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1st Psycho-Geometrics Master Trainer in SEA: Mr John Sih

john-sih-profileJohn Sih is the Principal Training Consultant and CEO of Accent Training Consultants. He is a trained public speaker and an educator of public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. As a Psycho – Geometrics Expert he imparts the practical aspects of Psycho – Geometrics. He is the first trainer outside the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, licensed to use and impart the Psycho – Geometrics System. He is the master trainer of the system in Southeast Asia, after having mastered and internalised the use of the system since 1991. As a Body Language expert, John is often favourably compared with his guru: he is known as the “Allan Pease of Singapore”.

John had been featured in the Female magazine as well as The Straits Times, expounding on the practical impact and importance of Body Language as a form of non-verbal communication. He specialises in grooming individuals to become effective interpersonal communicators and public speakers. He also trains sales professionals in the art of selling and front-line officers in customer service skills.


Before learning about Psycho – Geometrics, I had problems relating with difficult people at work and at home. I often found myself frustrated, confused and even embarrassed in those encounters. John’s course helped me to understand how to “flex” to my advantage. The techniques taught by John are practical and very effective in handling conflicts, business negotiations and facilitating meetings. It helped me to convince a panel of interviewers in my recent promotion to a manager. Psycho – Geometrics is a powerful tool in helping anyone relate with each other! – Kelvin Kok, Engineering Manager (Hewlett-Packard)

He covered the key aspects of Body Language and Communication skills in a fantastic manner. John was outstanding and practical, really superb in his presentation. Such training sessions are an absolute necessity to make every sales personnel a profit centre for the organization.- T.K Bi The Secrets of Interpreting Facial Expressions and Body Language

Do you ever wish you could know what someone is thinking? Or perhaps you want to improve your own non-verbal communication? Actions do speak louder than words. Only 7% of your message is verbal whilst the rest is made through non verbal cues such as facial expressions, eye contact, head movements, gestures, and posture and body movements. Body language is a great way to gain insights into how others think and feel, as well improve your everyday communication with others. This body language course is based on scientifically-backed research, and is designed to teach you how to read people’s nonverbal behavior and improve your own.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insight to one’s emotions or thought process will enable you to make. adjustments in your own communication process in accordance to their feelings.
  • How to be a human lie detector and detect emotions.
  • Be an effective communicator and use simple body language communication techniques that let you speak with purpose and conviction.
  • Build better relationships with Colleagues/Bosses/Clients/Customers and know how to relate to them with the appropriate actions.
  • Uncover non-verbal cues in everyday interactions.


Communications Guru: Ms Caroline Dawson

caroline-dawson-profileMs Caroline has more than 17 years of invaluable experience as an Editor of lifestyle and technical publications and 15 years teaching business management, environmental and soft-skills communication. Caroline’s expertise has seen her train operational, supervisory and managerial staff from various government bodies. Her track record includes organisations such as Land Transport Authority, Supreme Court, Singtel, Singapore Power, HDB and CPF Board. This experience in working with public sector training has become one of her training strengths. Participants of her training workshops attest to her motivational, instructional and highly experiential training methodology. At the same time, Caroline has also conceptualized, produced and delivered courses such as written and oral presentation skills, communication relationship management, business communication, customer service and teambuilding, among others. She has also worked with the Workforce Development Agency of Singapore to develop training content for the Employability Skills System. Caroline is also Advisor to the SMGM Foundation and Member of the Business and Professional Women’s Association (S) 3rd Chapter and Society of Singapore Writers.


The topic is thought-provoking, and the trainer is very persuasive and knowledgeable on the subject matter . Highly entertaining and engaging speaker. Love the way she shares her experience & applied on the course objectives. – Centre for Management Technology

Extremely informative and interesting. Everything is well organized. Trainer is excellent and enlightening. Thank you. – Building and Construction Authority, BCA Singapore

Emotional Intelligence: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Emotional intelligence is crucial in workplace performance. People with high levels of emotional intelligence are able to foster stronger relationships, have greater career success and more effective leadership skills. The birth of the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ served as a missing link in the shocking finding that people with average IQ perform better than those with higher IQs 70% of the time. In this workshop, you will learn how to raise your emotional intelligence and communicate effectively with everyone and anyone.

Key Takeaways – Learn Tangible skills to Connect, Engage and Influence

  • Use the four personality type psychometric tool (DISC) to communicate with different groups of people.
  • Using EQ to interact positively with your colleagues, bosses, subordinates and clients.
  • Reading people by identifying one’s perception, values and belief system.
  • Understanding the differences between behaviour and intentions-customising communication style to different profile types.
  • Learn the appropriate communication styles that will help avoid ineffective communication and improve work relationships


Persuasion & Brain Influence Expert – Mr Tylus Lim

tylus-lim-profileMr Tylus has has guided companies’ sales teams, SMEs and major corporations in uncovering hidden opportunities and breakthrough ideas, that resulted in significant increase of their bottom line, business revenues and profitability. Tylus is also an entrepreneur and founder of various businesses. He oversees the people and management of his businesses by actively applying productivity and work-optimizing strategies to generate growth and profitability.

From that experience, as well as joint-venturing/connecting with a diverse variety of people from different industries, he has identified patterns that can limit or plateau professional and personal growth, as well as patterns that can substantially maximize one’s potential to bring in optimal personal success as well as professional success in one’s career. Tylus’s extensive list of corporate clientele include Singapore Armed Forces, People’s Association, Rotaract Club of Singapore, SAFRA, Nanyang Polytechnic, Star Cruises, MCYS etc. He also conducts in-house training for corporations, hospitality and service industries, large and small organizations, associations and statutory boards.


“What I like about Tylus’ workshop is that the way he teaches is in point form, it’s very systematic compared to other workshops I attended. Most other workshops give you a big picture but they don’t show the step by step how it is done. And for Tylus, he gives you a step by step of how it can be done and it is very practical.” Bellum Tan (CEO Richdad Asia)

“Well worth the time and money, can see the whole course has a lot of heart poured into it. Good value and I rarely say that.” Choon Hock (Sales Consultant, Formor Asia Pacific)

Keys to Persuasive Communications: Brain Influencing Secrets that Trigger ‘Yes’ Response in People

In the past 10 years, scientific discoveries have uncovered new communication keys one can use to appeal to other people’s brains… and encourage them to be more agreeable. All these brain-influencing keys belong to a learnable skill called – “Neuro-Persuasive Communications”. Neuro-Persuasive Communications has helped thousands of people tear down walls and establish productive communication, moving people from resistance to consensus. By applying these keys, many have benefited tremendously in their daily lives. For instance, workers are able to establish deeper rapport with their peers/colleagues at work and form more cooperative bonds. Employees are able to communicate their ideas across more efficiently to their boss and get higher recognition in return. Salespeople are able to convince their customers better and rake in more sales & profits… In this one day workshop, you’ll learn the tools of “Neuro-Persuasive Communications” that let you gain the greatest influential advantage.

Key Takeaways – Unlock the Hidden Science behind Persuasion and Get People to Say the “Yes”

  • Learn the hidden brain persuaders that bring out more agreeable responses from people
  • Discover hidden factors behind how liking between people are developed (and what factors can impede that)
  • [In situations with colleagues] Keys to gain a united cooperative working relationship with your colleagues and teams (even if they have diverse backgrounds or work attitudes)
  • [In situations with superiors] How to bring your ideas across to your superior/boss in a concise yet persuasive manner
  • [In situation with clients] How to communicate in a way that would convince a client you are ‘the only person for the job’… and proceed to do business with you rather than with your competitors


Award Winning Trainer and Best Selling Author: Mr Wekie Tay

wekie-tay-profileMr. Wekie Tay is an established regional Trainer, a sough-after Public Speaker, a published author as well as a Professional Excellence Consultant. He takes immense interest in the various aspects of human development and the dynamism of its interaction process. He also brings with him over 25 years of experience in conducting numerous talks, training sessions and workshops to more than 100,000 individuals and companies throughout Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and other regions. Wekie is also the co-author of the international book, The DNA of Success Stories: How to Maximize Success in Your Life, together with Jack Zufelt, recipient of The Presidential Medal of Merit by United States President, Jack Canfield, co-creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Brian Tracy, best-selling author, The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, and other international success authors. He is also featured as a contributing co-author of the international book, Heart of a Toastmaster, which won the International Book Award. Dedicated to sharing ideas to Excel Beyond Excellence, Wekie also adds greater value to his participants and associates through his website: In addition, Wekie is also featured and interviewed by the media such as The New Paper, LianHe ZaoBao, Sin Ming Daily News, The Straits Times, Radio 95.8FM and 97.2FM and is fluent in Mandarin.


“Wekie is a wonderful instructor and he sincerely shared with students. He is also a knowledgeable person. I am pleased to know a lot of things from him. I will strongly encourage my friends to attend the course under him.” –Violet Khoo, Managing Director, Genius R Us

“It is a wonderful course. I have learnt things which am not aware of myself and how to bring it back to work and in my own life. Wekie is marvelous and admire him for the enthusiasm given during the whole course and salute him for making me a better person in the long run. Thank you.”- Ms Sharmala Executive Assistant, Central Provident Fund Board

Communicating with Impact and Influence

The ability to influence through communication has been a much sought-after and essential skill in the modern personal living, working and commercial world. Those who can effectively persuade with power and influence with integrity will find themselves socially adaptable, economically productive and financially profitable. This training seeks to equip the participants with the vital influencing elements that tap on the power of language. In this workshop, you will gain insights into the nature of influence and your own persuasive style. You’ll acquire the know-how to build credibility with others – up and down the organization – so you can negotiate with greater success, craft compelling messages that enable you to connect emotionally with your stakeholders and overcome personal barriers to influencing others. Through interactive scenarios and a range of practical activities, you will explore ways to influence and communicate with others, even in challenging situations.

Key Takeaways – Critical Skills for Professionals and Executives

  • How to use patterns of influence through language to secure buy-ins for your proposals, products, ideas and services
  • Craft compelling story that inspire, influence, persuade, and motivate
  • Appeal to the human senses and influence positive responses out of people
  • Uncover the small tweaks you must add to your communications to collectively bring out your most confident and persuasive persona
  • Learn techniques to have others go from being objections-filled… to becoming cooperative and accepting



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