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Jun 2020

Impostors Detection Skill Mastery Workshop for Senior Officers (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date22 Jun 2020, Monday
End Date22 Jun 2020, Monday
Time09:00 am - 05:00 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via ZOOM
Fee$600 (Excluding GST), Inclusive of e-certificate and e-materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Course Schedule

22 Jun 2020 (Mon)

19 Oct 2020 (Mon)

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Learn How to Detect lying, Suspicious Behavior and Imposters Using Facial Simple Facial Appearance & Comparison Techniques
Impostors are all over, but it seems no one is doing anything to detect them. They walk freely and play on the intelligence of the relevant agencies. If the heinous act of impersonation is not stopped in a given society, such a community is sitting on a timed-bomb. People who end up in regrets are those who could not take proactive steps when there was a need for it. A lover of a peaceful and tranquil society will not wish such for his or her world. It all looks gloomy and everything appears not to display a radiant of hope. However, a careful consideration of the situation shows that there is hope for those who care to be ambassadors of peace.
Detect Imposters with High Accuracy with Test and Proven Techniques
How to Detect Impostors is a course that deals exclusively with facial appearance and comparison. The course digs deep into how to identify people through their facial appearance and compare same with passport photographs or any other document presented for identification purpose. People have always lamented how difficult it is to identify impostors but this course has been delectably prepared to walk you through the process. Even identical twins can be identified with ease if you follow the techniques shared in the course.
Valuable Key Takeaways
  • Psychology of Deception: The anatomy of imposter’s motivation, how to identify someone’s primary motivation for lying and internal emotional state.
  • Be Armed with the weaponry and expertise to detect suspicious behavior confidently
  • Detecting impostors through facial comparison
  • Blind Spots and Deception: 7 Examination techniques of Facial Components
  • Science of Deception Debunked: Five myths about deception
  • Deception and Personality Type: How different personality types exhibit deception
  • Credibility Assessment: Simple way to identify Similarities and differences in facial images
  • Common Challenges and Errors made by executives in comparing facial images
Course Outlines
  • Explain the meaning of impersonation
  • Tell who an impostor and identity fraud
  • Highlight facial examination techniques
  • Know ways to detect an impostor
  • List the 7 main areas used for facial comparison
  • Explain the terms class and individual characteristics
  • Explain the terms explainable and unexplainable dissimilarities
  • What are the challenges of officer?
  • List and explain the steps used in the decision-making process
  • Apply a methodology for good decision making
Who Should Attend?
  • Senior officers from government agencies
  • Legal, QA, finance and audit professionals
  • HR Managers involved with Hiring process and Interviews
  • Business professionals, Marketing, Salespersons, Managers and Supervisors
  • Security Officers & Enforcement Officers
  • Coach, trainers, Consultants
Training Methodologies
  • This will be a one-day course, conducted formally and the following methodologies will be applied:
    • Presentation
    • Group Discussion
    • Individual and team exercises
    • Videos
    • Role-playing
    • Case studies

    Training materials are masterfully sought, well-prepared and thoroughly-checked just in a bid to encompass all the societal components. Thus, no one should be left out in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Trainer Profile

Erudite Psychologist and Behavioral Analyst  – Alan Elangovan 

Alan Elangovan is a teacher, mentor, trainer, security expert and behavioural analyst. He has occupied his space as a trainer in Singapore for the past thirty years. Still, the fire of his intellectual acumen rages in every sector of the country. His services have been employed by both new and old companies and he has always exemplified the perfect definition of balance. Alan is not a hunger-driven trainer. As a way of enhancing his skills and expertise in his chosen field, Alan has been to Australia, Germany and Denmark for specialised training sessions. Anytime he teaches, he portrays universality and standard.

After revolutionising many firms in Singapore, the news of his prowess spreads to other neighbouring Asian nations and in 2005, he became an international trainer. Indonesia, Malaysia, Bhutan and Cambodia are some of his usual training nations. To demonstrate how charming his training sessions are, many of his trainees have had the course to travel down to Singapore moments when his itineraries are filled up. The continuous flow of classes he conducts for people from all over the world has unarguably enhanced the quality of his delivery and also increased his knowledge. He does not jump into areas where he knows he does not have a perfect mastery of its subject matter.

His classes do center on public speaking, behavioral analysis, security, crisis management in the corporate world, enhancement of employees’ productivity, control of emotions and other germane issues tailored towards the improvement of our world. He is no doubt the perfect trainer for any of your professional needs.