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Apr 2017

2 Day Corporate Restructuring, Funding and Liquidation Masterclass

Course Information

Start Date12 Apr 2017, Wednesday
End Date13 Apr 2017, Thursday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
FeeS$1,280 | S$768 After PIC Grant of 40% Inclusive of light refreshments and international buffet lunch
Contact6720 3333
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As business evolves, corporations need to restructure rapidly to sustain the new challenges. However, in order to ensure an efficient and fruitful corporate restructuring & liquidation, senior business executive and managers requires a clear framework for initiating corporate restructuring, value extraction and income generating options for business revival.

The Complete Guide to Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Funding

This 2 Day Masterclass program deals with the financial implications of the main divestiture and restructuring options available to a firm as an ongoing concern: divestiture (public or private, total or partial), spin-off / split-up, split-off and equity carve-outs.

Examine Restructuring processes involved, implications and risks associated with the various methods of corporate restructuring and their respective considerations.

Scenarios Planning for restructuring include: corporate distress, financial pressure, MBO, LBO, downsizing, spin off and new strategic direction.

Specific attention is given to the restructuring strategies and liquidation and mainly in Mergers and Acquisitions, the successful restructuring, debt and equity restructuring and the related financing solutions.

Case Studies Covered – AT&T, Citi Bank, Lucent Technologies, NCR, Phillip Morris will be provided for better understanding of the practical issues.

What lies behind multiple such as the P/E, DCF, APV, EVA How these multiple be used in valuation.

How to Restructure a corporation and what are the latest Funding & Valuation techniques of private companies, banks, IPOs, franchise, etc

Program Highlights

Using practical concepts & techniques, you will learn how to develop a detailed execution plan even before the deal is closed. You will get a chance to review real-life success and failures through relevant case studies and discussion. You will also acquire knowledge to develop a portfolio of proven M&A, restructuring strategies and valuation models. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Strategic Fit & Business Exiting and Alternate Combinations
  • Due Diligence and Regulatory requirement
  • Detailed Valuations – Case Studies- Valuation Templates
  • Identify signs and symptoms of financial distress
  • Analyze financial statements and reports for financial and business risk factors
  • Understand the reasons for corporate restructuring and liquidation
  • Hostile Tactics & Takeover, Defenses Strategies
  • Identify the economic interests of stakeholders
  • Evaluate the various financial restructuring options, its implications and risks
  • Examine the process involved in corporate restructuring & Identify the economic interests of stakeholders
  • Understand the potential legal issues arising in corporate loan workouts and debt restructuring
  • Explore, develop and review the monitoring and evaluation process
Who Should Attend

This course is specifically designed for senior decision makers in all organizations involved in M&A, restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy

  • Global Heads of Operational Risk, Group Risk, Risk & Contingency Managers, Finance Directors, Compliance/Internal Auditors/Accountants
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Finance Managers with responsibility for restructuring

Government Agencies & Officers dealing with Corporate Failures and restructuring, as well as Government bodies regulating Risk Areas

  • Managers responsible for Corporate Strategy, Planning and Strategic Management
  • Financial Analyst and Compliance officers from regulatory bodies

Industry Practitioners and Professionals

  • Legal professionals
  • Risk Control Consultants
  • Insurers, Brokers, Loss Adjusters

Prof. Malick is very well versed in the valuation techniques. A very informative session!”
VP Finance, Oil tanking Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Tremendously impressed with Prof. Malick’s excellent combination of theoretical & practical knowledge. Always difficult to find & take time out of office / work – this was an absolutely valuable use of time!”  CEO, SG Fujitsu

Gain Insights from Expert Facilitator: Dr Malick Sy, Director of IBC Global

Prof Malick SY is the Managing Director of a financial consulting firm with offices in South East Asia. Specializing in Corporate Consulting and Risk Management, his expertise in these areas is recognized internationally. He has been a Director of Risk Management at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and has been member of the Singapore Exchange Corporate Advisory Committee in Derivatives (SGX-DT).

With more than 25 years of experience in financial consulting and advisory to many financial institutions in Europe, Asia and Australia, his corporate clients include DBS Bank (Singapore), Singapore Exchange (SGX), Credit Suisse (Singapore), Bursa Malaysia, Association of Insurance and Asset Management Companies (Malaysia). He has set up the risk management department for many companies in Asia.

He was the course leader for the derivative compulsory courses in getting the Options, Futures licenses organized by the Stock Exchanges of Singapore and Malaysia. Professor of Financial Management at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Melbourne-Australia and a visiting Professor of Finance at the City University of New York (CUNY)-USA, his time is shared between graduate level teaching, research activities and consulting. His research interest is in risk management, banking and financial markets especially derivatives and foreign exchange. He won the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT-USA) award.

Program Highlights
  • What is Restructuring
  • Purpose of Restructuring
  • Portfolio Restructuring
  • Restructuring the balance sheet of a company in default
  • Forms of Corporate Restructuring, General Overview
  • Process of Liquidation and Potential Issues


  • Expansion
  • Corporate Control
  • Contraction
  • Changes in Ownership Structure
  • Restructuring Strategies, Detailed Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisition
    Value-added in a merger
    Strategic Planning Process
    Buy Strategies
  • Tender Offer
    Corporate Policy
  • Divestiture & Spinning-Off & Wealth Creation
    Divestiture & Spinning-Off
    Incentives, Monitoring & Transaction costs, Information, Signalling
    Case Study
  • Leverage Buy Out (LBO)
    Financing Strategy
    Corporate Policy
  • Key Methods of Reorganizing Assets & Ownerships
  • Assets sales
  • Equity Carve-Out
  • Split up
  • Tracking Stock
  • Exchange Offer
  • Case Study – AT&T, Citi Bank, Lucent Technologies, NCR, Phillip Morris


  • Debt and Financing Restructuring Analysis
  • Payment and Legal Factors
  • Tax and Accounting Factors
  • Financing the Transaction
  • Cross Border Considerations
  • All About Reverse Take Over and Other “Back Door Listings” – China Experiences
  • Restructuring Debt, Equity with Practical Illustrations related to accounting issues
  • Measuring Results and Conclusion