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In the past, getting a new job was honestly a much simpler process. There wasn’t a need for a professional career coach to guide you through the process as much as we do now.

People used to stay in their jobs (some even their first job) for life, or at least a decade! So there was little need for a career coach or consultant to seek advice from.



The increasing complexities of the hiring process, low level of job satisfaction, and the list goes on…


In today’s day and age, people change jobs and employers every few years. Moreover, it doesn’t help that the demands on those recruiting people into businesses has also intensified.

It is extremely costly for a company to hire the wrong person, in fact, the U.S. Department of Labor says that the cost of a bad hire could reach up to a whopping 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings! To put it into numbers, CareerBuilder says that 74% of companies who made a poor hire lost an average of $14,900 per poor hire. Yikes.

In response to the fear of companies hiring the wrong fit for the job, the recruitment process itself has become more complex with technology advancements. There are now application tracking systems that take initial applications and screen candidates. And organizations look to test potential employees in many different ways to ensure they find a good fit, before they make any confirmed job offers.

And while all these are happening, the level of satisfaction among employees is at an all-time low, which means that people are changing jobs, companies, and even their entire careers, a lot more frequently.

Now, it is no wonder, the demand for the services of a professional Career Coach has been on a steady rise.



Career Coach Professionals here to save the day!


To break it down for you, a career coach plays the important role of helping clients (job seekers, or people transitioning to a new career / job) decide on what they want, and then secure a job in their chosen field. A career coach would do that by helping their clients make complex decisions or navigate difficult situations.

The process of what a career coach typically facilitates their clients to go through include the following:

  1. Get clarity on understanding what their client wants, and explore the feasible options to help them achieve that.
  2. Prepare the marketing materials
  3. Source for the job opportunities
  4. Land that job offer!



Are there any other important skills a Certified Career Coach needs to be equipped with?


Well of course there are, given how diverse the role of a career coach is.

In order to build and create a satisfying and rewarding role as a career coach that makes a significant positive impact on your clients’ working lives, the following skills do come in handy:

1. Soft Skills

There are many aspects as a career coach that require great people skills, such as helping your clients define their career goals and reflect on their experiences.

If you are a good listener, communicator, and motivator, you definitely have the qualities to get yourself started in this field as a career.

Secondly, general writing skills are useful as well. If you are often bored with writing, or find yourself not as skilled in this area, you might not want to offer CV writing services as a career coach.

2. Hard Skills

There are some technical skills that are useful to have as a career coach professional. These include knowing about:

  • What a quality CV and LinkedIn Profile look like;
  • How to help people get past the application tracking systems, and into human hands (meaning to help your clients stand out and get shortlisted for the next round by hirers)
  • How to generate job opportunities beyond just advertised roles;
  • How to help people prepare for interviews and other assessments so that they perform well on the day and get more, or even better job offers.

All in all, these skills will be highly useful to give you the boost if you are seriously considering to become a Certified Career Coach as your next career.



Want to know how to begin preparing yourself to become a Certified Career Coach? Let us help!


If you’re not sure where to begin, why not consider taking the first step by equipping yourself with the required skill sets, and learning direct from a Professional Certified Career Coach? Aventis has over a decade of track record and experience in helping working professionals achieve successful career transitions as a Professional Career Coach, with our Aventis Career Coach Professional Certification Programme.

This Professional Certification is a structured programme delivered across 4 days, over 2 separate weekends (Saturday & Sunday), designed with a unique combination of 3 critical qualities to form the core strength and tap on the individualities of individual coaches:

  1. Results-Oriented focus firmly on hands on effective techniques & outcomes
  2. Neuroscience-Analytics based on scientific research and techniques
  3. Skill Based Approach structured methodology with well-defined steps and tool kits

Get in touch with us by calling in to (65) 6720 3333 or drop us an email to training.aventis@gmail.com if you have any further queries.

Otherwise, we look forward to having you for our next intake to help you achieve the successful transition to become a Certified Career Coach! More details to register here.