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Jul 2020

Professional Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Governance Framework

Course Information

Start Date9 Jul 2020, Thursday
End Date10 Jul 2020, Friday
Time9am - 5pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$1,200 (excluding GST) Inclusive of refreshments, lunch, and course materials
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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On 23 January 2019, Singapore released its Model Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance Framework at the for public consultation, pilot adoption and feedback. The genesis of this Model AI Governance Framework also known as Model Framework can be traced to the efforts of policymakers and regulators in Singapore to articulate a common AI governance approach and a set of consistent definitions and principles relating to the responsible use of AI. This is to provide greater certainty to industry players and promote the adoption of AI while ensuring that regulatory imperatives are met.

This 2-day program aims to develop an awareness of how digitising business processes can be simple and imperative for the future with the use of AI. It aims to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to help you transform your organisation into an innovative, efficient, and sustainable company of the future. You will take stock of the emerging governance issues associated with AI and discuss current developments from a comparative perspective. Some discussion questions include: How can AI be governed? What are the instruments and approaches available? What are emerging governance and legal frameworks? What is the role of the state and what are the roles of companies and other stakeholders? What are the trends and developments in AI governance from a global perspective?

Course Highlights

This is not an IT course. This is a leadership development course designed to prepare your business for AI. The program is designed to focus on mindset, frameworks for businesses, discussions on case studies, and hands-on experimentation on AI.

  • Gain an understanding of AI and Machine Learning (mL)
  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges in AI and mL
  • Explore real-world case studies of AI and mL
  • Understand your business AI Learning journey
  • Improve your ability to make better strategic business decisions in a team by adopting an open framework
  • Understand the meaning of the terms/jargons in the AI and AI governance-related landscapes
  • Explore case studies of the latest market developments of AI-related technologies in the banking, construction, and logistic spaces including the use of robots
  • Explore common misconceptions with respect to AI
  • Analyse examples of The Internet of Things in the commercial and domestic space
  • Understand the security issues involved in the The Internet of Things (IoT)
Target Audience
  • Senior Officers and HODs
  • Managers from Government agencies and private organisations
  • CEOs, COOs, CIOs, Business Owners, Legal counsels, and Business Leaders
  • Professionals in-charge of technology, projects, and innovation
  • Trainers, Consultants, and Lecturers seeking to enhance their knowledge on AI and IoT governance requirements and directions
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    • The EU General Data Protection Regulation
    • History & industry trends on Artificial Intelligence
    • What is Artificial Intelligence and how Artificial Intelligence works
    • Neutral networks and Machine Learning
    • Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are relevant to business and work
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning case studies
    • How we can apply Artificial Intelligence for businesses
  • Data Protection
    • Issues relating to data protection in the implementation of AI-related technologies and The Internet of Things
    • The Personal Data Protection Act
    • The EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Intellectual Property
    • Protection by copyright law – ownership of copyright works
    • Inventions and the use of patent law
    • Rights in data and practical issues
  • Contract Law
    • Principles of Contract Law
    • Use of software development contracts for AI-related technologies
    • The continued use of ‘click accept’ licensing agreements
    • A discussion of Blockchain related contracts
    • The Internet of Things
  • Tort and Product Liability Issues
    • Liability for negligence and damage
    • Product liability and insurance considerations
  • Governance Issues
    • Principles for the governance of AI
    • Ethical use of AI technologies
Target Audience
  • Professionals in Marketing, PR and Media
  • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs
  • Individuals without coding experience and are interested in building a website
  • Consultants, Educators and Trainers seeking to build their presence online

“It was very evident that Alvin Lam certainly knew his stuff which is essential as a trainer. Excellent knowledge combined with an excellent patience attitude make him a very effective trainer. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!”
Marketing Manager at REDmoney Group

“I had the opportunity to attend one of Alvin Lam’s training classes entitled “ITIL Capability: Service Offerings & Agreements” where he provided a detailed walkthrough of the key processes related to ITILService Strategy and to a certain extent ITIL Service Design. The best part of the 5-day course was being able to hear Alvin Lam relate his practical experiences applying these processes, which tremendously allowed us to grasp the concepts better. Given the chance, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Alvin Lam again in future engagements.”
Head of ICT at Khazanah Nasional

“Alvin Lam is an articulate, expert and entertaining trainer who ensures that critical concepts are understood and provides insights into theory from real-world practice.”
CIO at Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific

“I personally have found Alvin Lam to be exemplary in every way. As well as his high innate competency, he has a very cooperative and congenial approach to his work and his work colleagues. This makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. The fact that we are continuing to work with him and that he is our first choice when we need a contract trainer is clear evidence of the regard we have for Alvin Lam.”
CEO at ALC Group of Companies