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Start Date14 Jan 2019, Monday
End Date15 Jan 2019, Tuesday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$1,280 (excluding GST) Inclusive of coffee breaks, light refreshments, and catered lunch
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 |
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Jan 2019

Digital HR Transformation


The era of true digital disruption has finally hit HR, transforming the way HR delivers solutions to recruitment, performance and talent management. HR leaders must keep pace by leveraging digitalisation to help transform the HR function as well as their organisation. Digital HR transformation involves end-to-end digitalisation, instead of simply providing automated systems for employees to use. This complex task goes way beyond the scope of a software vendor and requires tapping on a high level of expertise from an experienced professional well versed in the business application of such technologies. This program enables you to gain a holistic understanding and appreciation of the positive contribution you could deliver to the overall business. You will learn the important data collection points and gain the ability to generate deep insights from these data to drive your HR strategy and proactively deliver services that anticipate employees’ requirements.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand the need to digitalise
  • Be prepared and digitally ready to take the lead in HR transformation
  • Overcome potential challenges in implementing digitalisation
  • Adopt a digital human capital framework and a digital people strategy to create value
  • Utilise digital capabilities to develop and enhance innovative thinking among employees
  • Apply digital technologies across different areas of HR to better manage talent
  • Manage change to your organisational structure to support innovation and digital transformation
  • Connect digital capabilities to develop an overall human capital framework
Who Should Attend
  • Mid-to-senior level HR Professionals and Recruiters
  • Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Organisational Coaches, Consultants, and Trainers seeking to develop new competencies in Digital HR Transformation
Digital Transformation and Innovation Specialist: Dr. Francis Goh

Francis Goh is the CEO of HehSed Consulting, which specialises in Corporate strategy, Innovation and Leadership strategies. He has more than 20 years of international experience in the technology and energy industries, having had numerous P&L and high impact leadership roles with global leaders such as Accenture, SAP, HP, Microsoft and ExxonMobil.

Francis specialises in the areas of emerging solutions, breakthrough business models and innovation. He has a proven track record in building high-performance teams and overachieving both revenue and profit targets consistently. He has a strong reputation for developing and deploying new business go-to-market strategies across sales, operations and resource management. He establishes core innovative business models which further enhances brand positioning and grew both topline and profits as a result. Francis is a hands-on leader with deep solution and value-selling expertise across a broad spectrum of clients in the Asia Pacific region across industries such as Oil &Gas, FSI, telco, manufacturing and the government.



Dr Francis Goh is one of the prominent and leading evangelists in advocating digital transformation.  But Dr Goh is also very different from the rest, he is not satisfied with just giving speeches and lectures.  When given time amidst his busy schedule, he would help organisations he meets to deep dive into specific problems, understand unique situations, and help to uncover opportunities.  Dr Goh goes beyond theory or convention, his approach is actionable, structured, result oriented, and demanding.  More importantly, he garners respect and trust which makes him effortlessly persuasive to the leadership team to adopt the commitment to embark on the digital transformation journey and succeed with the CEO or the Chairman. Dr Francis Goh is sharp and unquestionably intelligent. In contrast to his disciplined and tough looking demeanor, Dr Goh has a very kind temperament and patience.  He is deeply devoted to God, and he remains very humble despite his decorated qualifications and achievements.
Chan Woei Shyong
Senior General Manager, Wirpo

Program Outline

Day 1

  • The World of Digitalisation and Disruptive Technology
    • Current trends in the Digital Era and how they are reshaping industries
    • How the world of HR has been transformed with the digitalisation and disruption by new technologies such as automation, AI, robotics, big data, etc.
  • What a Digitally Ready Organisation Looks Like
    • Communication strategy
    • Culture development and its impact
  • Preparedness
    • What’s next for companies which are jumping onto the Digital Transformation bandwagon?
    • How do you prepare for it?
  • Challenges to Digital HR Transformation
    • Open discussion on current challenges: What are the C-suite leaders talking about? What are some of the current and expected challenges to HR digitalisation and transformation
    • Introduction to Hehsed’s framework, methodology, and program (FMP) solutions
  • Introduction to The Digital Human Capital (DHC) Framework
    • Definition of the DHC Framework
    • Creating a Digital Culture
    • Importance of aligning this framework with overall strategy
    • Key benefits of framework adoption
  • Introduction to a Digital-People Strategy
    • Importance of having a digital human capital solution

Day 2

  • Digital Leadership and The Future of HR
    • Trends in people innovation
    • How to develop innovative thinking among employees
    • Using the 5 digital capabilities to enhance an innovative culture
  • Expanding the People Strategy
    • Organisation of the future
    • Talent acquisition/management
  • Effective People Strategy
    • Re-organisation vs. people transformation
    • Effective change management
  • Putting it all together
    • Connecting the 5 Digital Capabilities to the overall DHC Framework

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