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Start Date14 Mar 2019, Thursday
End Date15 Mar 2019, Friday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee$1,280 nett (Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training@aventisglobal.com
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Mar 2019

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 Skills For Business Analysis And Reporting


Microsoft Excel 2013 has powerful business analysis capabilities and dynamic reporting features that provide managers and business owners with the information and insights instantly.

Discover useful shortcuts for creating and modifying reports, charts and graphs and overcoming the common errors and problems

Facilitated by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Ms. Valene Ang, this high impact 2 Days practical workshop will empower you with the skills, know-how and confidence to use excel and its functions with ease. 

Whether you want to use Microsoft Excel to manage all your business data or just use it for a small aspect like maintaining customer lists and employee scheduling, this course will prepare you to start using Excel on your own. Throughout the course, you will learn interesting and useful tips and tricks to allow you work more efficiently with Excel. The trainer will also use real-world business examples to illustrate its application in real life.

Key Takeaways: Gain Mastery, Confidence and Improve Productivity

Gain practical tips on how to fully harness the hidden analysis power of Excel and its powerful modeling functions for decision making, analysis, marketing, accounting and finance.

Using Pivot Tables, VLookup, Advanced Functions & New Features of Microsoft Excel 2013

  • To get the most out of Excel’s statistical and financial functions to save time and effort
  • Formatting reports using conditional formatting rules and styles
  • Import business data from other sources quickly and accurately

Acquire Powerful Data Analysis Capability 
Leverage Excel’s amazing tools, including PivotTables and PivotCharts capability which helps you analyze trends in data without having to worry about what formulas to be written and transform data into small, concise reports that tell you exactly what you need to know and identify patterns to enhance other research effort.

Prepare Visually Stunning Presentation and Report
Create interactive charts with business data and use visual tools to present information in the most convincing and simple to understand way for different stakeholders and partners. Create business dashboard to compare different information in one screen and analyze data using Advanced Excel functions for improved Business Decisions and Statistical Analysis skills

Other Sneaky Tricks, Tips and Tools

  • Use Flash Fill
  • Use Quick Analysis
  • Use Slicer to Filter Excel Table
  • Use Timeline to Filter PivotTable
  • Connect Multiple PivotTables

Bonus Plus: Learn how to create charts, sparklines, tables and calculate totals in a flash with Quick Analysis

Key topics covered includes
  • How to use advanced functions of Excel® 2013 to improve productivity, enhance spreadsheets with templates, charts, graphics, and formulas and streamline operational work.
  • How to calculate with advanced functions & formulas, create interactive charts using Excel
  • How to analyze data using Pivot Charts. insert graphic objects and quickly transform business data into informative reports using PivotTables
  • How to use business dashboards to compare multiple business elements in one screen
  • How to generate management and weekly reports quickly and accurately

Note: Participants are required to bring a laptop equipped with Microsoft Excel 2013

MS Excel Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer: Valene Ang

Valene Ang is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Master Instructor of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). She brings with her 20 years’ experience in corporate training and consultancy. Valene has a broad experience in customizing Microsoft Office training programs, developing customized course outline and course material, assisting corporate clients in business data analysis and providing dynamic report solutions.

She had conducted many Microsoft Office workshops in Singapore and Malaysia. Her training focuses on providing practical solutions to real life Excel problems. As a Certified Trainer, Ms Ang has trained hundreds of executives, managers and directors from across medium sized organisations, government offices and multinational companies. Some of her high profile clients including PSA International, DFS Galleria Singapore, Neptune Orient Lines Limited (NOL), National Environment Agency (NEA), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), CPF Board, Public Utility Board (PUB), Canadian High Commission, British High Commission, Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Baxter Healthcare Pte. Ltd, and many more.

Program Outline

Session 1: Calculating with Formulas and Functions

    1. Create Formulas using Names
    2. Manage Names using, Name Manager
    3. Use Date and Time Functions
    4. Use Statistical Functions
    5. Use Database Functions
    6. Use Lookup Functions
    7. Use Logical Functions


Session 2: Visualizing Data with Charts

    1. Use Recommended Charts Tool
    2. Create Chart with Quick Analysis
    3. Align Chart Axis Labels
    4. Display Value Axis in Millions
    5. Create Chart with Multi Line Labels
    6. Create Combo Chart
    7. Create Chart Template for Sharing
    8. Build Dynamic Chart with Table


Session 3: Analyzing Data with Table

    1. Create Table with Quick Analysis
    2. Remove Duplicate Records
    3. Add Total Row to Table
    4. Insert Calculated Columns
    5. Filter Table Data with Custom Filter
    6. Use Slicer to Filter Data
    7. Apply Conditional Formatting
    8. Sort and Filter Data by Color
    9. Create In-Cell Chart with Sparklines


Session 4: Analyzing Data with PivotTables

    1. Overview of PivotTable & PivotChart
    2. Create PivotTable from Table
    3. Change Report Layouts
    4. Show and Hide Report Totals
    5. Create Custom Calculations
    6. Filter Pivot Data with Slicer and Timeline
    7. Group Fields in a PivotTable
    8. Create Calculated Fields in PivotTable


Session 5: Importing External Data Sources

    1. Import Data from Text Files
    2. Create PivotTable from Microsoft Access
    3. Create PivotChart from Microsoft Access
    4. Manage Data Connections


Session 6: Creating Dashboard Report

    1. Overview of Dashboard
    2. Create PivotTable and PivotChart
    3. Hide Field Buttons from PivotChart
    4. Use Slicer to Connect PivotTables
    5. Build a Slicer Dashboard Report

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