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Whether you want to generate leads, drive website traffic, build brand awareness, or establish strategic partnerships, LinkedIn can connect your brand with over 630 million professionals across the globe.


LinkedIn As A Powerful Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that was launched in 2003 for professional development and networking. While it primarily serves individual professionals, allowing them to post accomplishments, work histories, and resumes, it also provides opportunities for businesses to post jobs, showcase new products and services, and network with potential prospects. There’s also a messaging feature which provides two-way communication between users.

For businesses, LinkedIn is an effective tool for collaboration, sharing best practices, and targeted marketing efforts. Independent organisations can participate in various groups to expand their network, and executives and business owners can position themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

Ready to get started on growing your brand visibility on LinkedIn?

Great, we’re ready to help! Here are 6 tips to accelerate your growth on LinkedIn.


1) Set up and complete your company profile

Did you know that Company Pages with complete profiles receive up to 2X more visitors than those with incomplete page profiles?

Make sure your page has the following items completely filled out:

  1. Logo
  2. Cover image
  3. Company description/About us
  4. Website URL
  5. Company size
  6. Career Opportunities
  7. Industry
  8. Company type
  9. Location

Legitimacy and professionalism are critical for brand image and provides visitors with all the information they need to connect with your company when they’re ready.


2) Create a consistent posting schedule

According to LinkedIn, businesses that post at least once per month have been shown to gain followers 6X faster than those that don’t. You should aim to post at least once per week to your Company Page to keep your followers engaged. To help you post consistently to your Company Page, set up a posting schedule so that you can easily schedule posts for your page:

According to Buffer, LinkedIn content performs really well if you include the following:

  • Descriptive caption: Helps to provide people with extra context around your content
  • Eye-catching images: Clean, simple aesthetic helps your content to stand out
  • Hashtags: A great way to increase the visibility of your content to new audiences
  • Bonus: Add emojis, questions, and bullet points to switch up the look and feel of your content


3) Create engaging and valuable content

Clicks, shares, and comments are all good indicators of engaging content. While it can be tempting to sell your audience on the benefits of your product or service, “salesy” content doesn’t generally perform well on LinkedInBecause people invest time on LinkedIn, a proven approach is to help your audience perform their jobs better, answer questions, and help address pain points. Naturally, you will want to publish and promote your own content, but it’s also a good idea to share a healthy dose of others’ engaging and insightful content with your followers.

If you know of a blog post or a news article from an external source that would benefit your followers, you can share that, too. Even if the content doesn’t originate from your team, it will show that you have your ear to the ground in your industry. This can also help foster important connections with other thought leaders. Be sure to provide value and context to your post when sharing, don’t just copy and paste the URL.

If there’s one thing LinkedIn members find engaging, it’s a fresh idea, which is why publishing thought leadership content on your Company Page is one of the most powerful ways to grow your LinkedIn audience.

There are three types of thought leadership:

  • Industry thought leadership: Your perspective on news and trends
  • Organisational thought leadership: Embodied in the vision and ethos of your company
  • Product thought leadership: Centered on being the best solution for your customers


4) Take advantage of LinkedIn Groups

In addition to your company page, LinkedIn provides a number of community features that allow you to communicate and collaborate with other LinkedIn users, including LinkedIn Group and influencers/thought-leaders.

Being an active participant in a LinkedIn Group can help you and your business network with other professionals and businesses in your field, especially those outside of your immediate circle of current and present colleagues, classmates, and employers. Participating in a group discussion will also attract views to your Company Page. To find a group with interests that align with your business goals, use the search feature at the top of your LinkedIn homepage or check out LinkedIn’s suggestions with Groups discover. You can also create a new group based on whatever topic or industry you’d like.

If you belong to an association, check to see if it has a members-only LinkedIn Group, which can be a valuable source of professional networking and development. The American Institute of CPAs, for instance, sponsors a LinkedIn Group with more than 69,000 members, where in-depth professional conversations can continue for months.


5) Understand the LinkedIn algorithm

While most other social networks keep their algorithm secrets closely guarded, LinkedIn provides quite a bit of information about how its algorithm works. Here’s how the algorithm rates and ranks your content, in a nutshell.

  1. A bot evaluates your content as spam, low-quality, or clear
  2. The algorithm measures initial user engagement. Is your post getting likes and shares? Are users hiding it from their feeds or marking it as spam? Quality is key, but so is relevance. Make sure your posts speak to your followers, giving them reasons to engage with rather than hiding your content.
  3. Further checks for spam and credibility based on the quality of your account and your network. Engagement is also very important at this stage.
  4. Human editors review content and determine whether it should continue to be displayed, or even boosted.

6) Incorporate LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn members provide the network with detailed information about their professional interests, associations, and skills. That means LinkedIn has exceptional targeting capabilities, allowing you to make laser-focused strategic decisions about incorporating LinkedIn ads into your social media marketing strategy.

LinkedIn offers several different self-service advertising solutions. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Sponsored content: Amplify your content to reach a wider audience than you could organically and draw new eyeballs to your Company Page.
  • Text Ads: These are pay-per-click or CPM ads that appear on the LinkedIn homepage, profile pages, Groups pages, search results pages, and more.
  • Sponsored InMail: Similar to email marketing, but within the LinkedIn ecosystem. Sponsored InMail allows you to send personalized ads to LinkedIn members’ inboxes. Messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn, making them likely to be noticed.

These are just the self-serve ad options. LinkedIn also offers advertising products that you can purchase through an ad platform or through a LinkedIn marketing partner.



To conclude, remember that LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry. It’s a valuable tool in your social marketing arsenal, so make sure you’re using every opportunity it provides.

For more key ways to take advantage of LinkedIn for business, especially paid marketing, check out our 2-day LinkedIn Paid Marketing course to give your business a LinkedIn makeover.




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