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Be a Career Coach


Whether you are a professional in transition, exploring new career change or seeking to establish new revenue stream as a professional certified coach, there has never been a better time to explore the opportunities to be a Career Coach where you can tap on your wealth of experience and assist others identify and achieve career success.

Career coaching is one of the fastest growing professions today and is highly sought after by many organizations, senior executives and working professionals.

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Program Highlights

Aventis Career Coaching Certification is a leading certification program designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking opportunities to become a Certified Career Coach. The main objective of this certification is to develop participant’s ability to integrate Career Coaching theory, frameworks with a wide range of models and skills. Leveraging on advanced training methodology, this program is well received by individuals and organizations alike. The key objective of this program is to equip you with the skills-set and competency to articulate professionally as a Career Coach.

This Certification program is intended for people who are considering a move into the profession from a functional discipline, or for those who wish to obtain an introduction to the skills and knowledge needed in the field of career coaching. The focus of the program is to develop and equip participants with the skills-set and competency to serve as a Career Coach. This program is also suitable for HR and learning development professionals, Career advisers, head-hunters, outplacement consultants and Professionals from other areas who wish to move into career management.

Why Aventis Career Coaching Certification (ACC) ?

  • Professional status as a Certified Career Coach
  • Verification of your competency in Career Coaching – providing greater self-assurance and awareness
  • Developing effective competencies that will enable you to motivate yourself and energise the participants
  • Enhance market status and confidence to deliver consistent consultancy results
  • International endorsement and recognition of your expertise that draws clients to you
  • Access to our network, resources and support through our corporate clients and alumni
  • Competency building by staying ahead of peers by building a reputation of delivering impartial, professional trainings
  • Enhance career options and employment opportunities to structure your services, attract new clients
  • Provides transferable skills that can be used in various industries and professional settings

Personalized Learning Experience

To maintain the quality and optimal learning experience, each certification program enrolment is capped at 15 participants per session. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The entire certification program can be completed over a duration of 3 months with post-certification support and assistance. The fees for the entire Certification program will be as follows:

Coaching Level  Fees
Stage I : Basic Level (Jump Start Career) 1,500.00
Stage II : Professional Certification 2,000.00

Register Today by contacting Chye Fen at training.aventis@gmail.com | 6720 3333

This is a structured program delivered in 2 stages over 3 months, comprising 2 learning blocks of Stage I: Jump Start Your Career 2 Full-day workshop with the Master Coach to work on areas of focus for each individual which includes Charting of the Career-Life Line, further in-depth interpretation of competencies, style & interests and resume. Stage II: Aventis Career Coaching Certification 2 Full-day workshop which will include peer coaching, practicum, 1-on-1 coaching and assessment for certification.

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“I enjoyed the realistic and practical relationship of real life experiences to the course content. I learned various tools of assessment and measurement for career coaching as well as self-analysis of values and strengths. This course is a good opportunity to explore ways in career management.” Mr. Norvin Teo Assistant Manager Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts