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Our Training Approach

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Our Training Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape, it is imperative for every organization’s management to adapt and adopt so as to ensure continued success. We have a comprehensive library of training programs suitable for your picking, but we understand that some solutions are not one-size-fits-all.

Over 10 years of Track Record in Asia

With over 10 years of successful track record and over 500 corporate clients including government agencies, MNCs SMEs and NGOs, Aventis remains deeply committed to provide customized training solutions that deliver results to our learning partners.

Dedicated Partnership

That is the reason why we at Aventis Learning Group adopt the following fundamental principles in our approach with our corporate partners, in customising a solution for your training needs. Speak with our highly experienced Training Managers today @ 6720 333 or email us at training.aventis@gmail.com


The Aventis 360o Total Solution TM



  • Background of organization
  • Your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Specific learning requirements
  • Participant’s experiences, mindset & skill set
  • Specific desired behavioral outcome


  • Practical & competency based approach
  • Meets learning objectives
  • Aligns to org. strategic objectives
  • Structured & progressive plan
  • Formulated by industry experts or faculty members
  • Appropriate tools for a Total Solution


  • Variety of tools i.e. workshops, focus groups, seminars, coaching, pre & post focus groups etc
  • Leveraging on relevant expertise trainers, facilitators or faculty members
  • Using the right methodology and pedagogy 


  • Did program meet its stated objectives?
  • What went well?
  • What areas can be improved?
  • Are the overall objectives still relevant to date?

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