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Sep 2017

2-Days Effective Credit & Sales Risk Assessment Workshop

Course Information

Start Date13 Sep 2017, Wednesday
End Date14 Sep 2017, Thursday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
FeeS$988 | S$592.80 After PIC Grant of 40% Inclusive of 2 tea breaks and 1 buffet lunch
Contact6720 3333
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In a volatile business environment, almost everything we do involves certain level of risk. Selling through credit during tough times can be extremely vulnerable to businesses as most bad debts cases are resulted from poor credit risk assessment. Consuming too much credit risk and exceeding the credit risk appetite can result in irrecoverable losses and irreparable damage.

A 2-Days Practical workshop on Effective Credit Risk Management

To ensure long term business sustainability and healthy operating cash flow, all businesses are strongly recommended to conduct regular risk analysis and risk management plan to control risk cost-effectively. Effective credit assessment applied on your customers can reduce bad debt in the future

Key Takeaways

This 2-Days workshop course is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of managers in recognizing credit risk, and selecting credit risk using basic analytical techniques and essential credit risk analysis techniques especially during Sales and Business Development.

  • Understand credit risk management and its tools applicable for managing credit risk
  • Be equip with the latest knowledge to alleviate Group awareness on risks in S&B
  • Appreciate the importance of risk assessment and risk management; from management and operational perspective in S&B
  • Enhance your credit risk management knowledge and competency for effective debt management
  • Learn and master the technique in selecting and identify good credit standing customer.
  • Understand and Apply techniques in selecting customers that fits into required credit risk appetite
  • 3 Types of effective Credit risk management techniques that can reduce financial losses.
  • Understand and handle Risk Management process and Risk Assessment methodologies
  • Attempt to reduce risk/threat of untoward incidence – from big issues (business big loss) to small ones (reputation, employee stealing confidential information)
  • Identify risks, mitigation and recovery plans