You will be judged by what you write: Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Business writing



When you’re fumbling for words and pressed for time, you might be tempted to dismiss good business writing as a luxury. But it’s a skill you must cultivate to succeed: When your ideas and messages are expressed clearly, your e-mails, memos, letters and reports will deliver maximum impact.  By expressing your ideas and messages clearly, your e-mails, memos, letters and reports will have maximum impact.



Strengthen your writing skills at work with Communication Coach Ms Emma Jones (MBA, Imperial College, UK)  


You’ll lose time, money, and influence if your e-mails, proposals, and other important documents fail to win people over. This business writing course will help you say what you want to say, with less difficulty and more confidence in just 2 days.





Writing That Works: 4 Helpful Tips on How to Communicate Effectively In Business



  1. Introduction to Business Writing
  • To discuss the importance of writing well
  • To establish a more systematic approach to writing in order to speed up and increase effectiveness.


  1. Grammar Concerns
  • To identify common mistakes (based on their own writing samples)
  • To ensure participants are able to use the different tenses correctly
  • To understand the differences between Singapore and Standard English.


  1. Planning and Organising Your Writing
  • To consider the different readers and purposes before beginning to write
  • To ensure sentences and paragraphs are structured correctly


  1. Style and Tone
  • To write using a reader-friendly tone
  • To identify and avoid using old-fashioned English
  • To identify the key elements of Email Etiquette
  • To practice the key elements covered through a writing task
  • To edit documents accurately



“We continue to receive very positive comments about Emma’s courses from my staff members. Several people, including our internal communication manager, said that Emma provided the best one-day training courses. Many thanks for providing insights, tips and factoids that will enable our company to write and communicate even better to our bosses and stakeholders.”

– Cynthia Zhuang, Marketing Manager, NETS Singapore


“Great business courses by Emma! I walk away with some great tips and insights which are not just ideas that have no practical consideration. The class’s spirit of spontaneity and engagement is also very encouraging for my learning. Every trainer should be able to keep the attention of the class just like she has.”

– Jess Tang-Xin, Senior Admin Executive, Singapore Workforce Development Agency


“I loved Emma’s presentation style. She shares stories to help everyone relate to the business scenarios that we may encounter at work. She also simplifies concepts for everyone to understand easily. One of the best professional development courses I have been to. I will recommend my colleagues to join me for one of her other upcoming courses.”

– Razline Maria, Senior Business Associate, Shangri-la Hotel Singapore


Communication Coach, Ms Emma Jarman-Jones (MBA, Imperial College London in UK)

Emma Jarman-Jones specialises in developing and enhancing workplace communication skills. This work includes writing, speaking, interpersonal and management skills training. She has over 15 years of experience training in Singapore, as well as regionally in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Emma has worked as an external consultant and trainer with both private and public sectors, designing, customising and delivering programmes, and coaching individuals. She believes in the potential of every person and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training that will benefit the individual, as well as the organisation.


Emma holds an MBA from the Imperial College London in United Kingdom. She has also completed a Diploma in Human Resource Development at the Singapore Institute of Management, and is a certified People Developer Consultant.



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Inclusive of 1 buffet lunch and 2 light refreshments

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