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Apr 2017

Professional Certification in Security and Risk Management

Course Information

Start Date22 Apr 2017, Saturday
End Date23 Apr 2017, Sunday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee$680 (General Public) $180 (After Skillsfuture Funding) $408 (Company Sponsored after PIC 40%)
Contact6720 3333
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This two-day course provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to every aspect of security risk management and critical incident control from taking initial scene command, managing resources, resolution, and to recovery and mitigation from the incident. Drawing upon the extensive practical application of SRM and CIM techniques, it focuses on the overall security risk management (SRM) approach towards mitigation of risk, security planning, and critical incident management using evidence-based, tested, and proven methodologies applicable to a host of scenarios that may be encountered in both public and private settings.

Complete Rapid Response Guide to Critical Incident Management and Security and Risk Management

This programme will introduce participants to security and risk management concepts, risk theory, and the assessment, analysis and management applied to risk. Participants will consider the requirements for conducting and documenting security surveys. An introduction to crisis management theory, security planning, policy and procedures will be presented.

  • Build knowledge on security leadership and learn the pitfalls to avoid from program inception through systems deployment and operation.
  • Gain invaluable insight by networking with current industry practitioner instructors and peers facing similar challenges

This course is filled with field-tested methodologies and tactical directions designed to prevent, contain, manage and resolve emergencies and critical incidents efficiently and effectively.

1.Critical Incident Phases – The phases of a critical incident response and tasks that must be implemented to stabilize the scene;

2.Assessing Current Security Risk – Understanding Security vulnerability assessment to test effectiveness of existing measures;

3.Leadership Style and Techniques – Required to manage a critical incident successfully;

4.Security Risk Management (SRM) Planning – Crime prevention strategies; situational crime prevention and environmental design prevention;

5.Critical Incident Stress Management for Responders –Roles of high-level personnel in setting policy and direction for the response and recovery efforts;

6.Policy and Strategy –  Learn evidence-based, tested, and proven methodologies on a host of scenarios that may be encountered in both public and private settings.

7.Maintaining Continuity of Business – Delivery of products or services in the face of a crisis;

8.Security Risk Mitigation and Controls – Apply risk assessments techniques in establishing strategies for the protection of organizational assets;

9.Presentation of Reports – Understanding of key industry and governmental security standards and its applications;


The delivery is intensive, interactive and work-oriented, employing a variety of industry methodologies and including presentations and case studies as well as group discussions.

  • Corporate and government security professionals, Operations Managers, Security professionals of hotels, places of interests, tourist attractions and security consultancy companies;
  • Working professionals such as managers and engineers in the IT, security and legal industries;
  • Security consultants, security analyst, trainers and advisors seeking to enhance their professional status and development will also benefit from this course.
  • Site security/facility managers and engineers and Individuals tasked with risk management and homeland security
  • Design and security architects/engineers/ Security project managers

“I have been very impressed with this course as there was a totally professional approach to class engagement and he very quickly identified our needs, offering a 1st class training course. There was excellent communication from him that gave us confidence in our work every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”– Khalil Hamid, Senior Security Officer for CISCO

“Not only is the trainer very helpful and friendly, he has a good understanding of the subject due to his extensive practical experience; and even more importantly, a good understanding of how to work with us as participants during the two-day course.”– Roland Dermott, Systems Analyst for SGX Singapore

“Very professional and also very approachable. He kept in touch with everyone in class and made sure our needs were met. If I needed to chat about industry trends, he made time for me. Also, he has a very good understanding of my industry.” – Holly See, Security Training Manager, Singapore Customs