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Powerful Keys to Effective Leadership

Master the Art of Inspiring, Developing and Empowering People with Enneagram

Area of Training : Leadership & People Management



A good leader is one who communicates with others, inspire people to share their vision and goals, provide clear direction and to keep things on track through feedback. Yet very often, team members can be difficult and communication can be tough especially if personality types are not taken into consideration. Conflict and failure in jobs are usually due to individual personalities, preferences and communication patterns rather than a lack of competence.

In this 1 day high impact workshop, participants will learn about the 9 different leadership paradigms, their leadership strengths and potential derailers using Leadership Profiling Tool Enneagram. From strategic planning to leading high performance team, Enneagram assists leaders in understanding what drives and motivates them and their team members, partners, colleagues and competitors. They can then utilize this tool to identify strengths as well as areas for improvement in their own styles, break communication barriers with others and develop strategies for becoming more effective leaders.


The Enneagram is a model that describes nine distinct personality types, nine emotional response patterns, and nine sets of behavioral trait-like tendencies. Each style has resourceful self-enhancing features which may become non-resourceful and self-defeating if used excessively or exclusively. Balance involves functioning from the resourceful or high side of our essence while having access to the resources of all the other styles.

The Enneagram is a source of self-knowledge because it acts as a kind of “mirror” to reveal features of our personality that normally are invisible to us. Most of the time, people function habitually, as if on “automatic pilot”, according to the patterns of their basic personality type. Usually this allows people to get along well enough in their lives, but when their normal routines break down or stresses of their lives increases too much, their normal way of coping also tends to break down or become dysfunctional.


Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners, Senior Managers
  • Sales Teams, Team Leaders & Supervisors
  • Marketing & P.R Executives
  • Customer Relationship & Service staff



Interactive activities will be introduced during the workshop in order to make the learning fun and impactful. Participants will be made aware on how they and their peers behave when faced with a challenge. These activities will bring better insights to their behavior. The participants’ mindsets will be challenged, and they may be surprised with their level of ingenuity in solving problems and challenges.

  • Understanding the key qualities of an effective supervisor
  • Discover your true inner essence and how to tap onto its potential.
  • Gain an understanding of all nine Leadership Enneagram Personality Style
  • Learn your own Unique Enneagram Leadership Style, the way you see things, particular methods to work with your pattern of attention and minimize blind spots
  • Know how you have positively or negatively impacted others
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each Enneagram Personality Style in relation to cognitive, emotion and behaviour
  • Supervising Multi-Generation and Multi-Cultural Team
  • Insights into the concerns and issues of other personality styles and how to apply motivational and engagement techniques with them
  • Speak the language of others and resolve conflicts with ease
  • Appreciate one another’s strengths and gifts, while at the same time having compassion for our own and others’ weaknesses and difficulties
  • Discover your personal values, communication style, fears, coping mechanism
  • How each personality type or you might behave in a stressful or healthy condition
  • How to connect and build stronger relationships with different Personality Styles in your team
  • How to move towards realizing your fullest potential
  • How to use your Enneagram Type in your Career or Business



For the last eight years, Adrian has dedicated himself to training, facilitation, coaching and counselling people of every walk of life to do more and achieve greater things in life. Adrian’s passion comes from his desire to be a positive force in the world, and use his skills to accelerate change in people, so they too can enter the world and make a positive difference.

Driven by this greater purpose, Adrian has developed himself in almost every area of training, facilitation, coaching and counselling. Adrian is certified as an NLP trainer, Time Line Therapy trainer, NLP coach trainer, ACTA certified, 6 Second EQ Practitioner and Resilience Practitioner. Adrian wanted to tap into every body of knowledge out there that could make him the very best trainer, facilitator, coach and counsellor he could be. The sole purpose was to possess the skills to help clients facing deep-seated challenges overcome these quickly and readily, so they could finally be free to move forward in their lives.

Adrian’s prior work experience was in the military where he juggled his professional duties as Commanding Officer of 6th Army Maintenance Base, and helping servicemen overcome personal challenges as an active para-counsellor as well as Deputy Chairperson of the Army’s Para-counsellor Advisory Committee. Adrian handled both these responsibilities perfectly.

Adrian’s passion in helping servicemen overcome their personal issues shined in his willingness to sit down with ordinary servicemen, regardless of rank, and help them work through the issues holding them back. Servicemen till today write to Adrian mentioning how touched they were by his humility, patience and sheer open-ness. They mentioned how rare it was for someone of Adrian’s rank to sit down with them without airs, listen to them and help them through tough periods.

Today, Adrian takes his leadership skills and big heart to training rooms all over Singapore. He coaches people of all walks of life – from people wanting to find new jobs, young people seeking purpose in their lives, servicemen who want to perform better at work and executives who want to achieve massive breakthroughs. Attendees routinely thank Adrian at the end of the trainings for revealing the greatness within them, helping them “get” themselves at last and showing them how to get the best out of their abilities.



Adrian is a great coach. In one of our coaching sessions, I told Adrian I wanted to have the energy and motivation to drive the company forward. Adrian asked me a series of deep questions and helped me discover the inner obstacles I had – allowing me to realize what I need to achieve my outcome. Now I feel more energy and focus at work. Adrian is a magician – Thomas Handojo; Senior Vice President “ Business Development, PCI Limited

Adrian kept his workshop fun and with the good discussion, excellent trainers and deep engagement – this was definitely one of the best courses we’ve ever attended – Boeing Singapore


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