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Aventis Professional Certification Programmes

At Aventis, we offer an exciting suite of Professional Certification programmes to meet the demand of senior executives and professionals. Take your pick on the exciting suite of programmes we offer in Singapore.



The Aventis Certified Professional Trainer program is designed to equip participants with the tools, and techniques required for professionals seeking to elevate their training capabilities. This certification framework serves as an ideal Train the Trainer program for participants to prepare, develop and enhance their teaching or training competency. Besides emphasising on key training skills set, the program also aims to equip participants with the know how to design and deliver competency based training using time tested methodology. Learn More >

Aventis Career Coaching (ACC) Certification


Aventis Career Coaching Certification is a leading certification program designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking opportunities to become a Certified Career Coach. The main objective of this certification is to develop participant’s ability to integrate Career Coaching theory, frameworks with a wide range of models and skills. Leveraging on advanced training methodology, this program is well received by individuals and organizations alike. The key objective of this program is to equip you with the skills-set and competency to articulate professionally as a Career Coach. Learn More>

2 Day Strategic Financial Leadership Certification

Into our 5th year running, Finance professionals are encouraged to join us in this 2-day high impact program using Case-Studies, facilitated by leading practitioner Professor Luis Hall (PhD, New York University) to learn how to succeed & grow in such a demanding role. Participants will be introduced to systematic ways to view the multiple facets of the CFO’s roles and steps to become a more significant contributor to the long term growth and sustainability of your company. With elevated status following the financial crisis, CFOs are more primed than ever to set and drive strategic direction next year. Participants attending the New York CFO Program will benefit from relevant expert insight into these challenges and more importantly some of the solutions being adopted by industry leaders and regulatory bodies. Learn more >

Gain Key insights and Professional advice from the Expert: Professor Luis Hall, (PhD, New York University)

luis-hall-profileDr. Luis J. Hall is a professor in economics and finance. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. from New York University. Dr. Hall held previous positions in the New York State Banking Department, as external researcher for the World Bank and Inter-American Developing Bank and formerly taught at New York University. He has been a consultant for several banks focusing his research primarily on credit and credit default. His research interests lies in corporate finance, sovereign risk, interest rate, international economics and international financial markets. Learn more >