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May 2021

The Ultimate Podcast Course: Develop & Launch A Viral Podcast (Live Stream)

Course Information

Start Date20 May 2021, Thursday
End Date21 May 2021, Friday
Time9.30am to 4.30pm
VenueOnline via Zoom
Fee$990 (excluding GST)
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


In the world of visual culture and rapid technological advancements, the popularity of such a simple format as a podcast seems to be suspicious. The latest stats show that 49% of marketing videos are only 0-60 seconds long (and the number decreases further) so how come podcasts that on average last 41 minutes are listened to for at least 90% of their duration? The answers are simple, yet insightful. The main reason why podcasts are so popular is that they allow their audience to save time. At Edison Research, they explored the podcast listening locations and found out that most often people listen to audio blogs at home, in a car, while walking around or working out. What this means is that those who listen to podcasts are doing at least two tasks at the same time, exercising and listening, for example.

In this workshop, you will learn how you can develop and launch a podcast and make it an irresistible choice for your audience who chooses to consume audio content. Upon evaluating thousands of podcasts and helping companies launch their podcasts, this two-day workshop will teach you to build a successful podcast using the three elements (Useful, Sustainable, Profitable) that make a podcast remarkable.

Course Highlights

In this 2-day course, you will:

  • Learn about the three elements that make a podcast remarkable
  • Have an in-depth approach in uncovering insights about your (potential) audience
  • Formulate the structure of your podcast accordingly
  • Develop a branding strategy for your podcast
Target Audience
  • Professionals in sales, marketing, communications, media, public relations, etc.
  • Individuals keen on learning more about podcasts and how to get started on it
  • Trainers, Consultants, and Educators who wish to learn how to convert their materials into a successful podcast

Participants should understand basic audio production process (e.g. knows pre-production, production, and post-production).

Course Outline

Module 1: Know Your Audience

Participants to clearly define their audience, the format of their podcast, and understanding the structure of creating content that engages with their audience 

Session 1: A Remarkable Podcast:

  • Why podcast is the way to go
  • Understand the three key elements that make a podcast remarkable
  • Use these three key elements to formulate your podcast’s USP
  • Work to complete: develop the USP of your podcast

Session 2: Identify Your Audience:

  • How to identify the needs and desires of your target audience
  • Leveraging analytics to understand the demographics and psycho-graphics of your audience
  • Use an empathy map to highlight their needs and desires
  • Work to complete: construct an avatar of your target audience

Session 3: Define Stimulus of Podcast

  • Clearly define the business objectives (direct or indirect) for podcast
  • Identify the different stimuli of the podcast content (informational, insights, or interviews)
  • How to inject your brand’s unique value proposition into the stimulus
  • Work to complete: participants will be divided into groups, where each group will explore how to infuse the brand’s unique value proposition into the stimulus that resonates with your target audience (to be submitted before Session 4)


Module 2: Produce Engaging Content

Participants will build upon the preceding sessions to craft engaging and how to train their voice using techniques to improve quality and confidence. They will also understand how to leverage iTunes as a tool to raise awareness of their podcast. 

Session 4: Crafting Engaging Content – Part 1

  • Introduction to the framework to facilitate crafting of engaging content
  • Work to complete: participants will use the framework to craft content by incorporating the stimulus identified in Session 3 and record their first attempt

Session 5: Crafting Engaging Content – Part 2

  • Review and feedback of work from Session 4
  • Introduction to voice techniques: warm-ups, projection techniques, breathing, and posture to enhance the quality and confidence
  • Work to complete: participants record their second attempt by incorporating the feedback given and voice techniques

Session 6: Production of Podcast (3 hours – Day 05)

  • Review and feedback of work from Session 5
  • Recording of podcast: Checklists of items for recording the podcast
  • Forwarding to production: Checklist of items before forwarding to production
  • Other technical details
  • Final Q&A with Facilitator
Business & Video Strategist: Melvyn Tan

Melvyn is the founder of Befinity Media, a digital media agency focusing on helping smart businesses accelerate their growth by using videos to dominate search and social. He founded LINE consulting, a boutique strategy advisory firm in Singapore. Leveraging his 14 years of experience as a business strategist, Melvyn and his team formulate strategies to help businesses leverage videos to reach their intended audience.

He’s a highly sought-after trainer and speaker due to his diverse skill set. He is a video evangelist and is LinkedIn’s top video creator in Asia. He is also a growth hacker on Facebook and a vlogger on YouTube. He has spoken at numerous events including LinkedIn local events in Singapore and has conducted training for Institute for Adult Learning, SGH, Centre for Career Excellence, and Citibank