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Jun 2020

Creating An Age-Friendly Workplace with Job Redesign

Course Information

Start Date4 Jun 2020, Thursday
End Date4 Jun 2020, Thursday
Time9am - 5pm
Venue100 Orchard Road Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$680 (excluding GST) Inclusive of refreshments, lunch, and course materials
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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29 May 2020 NEW

17 Aug 2020

27 Nov 2020

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With the latest National Day Rally speech extending the retirement and reemployment age, there is a growing need to rethink and fully optimise our aging workforce to cope with job demands and the changing nature of industries. Employers and HR professionals are always challenged to keep a vibrant workforce retaining talents in the right space. Job redesign will be a growing priority breaking into tasks and matching them with technology and AI. At the same time employee’s aspirations are growing and global innovations may have made current processes obsolete soon. If organisations are not taking heed, there will be many lost opportunities in the future. This highly interactive 1-day course is suitable for professionals making a breakthrough in harnessing new technologies at work and companies struggling with high employee turnover.

Course Highlights
  • Recognise the growing aging workforce and how we can benefit from having their work experiences with us
  • Understanding how to relate and break work tasks into manageable units and redefine its value
  • Demonstrate capability in implementing mobile work with employers redesigning policies for mobile work
  • Changing work amenities with work flexibility and resetting clear goals for the staff who are working either remotely or on flexible time schedule
Target Audience
  • Professionals from human resources, organisational development, learning & development, and talent management.
  • Business owners, leaders, coaches, consultants, and trainers
  • Companies and professionals exploring Flexible Work Arrangements
Course Outline

Understanding the concepts of job redesign and how we can break jobs into manageable work units

  • Review job descriptions and explore how we can assign work task units
  • Understand the work-flow processes
  • Creating a meaningful job redesign work scope and task
  • Class discussion and how we can break jobs into work task units


Emergence of the mobile and contingent workforce

  • Mobile work as part of Flexible Work Arrangement policy
  • Benefits of mobile work
    • Talent attraction and retention strategy
    • Increased productivity (e.g. time wastage due to travelling, more efficient employees)
    • Lower overhead cost due to the reduced need for employees to congregate in a single location
  • Technological advancement that make mobile working possible
    • Cloud computing
    • High penetration rate of smartphones, tablets, and laptop
    • HiFi availability


Implementing mobile work

  • Assessing the suitability for the implementation of mobile work
    • Job nature
    • Corporate culture
    • Employee eligibility (Service type, performance, function, level)
  • Determine the type of mobile work to be implemented
    • Example: hot desking, home office, virtual office, etc.
  • Setting up of infrastructure (physical/virtual) to implement mobile work
    • Example: Shared office space, cloud computing, VOIP technology
  • Designing of policies for mobile work
    • Setting performance indicator
    • Terms and conditions
    • Confidentiality policies
    • Handling and storage of confidential documents


Managing a mobile workforce

  • Educating managers and supervisor on managing a mobile workforce
    • Fair performance management
    • Ensure terms and conditions of mobile work is communicated clearly to employee
  • Monitoring
    • Access and review employee eligibility
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of mobile work
  • Potential changes require to implement mobile work
    • Job redesign
  • Fostering teamwork in a mobile working environment
    • Team building
    • Impose mandatory face-to-face team meeting at regular interval
Organisational Development Specialist: Adrian Wong

For the past 30 years, Adrian has been in senior positions in diverse industries including information media, manufacturing, industrial, and logistics. Some of the roles he has been in includes Senior Associate Consultant at SHRI Corporation, Senior HR Advisor at PSB Academy, and Corporate HR Director at Mcgraw-Hill. His passion as an HR practitioner and trainer has brought him around Asia Pacific.

Adrian’s areas of expertise include strategic HR management, performance management, compensation and benefits management, talent management, change management, training and development, process management, quality and safety, and industrial engineering. He is also passionate about coaching companies and leaders in their talent development space, in bringing about change culture and efficiency in mergers and acquisition.