Mindful Leadership: Transforming Self and Inspiring Others

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Course Overview

Applying mindful leadership to thrive in today’s challenging work environments.

The hallmark of an influential and inspirational leader is one who has the ability to comprehend how their actions and behaviours positively or negatively impact others.  Mindful Leaders have the ability to create an atmosphere of calm in the midst of chaos and exponential change for themselves and others. Mindful leaders can also help the team to achieve focus and clarity, reduce stress, and develop the presence of mind to meet any number of challenges.

Become a true leader through Mindfulness

Mindful Leadership are the “must have skills” for modern leaders–yet many professionals are too stressed to know where to start. Creating Mindful Leaders provides deep insights and easy practices based in neuroscience, brain training and positive psychology to help professionals thrive in the “age of disruption.”

In this ground breaking four hour ‘Mindful Leadership’ workshop, you’ll learn how to draw on inner reserves through mindfulness meditation, a tool you can use to achieve focus and clarity, reduce stress, and develop the presence of mind to meet any number of challenges. The practies provide a roadmap to greater health, happiness and performance. They will speak to every professional wanting to reduce stress, achieve greater success and enjoy life more. The workshop will also challenge you to reflect on your own biases, attitudes, and assumptions and recognize the validity of other perspectives, reducing the personalizing stance that causes a victim mentality and exacerbates office politics.

Course Takeaways
  • Understand how to practice Mindful Leadership effectively
  • Leverage on empathy and compassion to lead others
  • Be more aware of your thoughts and emotions, and use the power of self-reflection to be a more mindful leader
  • Understand the causes of mental fatigue, agitation and restlessness, and learn how to overcome them
  • How effective managers use the various strategies of mindfulness and mindful practises to create better choices in life
  • Encourage yourself and others to grow in life, mindfully
Trainer Profile
Toby Ouvry Founder and Head Coach at IMA | Mindfulness Facilitator at INSEAD

Toby is a meditation and mindfulness coach with over 20 years of experience, including 5 years as an ordained Buddhist monk and author of the book “Engaged Mindfulness”. Toby delivers mindful leadership workshops for corporate clients and also facilitate the mindfulness program for INSEAD MBA, staff and faculty.  His passion is empowering people and organizations to greater levels of capability, effectiveness, creativity and wellbeing through the applied practice of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Course Content


Introduction to Storytelling


Knowing The Why


Know Your Audience


Why Stories Are Powerful


Delivering with Impact