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Jan 2018

Service Innovation Management Training

Course Information

Start Date12 Jan 2018, Friday
End Date12 Jan 2018, Friday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Contact6720 3333
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Service innovation involves rendering the best solutions, in the most cost-effective ways to clients, which impacts on the overall success of the organization. In today’s intensely competitive markets, forward-looking companies should create a culture that focuses on reinventing technology alongside effective sales strategies to ensure service innovation. This would not only generate more sales but also enhance customer retention. Service innovation is made possible by customization, personalization and mobility for services. For instance, the rise of mobile internet has transformed service delivery over the years. The prevalence of digital payments using smart and connected devices unlocks possibilities and growth opportunities with proactive and touchless services. The new services landscape is unlocking opportunities for innovation across industries around the globe. Service innovation is not only about mining data and applying the latest analytic techniques but also getting insights from customers, third parties and service representatives followed by implementing effective solutions. This contributes to creating fresh perspectives, cost-saving improvements and new revenue streams. Companies must be passionate about innovation to bring it to life. Studies have shown that rotating employees periodically between roles or departments could cultivate an innovative mindset in them. Giving the front line more decision-making authority would also help them to resolve service problems more quickly. Yet, most companies do not put in as much effort into transforming services as they do with refining products.

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Challenges to creativity: Asking questions to encourage idea generation
  • Approaches to solving problems creatively
  • Links between creativity and service innovation
  • Impact of technology on service innovation
  • Evolving trends: Customization / Personalization; The rise of mobile internet; Other technological advances
  • Tools &/or training required to bring service innovation & solutions to life
  • Internal workings: Cultivation of mindset; Management attention; Allocation of resources
  • Causes of service inertia: Bureaucracy; Status quo; Company culture
  • Future of the new services landscape
Who Must Attend?
  • Frontline staff, executives & managers from retail / hospitality industry
  • Consultants & professionals from service industries
  • Advisors & consultants offering retail, mobile & financial services
  • Employers & directors who want to foster an innovative mindset in employees
  • Individuals who aspire to join the service industries & make a difference
Trainer's Profile

Corporate Trainer / Speaker & Facilitator / Director: Patrick Lim

Patrick has been humbly serving humanity – as a student leader in university and served the community in his youth as a grassroots leader. He is blessed with a successful career and a happy family. Though life is seemingly good, he has been searching for his life purpose, for something that is beyond the daily grind of life.

He conducts corporate meditation classes, family retreats, RE-seriesProgram and counselling sessions for individuals seeking self-worth and self-realization to lead a more purposeful life. He looks forward to fulfilling his mission through sharing his life lessons and experiences with people challenged by career, marriage or parenthood.

Patrick has almost 20 years of corporate experiences in key local and regional senior positions including training and management, as well as spearheading the transformations of aspiring individuals and organizations. He is also an entrepreneur and director / founder of a successful Business Consulting organization.