Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow

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Start DateAnytime
End Date1 Year Access
ModeSelf-Paced E-Learning
Fee$799 (excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina)
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This is an ONLINE course. Participants are able to access to the online course upon completion of registration.

Once activated, the licenses will be valid for ONE YEAR from the date of activation.

Course include 34 hours of learning.

Course Overview

In this Deep Learning course with Keras and Tensorflow certification training, you will become familiar with the language and fundamental concepts of artificial neural networks, PyTorch, autoencoders, and more. Upon completion, you will be able to build deep learning models, interpret results, and build your own deep learning project.


Demand for skilled Deep Learning Engineers is booming across a wide range of industries, making this Deep Learning course with Keras and Tensorflow certification training well-suited for professionals at the intermediate to advanced level. We recommend this course particularly for Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Statisticians with an interest in deep learning.


Participants in this Deep Learning online course should have familiarity with programming fundamentals, a fair understanding of the basics of statistics and mathematics, and a good understanding of machine learning concepts.

Course Content

Section 1 – Deep Learning with Tensor Flow (Self Learning)

Lesson 2 – Introduction to Tensorflow

Lesson 3 – Convolutional Networks

Lesson 4 – Recurrent Neural Network

Lesson 5 – Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBM)

Lesson 6 – Autoencoder

Lesson 1 – Welcome!

Lesson 7 – Course Summary

Section 2 – Deep Learning with Keras and Tensor Flow (Live Classes)

Section 3 – Practice Projects

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