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Workplace Productivity Experts

Award-Winning Organizational Psychologist: Dr Christopher Fong

chris-fong-profileDr Fong consults with organizations and mentors individuals to bring about organizational and personal excellence. A firm believer in people as the life force of an organization, his practice as a clinical psychologist at Raffles Hospital Counselling Centre has given him keen understanding of the human behavioural and motivational aspects that impact businesses. He is a subject matter expert in Multicultural Issues and Diversity, and continues to be sought out by business schools, universities and business magazines for his frameworks and models.

Dr Christopher Fong is appointed by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore to develop part of the national accredited human resource framework and curriculum for Work Development Agency (WDA) in Singapore. As an associate member of the American Psychologist Association (APA), his diverse portfolio includes an extensive speaking career, traveling both in Asia and Greater China. Dr Fong has coached and mentored leaders from organizations like Nestle, Knight Franks, Swire Group (HK), Inter-Continental Hotel Group, UBS, RBS, Symantec, Adobe, Oracle, MacAfee, Barclays, Ministries of Education Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong, Singapore Police Force, Swatch Group, Hong Kong Electric, Hitachi, Immigration Department of Hong Kong, Veolia Water, Japan Tobacco (HK), Search Investment Group Ltd and many more.


“Very interesting and enlightening. I have enjoyed myself and learned a lot from Dr Fong.”– Peh Yin Chee, Senior Consultant, HR Partners 

“I like Chris’ style of teaching. He made the whole class feel at ease and I found everyone so relaxed, responsive and interactive. Thank you for coaching us.”  – Ms Tan, Procurement Executive, Blue Star System

Reducing and Resolving Workplace Conflict with Ease

With a highly diversified multi-generational workforce, workplace conflicts have increasingly become a key challenge for organizations. Workplace conflicts can destroy productivity and derail projects. It will also paralyze your group, department, or the entire organization. And once initiated, the unpleasant task of resolving conflicts falls on your shoulders. Resolving workplace conflicts requires persistence, know-how, and faith in the process itself. When handled well, conflicts can actually improve subsequent workplace relationships by removing the toxic effects of gossips and aggressive behaviour in the workplace.

Key Takeaways: How to create a blame-resistant and emotionally resilient workforce

  • Diagnose conflict in your team and instil collaborative team problem solving capabilities
  • Impactful and Effective tips on how to quickly calm agitated colleagues and customers
  • Skilful Attention to Rising Undercurrents  and handle the daily onslaught of frustration without losing momentum
  • Identify Workplace Conflict Predictors; Warning Signs/Symptoms
  • Tips on how to avoid conflict and cynicism that drains energy and hurt relationships

Fees: $588


Enhancing Emotional Resilience & Stress Management at Work

Emotional resilience is one’s ability to cope and adapt to stressful situations and difficulties. In the modern business world where organizations go through rapid changes, emotional resilience is a huge asset for individuals. Emotional resilience can improve well-being, performance and creativity. In this 1 day insightful workshop, participants will learn to harness and develop that emotional resilience to ‘bounce back’ and ‘roll with the punches’ in the ever changing business world. 

Key Takeaways: 5 Powerful Tools to Overcome Workplace Challenges Instantly.

  • Using emotional conditioning such as positive and negative trigger to find a solution to overcome the current challenges and be more productive.
  • Create an optimal state for performing in challenging situations using simple techniques to improve your thinking and decision making process.
  • Using the Six families of emotion to strengthen your sense of purpose, to help you think cool headedly , clearly and calmly
  • How to use 360 Feedback and Personality Assessment to develop your EQ skills and raise our ability to control your emotion state
  • Enhance personal and social competence to better handle emotions amid the stress and strenuous demands at the workplace

Fees: $588


Organizational Coach: Ms Florence Yuen (Master of Organizational Psychology, City U of New York)

florence-yuen-profileConducting training is one of the best ways to share years of real life learning and experience with others. Florence Yuen brings with her over 23 years of professional experience and valuable insights across Asia Pacific region. She has led in organization redesign and operational changes and had successfully driven several major globalization projects.

As an Organizational Coach, Florence has successfully mentored and trained over 100 of senior executives into leading role, today. Her aspiration to train, share and continue to learn with a larger group of the workforce has inspired her to be a full time trainer. Florence holds an Executive Master of Science in Organizational Psychology and is also a Certified Professional Trainer. She wants to be part of the next generation workforce development work supporting the continuing education training strategy in Singapore and Asia Pacific.


Florence is a highly interactive trainer with great sense of humor. The lesson was interesting. Thank you Florence for making the class so enjoyable, great learning experience!”-Customer Service Executive, Central Provident Fund Board.

“Florence is very cheerful and she shared with us good insights and real life experience which helps me in my work, really appreciate her effort and advice“-Administrative Executive, Singapore Police Force.

Essential Skills For Professional Administrators and Secretaries and Office Administrators

Gain the latest expertise you need to excel in your role as a super administrative executive, PA or secretary. This fun and enriching workshop will equip you with the advanced skill, tools and checklist you need to overcome any major challenges at different organisational levels in today’s business environment. Filled with real life case studies and helpful tips, this 1 Day highly interactive and jam-packed course is facilitated by highly experienced Organizational Coach, Ms Florence Yuen who will handhold you to develop and fine-tune your personal skills to succeed under the most demanding conditions.

Key Takeaways- A Must Have Insider Guide

  • Key qualities you need to succeed in your role
  • Working with superiors, colleagues, and subordinates with the “Right” styles
  • Organizing Your Office for Maximum Productivity and Efficiency
  • Enhancing Your Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills and analysing the risks involved in decisions
  • Portraying Professional Image, Confidence and Self Belief

Fees: $588


Edward De Bono Certified Instructor: Ms Daphne Lim (Master, Oxford University)

daphne-lim-profileDaphne Lim is a Certified Instructor with Edward de Bono Training Pte Ltd, the Regional Centre in Asia for Edward de Bono Thinking Methods, and de Bono Thinking Systems, the organisation officially appointed by Dr de Bono to advance his thinking methods worldwide. Her training experience spans across diverse sectors including banking and finance, communications and media, information technology, electronics, education, transport and logistics, and government agencies. She has provided training in countries across Asia including Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Her lively and effective training style consistently receives excellent feedback, especially on her depth of knowledge, her clarity in presentation, and the enjoyable way in which she conducts her workshops. Clients regularly seek follow-up sessions to her courses. She holds a Masters Degree from Oxford University where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Distinction). Her study at Oxford University was sponsored through a scholarship for outstanding individuals awarded by the Singapore Economic Development Board. She was also a recipient of the Public Service Commission Humanities Scholarship.


“The de Bono Thinking Program has definitely benefited me a lot. The program has taught me to think creatively and intelligently, to make wise decisions and eventually applying it into my daily life. After attending the program, it taught me to think in a way that encompasses all aspects of life and to adopt my own perspectives and views, which are able to stand out from the rest. I feel that the program has allowed me to adopt my very own voice, to speak what I feel and think and convince others with my thoughts. It has allowed me to become a more confident individual today. Chia Yuan Jun Yvonne,

What Dr de Bono is doing to teach people to think may be the most important thing happening today.”  – George Gallup, The Gallup Organisation

“De Bono’s course should be the essential curriculum for the human race.”
– Alex Kroll, Young & Rubicam

Edward De Bono’s Simplicity. Gain Efficiency in Business

In this complex world, things are becoming more and more complicated over time instead of becoming simpler. Simplicity is a key value but it is not enough to just think about it. Serious determined effort must be made to achieve simplicity through attitudes, frameworks and specific thinking techniques. Reduce cost, time, mistakes and frustration by getting your employees to think up new ways of doing things in a simpler way, which will lead to faster-to-market innovations and easier process systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • End habits that are no longer necessary, stop duplication of tasks, challenge every aspect of the business in order to perform at a higher level.
  • Shift group thinking to a challenge mode by moving from complex to simple
  • Reduce needless stress among customers, clients, vendors and employees
  • Think of new ways of doing things in a simpler way
  • Market innovations and easier processing systems

Fees: $1200


Credit Management Expert, Mr Gregory Chua

(Professional trainer, Singapore Association of Credit Management (SACM) on the certification program “Collections Best Practice.)

gregory-profileMr Gregory Chua is a dynamic facilitator who brings with him a wealth of experience in the field of telephone techniques to face-to-face communication skills. Gregory spent over 13 years in a local leading business and credit information service provider as a Senior Account Manager, where he was tasked with group’s services ranging from business/credit information to debt recovery and account receivables management.

He has been providing training sessions on debt recovery techniques to collection officers across government ministries and statutory boards, Multi-National Corporations as well as Small & Medium-sized Enterprises. Some of these include Ernst & Young, BP Singapore, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific, NTUC Income, Hong Leong Asia, Hong Leong Finance, Singapura Finance, Epson Singapore, Chubb Singapore, Tuas Power, Societe Generale, Gleneagles Hospital, National Cancer Centre, National Heart Centre, National University Hospital, J.V. Fitness (California Fitness Centre), Starhub Ltd, Pacific Internet, Tenet Insurance, QBE Insurance (Intl), Maybank, OCBC Bank, HSBC, RHB Bank, ECICS Ltd, Cycle & Carriage Industries & many others.


“The course is very effective for me to apply it in my job scope to tackle difficult customers who do not want to pay up. Knowledgeable and personal Mr Chua is also very entertaining in providing real-life experiences that we can relate with. Not a boring training at all!
Jet Aviation (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. “

“To be honest, this was the 1st training that I was being able to be alert the whole day. Trainer was very good and I believe he made it to make the participants pay attention. Well done!” Vanitha Singaram, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sport


Speedy Debt Recovery and Effective Credit Management

Debt collection efforts wear off by 80% after 90 days? Bad debt is a part and parcel of doing business. However, with effective debt collection techniques, it is something that can be managed and controlled to ensure the organization stays on the right track of profitability. A well trained executive in debt collection means increased cash conversions, optimal resource utilization and great return on investment but many employees find debt collection frustrating and tough.

This 1 day high impact workshop will provide you with critical, fool-proof techniques that will help your company improve credit management and debt recovery. Facilitated by Mr Gregory Chua who has over 13 years in a leading business and credit information service provider, Gregory will share valuable personal experiences and practical techniques in debt recovery while retaining customers’ satisfaction.

Key Takeaways: Collect Debts Effectively and Confidently

  • Comprehend the legal perspective in debt collections and maximizing debt recovery through ligation procedures
  • Successfully implement a proactive and practical credit management and debt recovery strategies to address delay/non payments
  • Use different debt collection techniques to different situations designed specifically for your customers
  • Comprehend the legal perspective in debt collections and maximizing debt recovery through ligation procedures
  • Deal with delaying or non-payment excuses and reduce credit exposure of difficult customers effectively

Fees: $588


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