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Nov 2018

Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors To Amplify Your Business & Drive Your Talent Brand Instantly With Linkedin

Course Information

Start Date16 Nov 2018, Friday
End Date16 Nov 2018, Friday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee$680 nett (Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training@aventisglobal.com
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Businesses are becoming more social, and by that we don’t mean that they’re tweeting more frequently or utilizing additional platforms. Today, companies are taking social media deeper into their organizations, integrating with more than just their marketing and customer service departments. As a result, the most engaged and best-informed advocates of your brand — your employees — are helping to share your message and broaden your reach.

Why LinkedIn is Critical to Your Business Growth and Success?

With 400 million active members, LinkedIn is the most powerful corporate and Professional social network for anyone in business or looking to enhance their profile and career opportunities. Many businesses fail to fully leverage on the power of Linkedin to brand themselves and their business effectively on LinkedIn, and thus miss out many potential business and career opportunities

  • Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 400 million
  • Typical User: Professionals (44% earn more than $75,000 annually)
  • Number of New LinkedIn New Members per Second: 2
  • What Users Want: to do business
A Step by Step Blueprint on How to Create a LinkedIn Brand Ambassador Program for Your Employees
  • Are you looking for brand ambassadors?
  • Have you considered recruiting your employees to help?
  • Not everyone feels comfortable with social media, and that’s ok.
  • How do you know what types of employees and social media users you have at your company?

With the right training, you can help your employees feel more at ease and more confident about social media if you provide the right training. When you empower your employees to talk about your company on social media, they’ll share a human perspective people naturally gravitate to. Mobilizing your employees on social media is not something that happens overnight but the steps to getting your company involved in social media are simple, and given the right tools and training, your employees can be your best brand ambassadors.

1 Day Linkedin Brand Ambassador For Employee Workshop

In this 1-day workshop, you’ll discover how to set up a successful employee brand ambassador program to enhance your business social media presence to a target audience of 400million professionals and businesses on LinkedIn. This 1 Day workshop is specifically designed for companies that want to grow their brand awareness by leveraging their employees’ presence on the world’s largest professional network – LinkedIn.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand why LinkedIn is the new opportunity and how companies can use it to get ahead of the competition
  • The Top 5 Reasons Employees Become Brand Ambassadors
  • Design and Customize your LinkedIn Business game plan specifically for your company
  • How to optimize your employees profile for greater discoverability of your brand
  • How to use the twin pillars to create engaging content to enhance the credibility of your brand
  • How to optimize your Company Page and Showcase Pages on LinkedIn to grow your brand using LinkedIn marketing tips and Best Practices
  • The 3 Golden Rule in Promoting Your Employer Brand
Who Should Attend?

Business owners, Managing Directors, Brand Development Directors, Human Resource Directors, Business Development Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors


“It has never occurred to me to create informational videos on LinkedIn until I saw Melvyn started doing it last year. His videos were engaging, entertaining and educational. I wanted to do the same but I didn’t know how to. That’s when I decided to approach Melvyn. Through a consultative and hands-on process, Melvyn showed me how to create enthralling videos. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs professional advice on using videos to strategize their business.” Terence Chiew, Managing Director at Peet Asia Pte Ltd

“I started learning how to post Videos on the LinkedIn platform under Melvyn’s advice and encouragement. He was a great mentor and coach to me. Very strategic and what was needed to post a video not just a video but a good content video. To top it off, I have more connections and a greater viewership’s on both my post and videos. Some have turned into good leads in doing what I love!” Jacqueline Ng, Founder of Front Edge Consultancy

Learn 1st Hand from Asia’s 1st Linkedin Video Evangelist, Mr Melvyn Tan

Melvyn is LinkedIn first video evangelist from Asia. Starting only in December 2017, he has grown the viewership of his videos on LinkedIn from 400 to more than 200,000 views. He is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer on how to use LinkedIn. He has also spoken at numerous events including LinkedIn Local events in Singapore.

Additionally, through LinkedIn, Melvyn has also earned international and multinational corporation (MNC) clients. He was also interviewed by Keith de Souza on 938NOW on “Your Morning Fix”, a must-listen breakfast show for PMEBs. Prior to this, Melvyn has trained, consulted for, and coached thousands of professionals across a wide range of industries such as education, digital broadcasting, industrial automation, coaching companies, plastic injection, point-of-sales systems, and specialty chemicals. As a lifelong learner, Melvyn has equipped himself by becoming certified or trained in fields such as Balanced Scorecard, Digital Marketing, ACTA, NLP, and many more. Melvyn is also a vlogger on YouTube. His videos were discovered by other influencers. Chris Brogan, a New York Times bestselling author has tweeted three of his videos to his audience on Twitter. Gary Vaynerchuk also appeared on one of Melvyn’s vlog and used him as a reference for anyone who wish to become successful in creating video content.

Workshop Outline

Getting Started: Why Grow Your Influence on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is the new opportunity
  • Media, not marketing
  • Case Study: Why one brand is successful on LinkedIn while the other does more harm than good

Discoverability: Earn Attention via Employee Profile

  • 3 key elements of a good impression on LinkedIn
  • Key conduit between your employee profile and your brand – relatability
  • How to optimize your employee profiles so your brand discoverability on search and social comes up top

Credibility: Earn Trust via Employee Profile

  • 3 ways to enhance the credibility of your brand
  • Twin pillars of great content – value and consistency
  • What content gives the best ROI on LinkedIn

B2B: Your Company on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages
  • Humanize your brand on LinkedIn
  • How to leverage LinkedIn Native Video for your brand