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Your Challenges

Had a great ideas that you want to voice out but never had the courage to? Learn how to vocalize your thoughts and live without regrets.

Giving a presentation and speaking in public can be a daunting task for some as the words just do not come naturally. Even confident people can find presentations nerve-racking. What if you are unexpectedly called upon to address a group, respond to questions, or offer your views without advanced notice? How often were you caught unprepared and panicky when asked to speak on the spot?

Our Solution: Simple Tips on How to Say it Right the First Time and Every Time

Giving Impromptu speeches is a unique skill and one you can improve with practice. This course is designed to help you become a more effective and confident public speaker by learning how to supplement your prepared speeches with clear and concise informal remarks.

This course is particularly useful for executives, officers, managers, supervisors, department heads, team leaders, sales and business development executives, lawyers, accountants, engineers, civil servants, educators, and anyone seeking to improve their impromptu speaking skills. Sales, marketing, business development and PR professionals with some prior experience seeking to sharpen their communication and presentation skills will also benefit from new insights and communication techniques.

Learn powerful techniques for collecting your thoughts quickly and speaking convincingly in public:

  • Calm, Cool, and Collected
    • Overcoming jitters
    • Confidence inside and out
    • The look and sound of confidence and control
  • Instant Messaging
    • Create the right impression
    • Connect with your audience
    • Set your objective
    • The essence of your message
  • Develop Your Message
    • The Three S’s: Scan, Select, Structure
    • Impromptu speaking templates
    • Visual impact
  • Fielding Questions
    • Challenging questions
    • Tough questioners
    • Expecting the unexpected


“David taught me a lot about assertiveness in this course through his presentations, practice, and the materials. These techniques will surely help me to be assertive in the workplace and in my personal life as well.”

Mr Willy, Senior Engineer


“Excellent course. Great delivery and trainer was concise and succinct during the presentation. High level key values that make an impact rather than minute details which would be forgotten or lost over time. Thanks, David!”

Hock Jin, Senior Network Engineer


“Interesting trainer, able to capture the attention of the class and spice up the atmosphere for conducive learning. David’s explanation, in the form of stories, helped in driving in the points. It was excellent, and I highly appreciate it.”

Surajit, Senior Manager

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Event Details

Date: 13 April 2016 (Wed)

Time: 9am to 5pm


100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel


Contact Details


Ms Ame Goh at (65) 6720 3333 or

email: ame@aventisglobal.edu.sg




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