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Why Business Storytelling Will Be the Most Powerful Skill for business

  • Are you seeking new inspiration to get your point across?
  • Or seeking to foster collaboration amongst your team and stakeholders?
  • Exploring new ways to increase inbound leads and sales conversion?
  • Strengthen employee engagement by striving towards a single common cause?

Business Storytelling – The Secret Weapon that will make your business stands out in the War of Ideas

Then you will need to unleash the power of business Storytelling, an important life skill that has benefited many successful leaders to communicate their vision, shared their personal stories, their struggles and passion, their success and brand values. The company story is the company strategy. A clearly articulated story communicates effectively at a simple and fundamental level, why you exist and who you serve.

Learn Storytelling Tips to Tell Your Business Story Like a TED Pro

Storytelling is one of the most underrated skill in business. Although stories engage and inspires, very few entrepreneurs and business leaders has fully tapped on the full power of storytelling.

Good stories surprise us. They have compelling factors. They make us think; make us feel emotionally connected through meaningful moments. Powerful stories move people and lead to action. It sticks in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts way better than PowerPoints and traditional business plan.

Get Your Message Across With Maximum Impact & Minimum Resistance

The power of storytelling allows you to get messages across seamlessly and emotionally engage and drive change in your organisation.

Successful business leaders uses stories to build credibility and rapport with your audience, explain what their interests are, to disarm sceptics and build trust. Communicate their vision, generate buy-in and inspire others. Give feedback, motivate, and change behaviour, without giving advice or commands. Be able to teach important lessons and communicate key personal and organizational values

With a single speech, zero marketing and advert, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla sold over $15 billion worth of electric car in 2 weeks.


Introducing the Leader as Storyteller Workshop

Facilitated by internationally renowned Persuasion Doctor, Mr David Goldwich, it is designed to equip you with the capability and confidence to tap on the power of stories in your day-to-day activities to inspire and lead your team.

This one-day Leader as Storytellers Workshop is designed for organisations that want to develop their leaders’ ability to influence, build engagement and inspire their people to take action with deep senses of purpose. Let David share with you successful trade secrets on how to get results by capturing, crafting, telling stories, and much more. Using multiple story templates for different occasions, to craft and develop your own stories and learn simple techniques to bring your stories to life.


  • Communicate and get your message across all stakeholders
  • Use the right kind of story at the right time in different situations
  • Drive change, promote positive learning and inspire Innovation
  • Motivate, and guide, without giving commands and micro management
  • Convert lessons and experience into stories that sticks
  • Begin a process of personal reflection that is necessary to find and share stories that motivate, entertain and inspire

You will leave with well-crafted personal stories for your company/product/service and more importantly the ability to begin engaging your stakeholders with confidence, clarity and conviction.




‘The Leader as Storyteller’ is a strong reinforcement that to be an effective presenter you must connect and build resonance with your community. David’s style in delivering the learning points is integrative and holistic. I recommend this workshop to those who have a strong desire to be an influential change agent.”  – Christine, Director

“We all enjoyed the class. David, you really made the whole class feel at the ease and I found everyone so relaxed, responsive and interactive. Thank you for coaching us.” – Mary, Senior Manager

“Thank you for your wonderful and powerful program, our colleagues gave excellent feedback. They were inspired.” – Michael, Assistant Director, Learning & Career Development

The Persuasion Doctor: David Goldwich


David Goldwich is a “reformed” lawyer who is committed to helping people get what they want by teaching them how to play the negotiation game and be assertive, compelling, persuasive communicators. He practiced law in the United States for more than ten years, arguing before judges and political, government, and community bodies. David is trained as a mediator and has managed small businesses as well. He advocates the interest-based negotiation approach developed at Harvard to achieve win-win outcomes.


As a highly sought after consultant, David uses simulations, role play, skits, and interactive sessions to help participants learn and improve their skills, he has delivered customized training to many organizations across Asia, David also appears frequently on radio, and hosted a television talk show. David is also the author of “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Lessons in Effective Communication.”


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Date: 5 May 2016 (Mon)

Time: 9am – 5pm


100 Orchard Road
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Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials

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