Jun 2020

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence(LIVE Stream)

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Start Date30 Jun 2020, Tuesday
End Date30 Jun 2020, Tuesday
Fee$350 (Excluding GST), Inclusive of e-certificate, e-materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


This Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course is designed to help learners decode the mystery of artificial intelligence (AI) and its business applications. This AI for beginners course provides an overview of AI concepts and workflows, machine learning and deep learning, and performance metrics.

This introductory artificial intelligence course is ideal for developers aspiring to be AI engineers, as well as for analytics managers, information architects, analytics professionals, and graduates looking to build a career in artificial intelligence or machine learning

There are no prerequisites for opting for this Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course. It does not require programming or IT background, making it ideal for professionals from all walks of corporate life


  • Lesson 00 – Course Introduction

  • Lesson 01 – Decoding Artificial Intelligence

  • Lesson 02 – Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Lesson 03 – Machine Learning Workflow

  • Lesson 04 – Performance Metrics

I wanted to learn AI and tried many online sources, but, found it hard to learn the topic. However, Simplilearn’s AI program was not only easy to follow, but the content was also well-organized and offered plenty of real-world projects for practice. Their affordable fee was a big bonus too. I have grown my portfolio since I joined Simplilearn.

Ting L.