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Nov 2018

Grow Your Business with Amazing Customer-Centric Emails to Win More Business

Course Information

Start Date1 Nov 2018, Thursday
End Date1 Nov 2018, Thursday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee$588 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training@aventisglobal.com
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Customer demands are changing rapidly, and your business need to be shift to a “Total Customer Centric” mindset to identify and serve customers’ needs in a world where competition waits just a mouse-click away. Today, customers are bombarded with numerous emails, so, to win new business and retain existing customers, you need to develop a mastery when crafting “customer-centric” emails.

Win Sales, Build Relationships and Enhance Productivity

In this workshop, you will win more business by learning to apply a highly effective laser focus on your customers with every email you send. It will provide the tools you need to improve prospecting and business development effectiveness. Most important, it will help you increase productivity, win more business, and develop lasting relationships with your ideal customer.

Your Complete E-Mail Writing Toolkit Filled with Practical Techniques, Tools, and Exercises

This powerful, practical workshop will equip you with the critical skills and techniques to unlock the true potential of your email communication to win more customers, generate referrals and increase customers stratification of current clientele.


  • Picking out a narrow target
  • Knowing your ideal, perfect customer to build a lead list
  • Creating short and light-hearted content
  • Generating warm leads to start on the right foot
  • Identifying the primary goal of your first sentence
  • Crafting phrases to connect with the buyer and not necessarily sell the product.
  • Closing for a business relationship versus a product relationship
  • Creating a business case for engagement
  • Making high value trial follow-ups buyer-centric
  • Delivering a specific call to action
  • Recognizing 3 different categories of subject lines to increase open rates
  • Choosing from 9 formulas to create content for diverse situations
  • “Sandra Daniel presented the workshop material in a concrete, clear and fun manner. She has excellent presentation skills and great retention techniques. Her workshop is filled with ideas I can use at work” Carolyn Lim, DBS Bank“Sandra provided a very personal and inviting personality which enticed the participants to openly speak-up and engage in the whole aspect of the workshop. Highly recommended” James Morgan, Hilton Hotel
Who should attend?

This workshop is highly recommended for sales development representatives, marketers, entrepreneurs and sales and service professionals to systemize their customer services and expand their business.


This is an action-oriented and highly interactive workshop comprising intensive hands-on writing practices, videos, group discussions and mini lectures.

Communication Coach: Ms Sandra Daniel

Sandra Daniel is an ACTA-Certified trainer and an associate adult educator. She holds a Master in Science in Training and Development from University of Leicester. Sandra, a master practitioner with the American Board of NLP, has a profound ability to bring the best out of people. She revolves her trainings around practicality and simplicity, arming participants with skills to instantly apply. She is a dynamic and entertaining trainer/speaker in areas of communication strategies, leadership management as well as personal and organization productivity.

As a corporate trainer, she has been guiding various statutory boards, government-based organizations and private business enterprises in recognizing opportunities to function proficiently in competitive environments. Some of her workshops and public seminars include clients from diverse industries namely Citibank, Hilton Hotel, Singapore Tourism Board, Bax Global, State Courts, Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Home Affairs, Kreuz Subsea Technologies Pte Ltd, Ministry of Defence, Singapore Armed Forces, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore General Hospital, Housing & Development Board, Land Transport Authority, Central Provident Funds Board, Singapore Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Sandra regularly contributes articles on leadership, customer service, management and communication skills as well as effective learning strategies to Straits Times Recruit.

Course Outline

Module One: Generate warm leads to start on the right foot

  • Every sales prospecting email should focus on the prospect, not you
  • Why is it worth their time to speak with you?
  • Craft phrases to connect with the buyer and not necessarily sell the product.
  • Research the prospect to produce a personalized message
  • Identify 2-3 key findings that you can mention and tie your value prop to

Module Two: Create a business case for engagement

  • How you should address your prospect
  • What is the primary goal of your first sentence?
  • Explain how you are focused on the value of an equal business relationship
  • Provide a business case for both parties to connect
  • Understand how industries impact the way you should write prospecting emails
  • Focusing on one benefit at a time
  • Opening paragraph should show the prospect that you are excited
  • Come up with a set of interesting ideas crafted for their business
  • Close with value by focusing on “idea sharing”
  • Close for a business relationship versus a product relationship

Module Three: Make high value trial follow-ups buyer-centric

  • Avoid canned follow-ups emails when your goal is to talk to someone
  • Offer to answer questions for successful outcomes
  • Deliver a specific call to action
  • Provide a personal perspective
  • How to create a product centric email using a quick visually way

Module Four: Interest-provoking sales subject lines that secures high opening rates

  • Cold subject lines
  • Follow-up subject lines
  • Best email subject lines after no response

Module Five: Avoid reinventing the formula wheel every time

  • Before-After-Bridge (BAB)
  • Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS)
  • But You Are Free
  • Star-Chain-Hook
  • Attention-Interest-Desire
  • Star-Story-Solution
  • The Reader’s Digest Model
  • The 3-B Plan
  • Praise-Picture-Push (3P’s)