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Start Date17 Jan 2019, Thursday
End Date18 Jan 2019, Friday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$1280 (excluding GST) Inclusive of coffee breaks, light refreshments, and catered lunch
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | roshini@aventisglobal.com
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Jan 2019

Digital Transformation & Innovation Strategy Masterclass


The new digital age is emerging at an accelerating pace of change with no clear patterns, and lack of structured information. Technologies are transforming and disrupting businesses across all industries. Business leaders, digital strategists, and executives across the globe are gearing up to lead their organisations through this transformation. Digital transformation poses an unparalleled need to connect business and technology for a seamless experience. The first part of this program focuses on the industry impacts of technological innovation. You will explore digital transformation framework and industry examples of companies that have benefited from digital transformation. The second part of this program focuses on how to develop a digital transformation strategy and justify its ROI for your organisation. The third and final part of the course will focus on the mindset of change and is intended to provide a platform for a discussion on change management and change leadership in the digital age.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand the impact of technological innovation
  • Explore industry examples of companies that have benefitted from digital transformation
  • Explore the Digital Transformation Framework
  • Learn how to develop a digital transformation strategy that best fits your business
  • Learn how to justify the ROI of applying a digital transformation strategy
  • Understand the need for change management and change leadership in the digital age
Who Should Attend

This program aims to provide CEOs, managers, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to analyse traditional business strategy models.

  • Leaders from all functional areas, responsible for developing and implementing digital strategy
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.
  • Senior officers, Executives and Company Representatives
Digital Transformation and Innovation Specialist: Dr. Francis Goh

Francis Goh is the CEO of HehSed Consulting, which specialises in Corporate strategy, Innovation and Leadership strategies. He has more than 20 years of international experience in the technology and energy industries, having had numerous P&L and high impact leadership roles with global leaders such as Accenture, SAP, HP, Microsoft and ExxonMobil.

Francis specialises in the areas of emerging solutions, breakthrough business models and innovation. He has a proven track record in building high-performance teams and overachieving both revenue and profit targets consistently. He has a strong reputation for developing and deploying new business go-to-market strategies across sales, operations and resource management. He establishes core innovative business models which further enhances brand positioning and grew both topline and profits as a result. Francis is a hands-on leader with deep solution and value-selling expertise across a broad spectrum of clients in the Asia Pacific region across industries such as Oil &Gas, FSI, telco, manufacturing and the government.



Dr Francis Goh is one of the prominent and leading evangelists in advocating digital transformation.  But Dr Goh is also very different from the rest, he is not satisfied with just giving speeches and lectures.  When given time amidst his busy schedule, he would help organisations he meets to deep dive into specific problems, understand unique situations, and help to uncover opportunities.  Dr Goh goes beyond theory or convention, his approach is actionable, structured, result oriented, and demanding.  More importantly, he garners respect and trust which makes him effortlessly persuasive to the leadership team to adopt the commitment to embark on the digital transformation journey and succeed with the CEO or the Chairman. Dr Francis Goh is sharp and unquestionably intelligent. In contrast to his disciplined and tough looking demeanor, Dr Goh has a very kind temperament and patience.  He is deeply devoted to God, and he remains very humble despite his decorated qualifications and achievements.
Chan Woei Shyong
Senior General Manager, Wirpo

Program Outline
  • The role of transformation
    • Facilitating the discussion around the need for change
      – Quick facts about new business environment
      – Digital disruptions: challenges or opportunities?
  • Introduction to digital disruptions
    • Exploring key technology trends that make digital transformation possible
      – Cloud infrastructure (computing, network, storage)
      – Advanced social listening
      – Big data analytics
      – Internet of Things
      – Mobility
      – Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital transformation of a business
    • Identifying four pillars of digital transformation
      – Engaging customers
      – Empowering employees
      – Optimising operations
      – Transforming your products
    • Successful examples of companies that benefited from digital transformation
  • Digital transformation strategy formulation
    • Mapping digital maturity level of an organization
      – Digital maturity model from Reutlingen University of Applied Science
      – Group work and discussion
    • Understanding digital strategy transformation framework
      – Why do we need to go digital?
      – What will our digital future look like?
      – How do we realize our digital future?
      – Things to avoid
  • Open panel discussion on a case study (to be distributed on Day 1): becoming a digital organisation
    • Defining the current state
      – Assessing the company current digital maturity
      – Assessing the competitors’ digital maturity
    • Identifying a target state
      – Defining the target operating model
      – Undertaking a gap analysis
    • Developing a roadmap
      – Defining key programs to reach target operating model
      – Defining key projects and activities within each program
    • Launching and implementing
      – Driving business change
      – Ensuring cultural and people change
  • Intro to the Digital human capital framework
    • Digital leadership
      – Innovation
      – Customer centricity
      – Agility
  • Change leadership
    • Characteristics of organizations that are consistently successful at navigating change
      – Persistent sense of urgency
      – Led by teamwork at the top
      – Leaders who can create and communicate the vision, rely on broad-based empowerment, and an adaptive corporate culture
    • Mental habits of effective change leaders
      – Risk-taking, self-reflection, opinion polling, careful listening, and openness to new ideas
  • Change management
    • Change management framework
      – Setting direction
      – Designing the new operations / processes
      – Launching and implementing
      – Sustaining results / running the new organisation
    • Successful examples and take-aways from companies that implemented the change
      – Facilitating the open discussion around use cases

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