Case Study 1


Client Background

Rohde & Schwarz established its presence in Singapore in 1997, offering state-of-the-art solutions to our customers in all our business fields. The advantage of local and regional expertise coupled with a strong network of subsidiaries in Asia establish our reputation as a trusted partner.As an integral part of Rohde & Schwarz’s global strategy, our operations in Singapore have grown to match market demands. Today, Rohde & Schwarz in Singapore has well-established R&S capabilities, production, systems engineering, supply chain management and procurement services.

Since 2002, Rohde & Schwarz Regional Headquarters is responsible for the sales and services network in the Asia Pacific region. In 2012, it assumed responsibility for Africa and Middle East markets as well. Today, almost half of Rohde & Schwarz’s net revenue comes from the Eastern Hemisphere; and with more than 1,300 staff in over 20 subsidiaries, we are committed to serve our customers in providing market-leading solutions for state-of-the-art technologies and after-sales support.

Client Need – Current Challenges

As a regional headquarter, Rohde & Schwarz, Singapore houses staff of different nationality with different cultural background. As such, expressions in written expressions can sometimes be misunderstood. Rohde & Schwarz approached Aventis Learning Group to help design a 1-day writing course to help participants to express themselves via written channel form.

Approach and Mapping – Our Solution

Aventis conducted an interview session with the stakeholders to understand the profile of the participants. Samples and incident records were also collected to help in the development of the course materials. Based on the information provided, case-studies were developed targeting and addressing the specific needs to sustain change for the participants.


Communication Coach: Ms Emma Jones (MBA, Imperial College, UK)

emma-profileEmma Jarman-Jones specialises in developing and enhancing workplace communication skills. This work includes writing, speaking, interpersonal and management skills training. She has over 15 years of experience training in Singapore, as well as regionally in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Emma has worked as an external consultant and trainer with both private and public sectors, designing, customising and delivering programs, and coaching individuals. She believes in the potential of every person and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training that will benefit the individual, as well as the organisation. Emma holds an MBA from the Imperial College London in United Kingdom. She has also completed a Diploma in Human Resource Development at the Singapore Institute of Management, and is a certified People Developer Consultant.

Results and Testimonials

Following the successful pilot run of the customized program, Rohde & Schwarz, Singapore had awarded Aventis multiple subsequent runs of the same program and had put through over 50 participants from several departments. Some of the feedback received was that participants had indicated that they had identify old-fashion statements, common mistakes and redundancies. They had also learned how to develop personalised email styles, improved email communication skills and email etiquettes.

Other feedback about the course were:

  • “Great course! Mindset shift in email writing.”
  • “Very engaging and interactive, allows us to discover our mistakes and issues with email writing