5 Cs certain
  • Women leaders excel in teamwork & interventions: Do what you do best, or stepping out of your comfort zones?
  • Shattering that glass ceiling for good: Prognosis & challenges – what lies ahead?
Who Must Attend?
  • Female Executives, Managers & Directors – Women leaders in the making
Trainer's Profile

Trained in Psychology; Leadership & Personal Empowerment Coach; Qualified Psychotherapist: Siobhan Coulter

Born in Australia, Siobhan was a psychologist treating panic, anxiety and behavioral disorders. Other than Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, she is also skilled in facilitating past life regression.

Currently, as an in-house practitioner at The Golden Space, Siobhan combines her knowledge of psychology & intuitive wisdom to provide stress and anxiety solutions for her clients who are from all walks of life including those of senior management across the region. Her workshops empower individuals to live consciously with open hearts, create real connections and gain a deep understanding, which have resulted in transformed attitudes, and transformational leadership styles.

A writer at heart, Siobhan’s interesting and informative articles are featured regularly in magazines. Having had her personal awakening, Siobhan embraces everything in life with a wide, open heart. By understanding that one’s life journey can be fraught with pain, fear, self-doubt and other challenges, Siobhan strives to live authentically with a sense of mission and purpose. With her belief and innermost desire to live life with unconditional love, courage, and authenticity, she is committed to sharing her wisdom and experiences with others who are facing various challenges in their lives.