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Start Date 7 Nov 2018, Wednesday
End Date 7 Nov 2018, Wednesday
Time 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee $588 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms Rina)
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Nov 2018

Public Speaking for Success

How to Talk Like a TED Pro and Zap the Butterflies in Your Stomach

Does the idea of Public Speaking send butterflies to your stomach? Do your legs start to shake and palms start to sweat? In today’s digital age, most people lose touch with public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. In this high impact workshop, You will walk away with handy tips to own the stage and become a magnetic speaker.

To become a good speaker, you will have to present information and provide off the cuff responses while maintaining your cool and projecting a calm and controlled demeanour. In this one day result oriented workshop, you will be equipped with powerful techniques to persuade and convince others effectively whether it is a business presentation, giving a speech in an auditorium full of people or responding to a question in a meeting. You will learn how to come up with dazzling opening and closing speech, craft the perfect message and charm your audiences with exceptional delivery in any situation.

Key Takeaways: Stand Out from the Crowd

By the end of this high impact workshop you will be able to:

  • Use the right body language, tonality and vocabulary to enhance and empower their presentation.
  • Present information and ideas clearly, confidently and systematically.
  • Project conviction, confidence and credibility during discussions and presentations.
  • Conquer stage-fright.
  • Make maximum use of the voice – pitch, volume, pace, intensity, inflection, fluency and emphasis.
  • Use visual aids as an aid and not a crutch.
  • Tear down the barriers to effective public speaking.
  • Prepare and deliver polished and professional speeches.
  • Distinguish the difference between a speech to sell, to inform, to inspire or to instruct.
  • Facts Tell but Stories Sell! Master the art of story-telling.
  • Construct and deliver Impromptu Speeches with just a snap-of-the-finger preparation.
  • Learn the techniques and secrets of master orators and speech writers.
  • Identify, prepare, present, and persuade different varieties of audiences.
  • Distinguish the difference between speaking, facilitating and training.
  • Take absolute control over the question and answer session.
  • Use humour in speaking.
  • What to do when your mind goes blank?
  • Establish instant rapport with the audience.
Don’t Just Hear it from Us!

“Mr. John Sih has great depth in his knowledge and a wealth of experience that he has brought into his training. I was enthused, energised and enlightened. Never had I attended a course so intriguing!” – Capt Ng SY (Army Regular)

“Very refreshing and practically applicable in all situations. The trainer has managed to bring out the hidden talent in me and enhanced confidence and believe in myself. Being voted the Best Speaker in the course proved that.” – Chun Hun Shen (Engineer)

“John is humorous, knowledgeable and humble. He is able to balance theoretical with practical training and blended in interesting personal stories to enhance learning and understanding. He skilfully made sure that every participant had an opportunity to speak, within the short span of time we had. I am totally satisfied with the course. Should be extended to 3 days! Will look out for more of John’s courses.” – Joseph Tan Kah Shiong (Financial Controller)

Meet the Industry Expert: Mr John Sih

John Sih is the Principal Training Consultant and CEO of Accent Training Consultants. He is a certified Master Trainer and Facilitator. To add to his effectiveness in training and coaching, John has obtained a Diploma in Counselling Psychology in August 2007.

He is a trained public speaker and an educator of public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. He holds a London College of Music (LCM) Honours qualification in Public Speaking and a Teaching and Performance qualification from Trinity College. He specialises in grooming individuals to become effective interpersonal communicators and public speakers. He also trains sales professionals in the art of selling and front-line officers in customer service skills.

As a sales professional, he was a Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) member and has achieved the International Quality Award for Excellence (IQA), during his stint in the life and general insurance industry.

As a Body Language expert, John is often favourably compared with his guru: he is known as the “Allan Pease of Singapore”. John had been featured in the Female magazine as well as The Straits Times, expounding on the practical impact and importance of Body Language as a form of non-verbal communication.

As a Psycho – GeometricsTM practitioner, he imparts the practical aspects of Psycho – GeometricsTM. He is the first trainer outside the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, licensed to use and impart the Psycho – Geometrics SystemTM. He is the master trainer of the system in Asia, after having mastered and internalised the use of the system since 1991.

Speaking is his PASSION,

Selling and Training is his LIFE, and

Sharing is his FORTE.