Are you starting out in your professional journey or at a crossroad for a career change? At whatever stage in life, the power of choice lies in your hands. Skills’ mastery and lifelong learning are powerful tools to chart your own path.

We live in a world that’s increasingly driven by change and technology. Those equipped with the right skills are the ones better poised for success. To ensure a bright future and maximize your potential, you should consider SkillsFuture Courses, which stand out amongst other training methodologies.

If you’re asking yourself, “What are these courses and how can they help me?” look below for all the answers.

Here is a brief introduction to SkillsFuture:

SkillsFuture and SkillsFuture Courses

SkillsFuture Courses are possible because of SkillsFuture, which is more than a funding or training programm. Rather, it is a national movement that enables Singaporeans to design a better future.

Credits are availed as payments or used to offset course fees by applying for claims. If you’re eligible, you can access your SkillsFuture Credit account via

Top Benefits of SkillsFuture Courses

The top benefits of signing up for these courses include:

Upgrading Skills
  • Upgrading of Skills
    Automation and advancement in digitalization has already made some jobs obsolete. The good news, however, is that different kinds of occupations have also emerged in areas of big data, user-interface design, marketing analytics and distributed computing, among others. Picking the right course, such as the Professional Masterclass in Web Development is a means of skills upgrading to meet the demands of a tech-savvy world.
  • Acquisition of New Skills
    Many Skillsfuture Courses give you the ability to learn new skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and e-Business. The ICT includes: proficiencies needed for strategic planning, researching, developing, managing, selling, integrating, supporting and giving service to ICT systems. On the other hand e-Business skills are needed to utilise the opportunities provided by ICT, specifically the internet.
  • Adapting to New Roles
    Most jobs today such as those in social media didn’t exist years ago. If you’re transitioning to a new career path, a course on content marketing and copywriting for social media is just one of the options. For example, optimizing your writing and marketing skills for e-commerce sites engages your target niche and converts leads to customers.
  • Builds Critical Thinking
    Critical thinking is vital in a knowledge economy driven by technology and information. Flexible intellectual skills, creativity and analysing information to solve problems are in demand. If you’re hands-on in managing digital channels, the Professional Certification in Digital Marketing is right for you.
Boosts Emotional Intelligence
  • Boosts Emotional Intelligence
    Emotional intelligence (EI) is one of the top skills that’s needed in this digital age. Business leaders, specialists and entrepreneurs may take courses in emotional competence to manage others and learn how EI impacts organisational goals.
  • Develops Entrepreneurship
    With the ability to work anywhere and anytime, professionals are enjoying new ways of working such as freelancing, telecommuting, crowd-sourcing or self-employment. There are courses in entrepreneurship and how to use automation in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
  • Career Advancement
    Aspiring managers, supervisors and project leaders need to develop competency and proficiency if they want to forge ahead. Likewise, if you have no formal supervisory training and need to motivate your team, a High Impact Manager Workshop is an ideal choice.
Lifelong Learning
  • Lifelong Learning
    Are you a middle-aged worker re-entering the workforce or requiring technology-driven courses? You’ll need specific digital skills courses to improve digital literacy, as well as training for new generic skills. These include new media literacy, social intelligence, data-based reasoning and virtual collaboration.
  • Further Develops your Natural Abilities
    You may be good at math or logic but the fact is that new tasks relying heavily on digital technologies have sprouted, replacing traditional knowledge. For example, yield-management experts and analytics’ specialists are in now in demand. Your innate ability for numbers needs to be accentuated with further training, and SkillsFuture courses provide just that.
  • Opens your Mind
    Due to rapid technological advancement, you need a mix of soft skills (e.g. communication) and technical skills (e.g. programming). The Strategic Human Capital Management for Greater Success course empowers you to broaden your vision and give importance to teamwork. This creates a sustainable company ready to face modern challenges.
Build Networks
  • Builds new Networks
    Taking these courses enable you to meet people, forge new relationships and build networks. An effective network is valuable since it opens up more business leads and career opportunities. Through classroom discussions, knowledge is shared in identifying best practices and business trends.
  • Makes you an Active Contributor to Society
    Young and senior professionals can contribute to society, even in their older years. Special courses in leadership that includes effective mentoring, positive influencing skills, coaching and more, will equip you with competence to remain involved with the community.Why become a burden to society when you can be an invaluable asset?
  • Lasting Investment
    Giving back to our country is a noble way to enrich many lives. The knowledge you learn from these courses helps the economy grow. It’s your lasting investment for the next generation to come.

Planning Your Next Move

The future looks bright for people who are seeking to learn new things. In an economy where innovation is essential, SkillsFuture Courses are your ticket to a better life. Find out the different training options available for you by connecting with us today. We are ready to answer any questions you may have in mind.

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