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Apr 2021

Applying Root Cause Analysis for Effective Problem Solving & Corrective Action (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date28 Apr 2021, Wednesday
End Date28 Apr 2021, Wednesday
Time09:30 am - 04:30 pm
VenueLIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$600 (Excluding GST), Inclusive of e-certificate and e-materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Course Schedule

25 Nov 2020 Confirmed Run

28 Apr 2021 

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A Step by Step Guide to Systematic & Analytic Problem Solving

The Most Effective Way to Solve a Problem: The Root

We live in a complex and rapidly evolving world where businesses are constantly busy firefighting to meet the needs of the customers. So busy that often don’t believe they have the time to perform the in-depth analyses required to solve problems once and for all. Instead, they use quick fix & patchwork to try to minimize the problem. But the problem keeps returns and the frustrating cycle repeats.

Fixing the Problem from The Root Cause

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a systematic process for identifying “root causes” of problems or events and an approach for responding to them. RCA is based on the basic idea that effective management requires more than merely “putting out fires” for problems that develop but finding a way to prevent them. Problem solving is a major challenge for any organization. What do you do when you have a problem at work? Do you jump straight in and find solutions, or do you stop to consider whether there’s actually a deeper problem that needs your attention? If you only fix the current problem – what you see on the surface – the problem will almost certainly return, and need fixing over, and over again.

Root Cause Analysis Workshop: Simplified Tools, Techniques & Solution

This highly practical workshop is designed to equip you with practical knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate effective problem analysis. It provides detailed steps for solving problems, focusing more heavily on the analytical process involved in finding the actual causes of problems. The workshop will cover the systematic problem identification and the use of logic, data and process analysis to understand the problem, followed by root cause analysis and the recommendation of corrective actions to resolve the problem.

Key Takeaways
  • To solve problems and prevent recurrence of those problems by looking at real root causes
  • Detailed step by step guide on for how to solve problems, focusing more heavily on the analytical process involved in finding the actual root causes of problems.
  • Practical and useful tools in “Visualizing the problem” so that it can be examine in detail to prevent it from recurring
  • Understand Standard problem-solving methodology
  • Document and communicate progress during your problem-solving project
  • Provide a common language and approach to solving problems.
  • Use a data-based approach to ensure problems are correctly identified and eliminated
  • How to use advanced Fish Bone technique to weed out existing and potential problems in advanced.
Course Outline

Introduction & Definition of Problems

Step 1 : Define the Problem        

  • Identify the problem and the importance of working on it.
  • Output of this step
  • Case Exercise

Step 2 : Current  situation?

  • Clarify the problem area(s) as the situation exists today.
  • Output of this step

Step 3 : REAL Root Cause Analysis – using Fish Bone as a base

  • Identify & verify the root causes of the problem using Fish Bone
  • How to do this properly
  • Brainstorming > Possible Causes > Fish Bone > Shortlist and Elimination of Root Causes > Finalize root cause
  • Case Exercise        

Step 4 : Solution

  • Develop plan to eliminate the root cause of the problem / situation, using Fish   Bone linking
  • Output of this step
  • Case Exercise

Step 5 : Check Results

  • Implement plans, confirm they have impacted the root causes and the goals for improvement have been met.
  • Output of this step

Step 6 : Standardization

  • Modify process/system to ensure that the improvements are sustained over time.
  • Output of this step

Step 7 : Future Plans

  • Evaluate where we have been and where we need to go.
  • Output of this step
Who Should Attend?

This programme has been specially designed to lead participants to appraise, examine and diagnose systematically a problem situation, its root cause/s, and to generate actions utilizing analytical tools. Join Mr. Andrew Cheah to analyse the potential cause to your problem!

The workshop is highly suitable for those who are involved in problem solving situations.

  • Process owners, process engineers, HOD, supervisors, managers and anyone who require effective problems solving skills.
  • Executives, Managers and Supervisors involve in Quality Assurance, Process and product Development, Manufacturing and Service sectors.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve recurring problems and to drive productivity with measurable outcomes.
Trainer Profile

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Coach: Andrew Cheah

Andrew Cheah has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specialising in the areas of performance management, productivity improvement, behavioural change and leadership. Andrew has trained clients from diverse industries such as in banking, insurance, hospitality, sales and distribution, manufacturing, food, property development, government/public services, and higher education. Being tri-lingual (English, Mandarin, and Malay Languages), Andrew has extensive regional exposure in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In addition to training, Andrew has guided and provided consulting services to clients, leading to one of them winning the prestigious Malaysian National Productivity Award presented by the previous Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Andrew has also been invited to speak in events such as International Conference on Best Practices, which was graced by senior officials from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), sharing the stage with Professor Michael Gregory of the University of Cambridge, Mr Dieter Heyl (2007 Vice President of Mercedes Benz Malaysia), and Dr Marcus Chao, President of Lean China Enterprise Inc.

Andrew has an MBA degree qualification with the University of Portsmouth, UK. At the professional level, Andrew has a certificate in Blue Ocean Leadership Masterclass, as well as Leading Dimensions Profiling Trainer Certification (LDP certified). In addition to being a qualified ISO9000 assessor, his experience in international consultancy has also earned him a membership with the Association of Productivity Specialist in New York.