Dec 2020

Executive Certificate in Data Driven Marketing & Analytics

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Start Date8 Dec 2020, Tuesday
End Date11 Jan 2021, Monday
Fee$1,200 (excluding GST)
ContactEmily | 9384 2258 | emily@aventisglobal.com
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What Is Data-Driven Marketing & Why Should Marketers Care?

Data-driven marketing is a set of techniques and tactics that leverages massive amounts of data to create effective marketing processes, targeting specific demographics and user groups at an individual level. This data can provide fantastic insights into consumer behavior and taking advantage of it can be of vital importance to your company.

Data is increasingly important for elite marketers and has the potential to become the most valuable resource in marketing since it enable you to identify what works, what doesn’t and how to optimize marketing efforts to include the most effective tactics. For this reason, the process allows for faster decision-making and better insights into what the customer wants from the brand

6 Weeks Online Live-Coach led bootcamps on Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking

This Executive Certificate aims to equip you with highly effective marketing strategy that will enable you to leverage on the latest technologies to take advantage of ever-increasing data availability and optimize your digital marketing results. The right use of data can help you make evidence-based decisions across sales, marketing efforts, customer retention, fraud deterrence and more. Gain valuable customer insights in just a few clicks with analytical tools that will help you effectively collect, mine, manage and grow your database.

Key Takeaways

Designed for anyone aspiring to become founders of their own ideas, grow their existing business online, hustle as a freelancer or become an excellent professional at their jobs.

  • Learn the latest marketing analytics skills set to improve Sales and marketing performance through remarketing and hyperlocal marketing
  • Using Free Digital Tools to analysis and gain valuable insights to your competitors and customers
  • Apply latest content marketing strategy to write SEO optimized articles and blog posts that’ll rank fast on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Learn how to Apply A/B Testing across your social media outreach to drive engagement and action
  • Unlock the Full Power Of Social Media Communities in Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram to grow your Brand
  • Simple way to 3X your traffic by converting you blog posts, social posts, audio content and video content without any technical knowledge
  • Apply A.I Powered Marketing through responsive & personalized emails to optimize your engagement with your audience
  • Understand key metrics while A/B split testing and analyzing email marketing data
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to gain expert Advice on how to improve your digital marketing efforts.
Who Will Benefit?
  • Savvy Marketers, Business Owners, Entrepreneur or senior manager responsible for driving the development of new ideas and innovative practices in your organization
  • New Age Professionals, Senior Executives, heads of strategy or executives from mid-to-upper-level management, who wish to develop a strategic understanding of digital business strategy
  • Executives & Officers involved in marketing communication, PR and Corporate Outreach
  • Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Growth hackers, Consultants and Creative FreeLancer seeking to grow their business

“We developed a great partnership with Vatsa and StandOut. their dedication to our website is evident in all aspect of the site. We deeply appreciate their attention to details and creative approach to bringing our new exhibits to life online.”
Carrie Johnson, Director, PAIA Consulting

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K Vaibhav, Director, Flipkart


With a Masters in International Business from IESEG Paris, Vatsa’s got extensive international experience in working with start-ups across New York, Paris, Singapore, Mumbai & Bangalore, a deep understanding of diverse cultural and business practices, strong analytical skills and a background in the digital space. He has consulted over 50+ startups across US, Brazil, France, Singapore & India by scaling and growing their businesses online via creative growth hacks and digital marketing strategies with achieving an overall transactional revenue of +50 Million USD.