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Organizational Psychology and Coaching


Talent Management & Principal Career Coach: Mr Jack Chua

jack-chua-profileJack Chua is a Talent Management Consultant, Executive Coach and has been a leadership coach, trainer and facilitator to senior directors, general managers, vice-presidents, deputy country divisional heads, and senior executives. He has been a coach to those seeking to enhance their leadership, team effectiveness, and influence strategies to deliver organization results. The work has covered diagnostic work, identification of areas of focus in change initiatives, and talent and leadership transitions of business units, divisions and management teams. Jack is highly experienced in numerous profiling and career planning tools including MBTI ® Step I and II, CPI 260, Conflict Dynamic Profiling, Voices 360-degree feedback, 360 by Design, Benchmarks, Workplace Big 5 Profiling, competency-based interviewing, performance management, HR audit, and HR planning process.


“Mr. Jack Chua is such a good coach and mentor! He helps inexperienced participants to have better understanding of the process and application by deep diving with useful insights.” – Assistant Manager, National University Health System

“Jack has helped in our understanding by providing relevant case studies to illustrate the concepts. It really helped in our thought process, I strongly recommend my colleagues to attend this course.” – Senior Manager, Nanyang Polytechnic

“Truly, I have gained tremendous insights in further developing my knowledge and learning experience from the inspiring and engaging session. It was important for me to make the right choice in selection; an institution with friendly, helpful and professional support staff made the learning more refreshing and encouraging. Besides these, sharing ideas and different viewpoints with interesting working professionals from various fields has indeed enhanced my learning journey here.” – Ms. Jane KF,Chief Steward SQ

2 Day – Competency-based Interview and Selection Techniques

Applying Highly Effective Interviewing Techniques Used by Fortune 500 Companies

Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) is widely used by employers in recruitment processes where interviewees are required to demonstrate specific competencies/skills under various scenarios. It is an interview technique to identify and assess the competencies of candidates for a particular job. CBI helps organizations to identify and match the right candidate to the right job, and make well-informed hiring decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the differences between conventional and competency-based interview techniques
  • Identify competencies needed for a job
  • Use an interview guide in preparing, conducting and managing the interview to select the right people
  • Use well-thought-out behavioural questioning techniques
  • Utilize job-related core competencies in the interview process


Aventis Career Coaching (ACC) Certification

Career coaching is one of the fastest growing professions and a highly sought skills set by organizations, senior executives and professionals. Career Coaching skills are fast becoming an essential skill set for HR Professionals, Managers and Consultants to:

  • Support, motivate and enhance employee motivation
  • Develop talent management and retention strategy
  • Empower/guide executives to bring out the best in their traits
  • Develop competencies & transferable skills that can be used across industries and professional settings
  • Aid spouses, colleagues, friends and family members to breakthrough their personal and professional limitations 

Key Takeaways

  • Support, motivate and enhance employee motivation
  • Develop talent management and retention strategy
  • Empower/guide executives to bring out the best in their traits
  • Develop competencies & transferable skills that can be used across industries and professional settings
  • Aid spouses, colleagues friends and family members to breakthrough their personal and professional limitations

2 Day – Stage 1: Talent and Career Management DATE: 11 – 12 April 2016

2 Day – Stage 2: Aventis Career Coaching Certification


Organizational Coach: Ms Marion Neubronner, MEd, Harvard University

marion-neubronner-profile Marion graduated with a Distinction from the National Institute of Education, Singapore and a Masters in Education in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard, USA. Ms Marion Neubronner is a learning specialist and coach with over 20 years of experience. She is an applied psychologist who specializes in the topics of Multi – Generational Workforce, Resilience, Positive Psychology and Managers as In-House Coaches, having trained over 7,000 professionals across Asia. As a Master Coach faculty with Behavioural Coaching Institute, Marion is very present and patient with each individual. She lives by what she teaches which makes the skills taught more authentic and real to every individual. Marion’s workshops are highly insightful, spontaneous and creative. This enables participants to develop invaluable, realistic skill sets and a deeper understanding of themselves.


“An inspiring, wise and fun trainer. Just being around Marion made me grow and see more of what I’m capable of. She’s a skilful coach and a beautiful soul. I love you Marion!” HR Director, Government Agency

“Marion is brilliant. I found her to be extremely funny, insightful and intelligent. She’ll be successful at whatever she chooses to do in life and as a coach she’s amazing. She’s one of these people that just naturally brings out the best in those around her.” Senior T&D Executive, Asia Pacific Academy

“Her deep knowledge of human behaviour, keen and innate desire to help others improve and focused approach on addressing the core issues impeding the goal achievements are a great asset to any organization using her professional coaching services. These qualities of Marion greatly help any organization looking for lasting and positive results in a short period. I vouch for her professional integrity & competence and strongly recommend her for coaching assignments for individuals and organizations” – Naresh Taneja, President HR & Administration

1 Day – Leading with Powerful Questions

How Leaders Find the Right Solutions by Asking the Right Questions

Questions open up a channel of communication for the exchange of ideas. They entice creativity and innovation. Questions can encourage reactions to core issues. The skill in asking right and powerful questions is an essential but very much underused leadership capability. Leaders who ask questions are more likely to achieve desirable results when it comes to leading, mentoring and coaching co-workers.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to ask tough questions and take control of tough situations
  • Encourage participation and teamwork, foster outside-the-box thinking
  • Empower team to build relationships with customers to solve problems
  • Use questions to promote innovation, drive change, identify hidden problems
  • Problem-solving Techniques and better decision making


1 Day – Mindful and Powerful Leadership

Driving Strategic Impact using Positive Psychology Peak performance is about reaching your highest potential. Learn effective psychological tools for setting and achieving personal goals as well as balancing your mind, body and spirit to ensure you have the mental strength to win the race.

Key Takeaways

  • Achieving and maintaining an Optimal Mindset
  • Effective techniques using positive psychology
  • Deciphering the DNA of a peak performance leader
  • Turn your performance anxiety into performance excitement
  • Rediscovering your inner passion and hunger


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