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Social Media and Digital Marketing Courses by Industry Experts


Social Media Strategist: Mr. Ryan Lim

Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist Ryan Lim

Ryan is the co-founder and Business Director of Blugrapes, a social media marketing consultancy specializing in digital consumer engagement across social media and mobile marketing platforms. He has a comprehensive 15 years of experience in digital marketing bringing many companies to the next level in marketing. Currently he heads the Consulting Team to provide social media consultancy and solutions for Fortune 500 companies. With a vision to make Digital Marketing better, he has trained over 1,000 marketing professionals across the ASEAN region to date. As a highly sought after consultant, Ryan served as advisor and strategist to senior management of some of the world’s leading businesses and brands, crafting digital marketing strategies, digital team structures, digital reputation management, digital marketing audits, social media crisis management and social media intelligence. Ryan currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Media Development Authority, and sits on the Advisory Committee of Centre for Enterprise and Communication at Republic Polytechnic. He is also an Executive Council Member of Institute of Advertising Singapore.


Ryan is a great trainer, providing us with practical examples and case solutions as reference for our learning. Appreciate it. – Ms Anastasia Goh, Challenger

Excellent presentation by Ryan, he was very sharp and informed, opened to sharing many useful insights which allow me to develop my social media skills and policies. – Ms Sharma, People’s Association

I have learnt how to quantify the value of each fan and ‘like’ and how to calculate our ROI from each marketing campaign. This workshop definitely surpassed our expectations. Keep up the good work! – Alex, Asia Global  Mastering Digital and Social Media ROI

Many businesses are getting on the digital marketing and social media bandwagon, yet despite significant expenses and effort, over 82% of companies do not know how to accurately measure the success of their campaigns. To maximize our social media investment, we need to develop a simple but effective social analytic metrics to measure every single interaction, its cost and ultimately its business impact. You can only find out what gives You result and what is wasting Your money and time with the effective measuring of Digital and Social Media ROI. To get your social media strategy right, it is crucial to understand the key elements of social media, the way they work together and how you can accurately measure the success of your campaigns and driving value for your company.

Key Takeaways: Cracking the Digital and Social Media ROI code

  • Setting Clear Goals: Be equipped with the skills to be more data-driven in your decision making and planning process.
  • Empowering and driving creativity: Using competitive and industry data to help you discover strengths and respond to customer preferences
  • No-Go Zone: 8 Common pitfalls to avoid in social media planning & measurement
  • Making a Difference: Redesign your current ROI measurement metrics and immediately generate better returns
  • Industry Tricks and Secrets Revealed: Powerful techniques in measuring customer advocacy, social media reputation, influence and authority


The Ultimate Social Media Crisis Management Guidebook – Preventing, Preparing and Surviving

Unlike traditional crisis scenarios, social media crisis is swift, amplified and often hard to manage as everything occurs in real-time across numerous social media channels. Many are caught unprepared and unable to control the wildfires. This 1 Day hands on practical workshop offers managers and marketers an effective framework that can be easily adapted to the needs of your organization or agencies. Through a combination of real life case studies, discussions and a simulation exercises, it will arm you with the right tools, frame of mind and understanding to plan, prepare and battle social media crisis effectively.

Key Takeaways- Fireproof Your Social Media Campaigns

  • Understand how social media is changing crisis communications and fully appreciate the framework to manage a social media crisis
  • Identify and assess online reputational vulnerabilities and gain insights to social media crisis and issues including communications protocols
  • Classify different types of social media crisis and plan and allocate your resources accordingly
  • Develop social media policy and guidelines using scenario planning and case studies
  • Understand how to manage the crisis without further escalation and move from crisis to opportunity


Social Advocacy Expert, Freda Kwok

Principal consultant .QED Consulting Social Advocacy Expert Freda KwokAs partner and principal consultant of QED, Freda leads regional organisations to strategic usage of the digital medium for business accountability. She is known for her insights in the retail, beauty and finance industry, with key expertise in content marketing and advocacy cultivation. Freda’s portfolio includes Alliance Bank, Manulife, Unilever, Estee Lauder, Love, Bonito and HBO, with relationships spanning years as trusted, collaborative partners. A proponent of enhancing the digital industry standards in Singapore, she has lectured at leading professional training schools and institutions like Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Institute of Technology, and Singapore Management University. She was also a judge at The Media Challenge 2014 (Republic Polytechnic) and the Mumpreneur awards 2014 (Mums@Work).

Professional Certification in Social Media Marketing

It is now undeniable that business has to adapt to the digital era and start moving their marketing strategies onto social media or end up losing touch with their customers. Find out how you can dominate social media in this powerful 2 days workshop where we will provide you with the best proven strategies that will help you take over all aspects of Social Media. In this step-by-step guide, Leading Social Media Marketing Authorities, Ms. Freda Kwok & Ms. Natasha Zhao will take you behind the scenes, into the new world of social media success and how you can do it differently to win customers in today’s crowded marketplace!

Key Takeaways:

Dominating Strategies for Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram

  • Many companies are focused on ‘Likes’ and ‘Fans’ for their Facebook Pages. But all these ‘likes’ and ‘fans’ are ultimately a waste of investment if they do not translate to business objectives. Find out what should be the key focus to truly boost effectiveness than egos!
  • Are you hitting a brick wall with reaching more people with your Facebook updates? Are you feeling frustrated and wondering why this is happening despite you putting in your best efforts? Discover the formula and techniques used by marketing professionals to improve their visibility of their social media content.
  • In the digital era, Advocacy – not ads- is what drives purchasing decisions and perceptions. Find out how you can leverage on their consumers’ ‘love’ on social media to support key brand messages with more credibility.
  • Understand the key elements of social media, the way they work together and how you can accurately measure the success of your campaigns and the driving value for the company.
  • Learn powerful tips and techniques used by the professionals from multinational companies and leading digital agencies and get the eyeballs on your brand on social media.


Powerful Content Marketing and Copywriting for Social Media

Good copywriters are like brand storytellers. In the digital era where traditional marketing is passing the torch to online content, consumers are no longer just passive audience but active participants in a brand’s story. Telling a good story is the past, present and the future of marketing. Today, instead of creating single-way messages to reach out to their target audience, many companies are now engaging audiences in ongoing conversations to generate more traffic, more leads and more business for different brands. Using the tried and tested techniques, this content-packed workshop is interactive and will provide powerful tips and insider insights to take advantage of right after you walk out the door.

Key Takeaways:

Discover Powerful Ways that Break Through Online Noise and Generate Massive Traffic through Powerful Copywriting and Storytelling Techniques

  • Learn how companies are successfully leveraging content marketing to generate more traffic, more leads and more business for their organizations
  • Gain insights on how you can grow your business and save money by creating compelling, engaging content.
  • Learn captivating storytelling techniques that touch the hearts of potential customers
  • Creating Magnetic Content that grabs your customers’ attention using simple-to-follow template.
  • Simple templates to write attention-grabbing headlines and copies that are engaging and emotionally compelling to your audience to react or share


Facebook Strategist, Ms Natasha Zhao

Facebook Strategist Natasha ZhaoNatasha is a Partner & Principal Consultant of QED. She has advised Fortune 500 Corporations & Small to Medium Enterprises in Singapore and the region on business strategies leveraging digital mediums. Her experience spans B2B & B2C companies, such as Coca-Cola, CA Technologies, Discovery Channel, Dolby and Unilever. Having led organizations in re-structuring communications & marketing departments for digital integration & implementation, Natasha has helped clients stay competitive in today’s digital environment. Her passion for pedagogy has led her to be an adjunct lecturer in Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Technology and Ngee Ann Polytechnic; and she conducts regular social media courses in Singapore with accredited education partners.

Advanced Facebook Marketing Certification: Converting Facebook “Likes” to Business Leads

In the latest financial reporting (January 2016), Facebook, reported another quarter of soaring revenue. The company said sales in the fourth quarter rose 52 percent from a year ago, to $5.84 billion, while profit increased to $1.56 billion, more than doubling from $701 million a year ago. The numbers far surpassed Wall Street’s fourth-quarter expectations and the results were largely a result of Facebook’s enormous success in selling advertising on mobile devices, a business that the company was not even in just a few years ago. Mobile ads made up 80 percent of the company’s total ad business in the fourth quarter, compared with 23 percent in the same quarter of 2012. Don’t get left behind, gain powerful insights of Top 500 Fortune Companies. More ‘Likes’ for your Facebook page is nice, but ultimately useless unless you are successfully converting them into business.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy must be evaluated by traffic, leads generation and conversion rates.

  • Converting FACEBOOK “LIKES” into “LEADS” through Building an Engaged Community
  • 5 Great Ways to turn “LIKES” into “LEADS”
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Best Practices by Top 500 Companies
  • Sustaining Conversations – Engaging strategies with your consumers
  • Driving Traffic – Integrating it with Traditional Marketing, Experiential Marketing


Award Winning and Certified Google Expert: Mr Ariff Kamal

Award Winning and Certified Google Expert Ariff KamalAriff Kamal is a Founding Partner and Principal Trainer at Think Digital, a boutique digital marketing training agency with offices in Singapore and South East Asia. Concurrently, he is also an Associate Director, SEO for GroupM, a subsidiary of WPP Group – based in Singapore. Ariff has more than 9 years experience in digital marketing – and has worked in top regional firms like ClickMedia, OOM and Click Academy Asia in various senior sales, marketing and training roles. He has extensive exposure in managing and executing global and regional digital branding and media campaigns, ranging from initial conceptualization, implementation, and monetization to final execution. Ariff was awarded “Best in Search Marketing” by Marketing Magazine, Agency of the Year Award 2011, Singapore, selected as a judging Panel for “Best Online Campaign” for SME Tiger Awards in 2011, Malaysia and held senior leadership role in Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) as a Vice-Chairman (Singapore Chapter). As a Google Certified Coach and Expert, Ariff has worked with various brands and agencies in Singapore & Malaysia such as P&G, SingTel, Infiniti, Volvo, Fuji Xerox, Eurogroup, American Express, AXA Insurance, ANZ Bank, MOL Points and Julius Baer Private Bank among many others.


Ariff is a subject matter expert for his area of work. He has done many good seminars as well as classes in the Asia. I have attended his classes and I will say he has brought a new level of understanding of SEO and Google Analytics. If you need training or consultation in the area of Digital Marketing, look no further than Ariff, he is that good! Keep up the Good Work! Gary Chow, Senior Product Marketing Manager, COMAT

Ariff goes the extra mile to address issues and needs of clients. He gives fair assessment and recommendation on how to move forward in Digital Marketing, Truly World Class Service! Alexander de la Cruz Business Development Manager, MAGES Institute of Excellence

Mastering Google Analytics: A Hands-On Approach to Optimizing Your Website

Google Analytics is used by millions of marketers to assess the effectiveness of their efforts, make the right decisions and optimize to generate results and conversion. However, only an exclusive few are able to harness the full power of the google analytics platform. This 100% Hands-on workshop is designed to provide you with industry knowledge about powerful and hidden features available in Google Analytics.

Key Takeaways:

Dominate Google Search Traffic with Powerful Cutting-Edge Strategies

  • Setting up your Campaign, getting the basics right and turbocharging your website performance
  • Traffic Acquisition: 3 Powerful techniques for explosive growth in traffic through search engine optimization.
  • Customer Online Behaviour: What did your visitor do on your site?
  • Conversions: What do we want visitors to do?
  • Actionable Insights and the Big Picture


Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Gamification

This 2 Day intensive program will give marketers a complete overview of the digital marketing landscape including all the essential disciplines, how they fit together and how to evaluate what’s right for their organization’s digital strategy and where they need further in-depth learning – to achieve the best results from their marketing initiatives Reference materials and online tools are emphasized throughout, enabling participants to leave with solid understanding and hands on knowledge that they can apply or evaluate their current online strategies, aligned with their business objectives.

Key Takeaways- Practical Step by Step Guide

  • Understand and implement specific digital strategies to produce better results through the techniques learnt throughout the course
  • Covering best practice and using local and global case studies throughout, the session offers a practical guide to the core techniques in digital marketing
  • Participants will also be able to question, discuss and consult with internal or external specialists that they may be working with
  • Costly mistakes and inefficiencies will be reduced through following best practice approaches across the different aspects of digital media
  • A more coherent, customer-centric planned approach to digital marketing will be developed focusing on priorities which will give the best returns.


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