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Business Etiquette and International Protocol Training

Cultural Orientation, Business Protocol & Etiquette

First impressions are often made within seven seconds of a meeting and are difficult, if not impossible, to change. Among other things, this course helps you leave a great first impression. It also addresses how to deal with others in a business setting taking into account differences in culture and region. Since business is often conducted over lunch or dinner, dining skills can also impact someone’s opinion of you as a potential business partner. During the five days of this course you will also get tips on how to apply proper manners and business etiquette in many different settings. In addition, many diplomatic ‘incidents’ occur due to the personnel’s lack of understanding of various protocol standards.

Hands-On Programme for Professionals

Therefore, a portion of the course is dedicated to introducing the international rules of protocol that need to be implemented during formal occasions and visits. The course is designed to be interactive and participatory, and includes various learning tools to enable the participants to operate effectively and efficiently in a multifunctional environment. The course is built on four learning pillars: concept learning (lectures and presentations), role playing (group exercises), experience sharing (roundtable discussions) and exposure to real world problems and policy choices confronting delegates.

Course Objectives

At the end of the events you will have an understanding of the theoretical basis for the application of events as part of their PR or Marketing strategy, 

  • Schedule and plan VIP and important Events and Functions
  • be familiar with a range of events they are likely to engage in and the requirements for their successful delivery
  • Identify the most appropriate venues and activities for their events
  • Manage the media at their events with confidence
  • troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge

Professional Impact

  • Increased confidence to tackle event management or oversight of event management suppliers
  • A strong theoretical basis upon which to make decisions about the best type and format of event to employ
  • An understanding of the main elements in event organization
  • More focused activity aided by simple checklists and manuals
  • Better time management facilitating the opportunity for greater creativity

Organizational Impact

  • Greater value for money from events
  • More focused events as part of their PR or Marketing strategy which will build and maintain their reputation
  • More memorable events aimed at the right people
  • An in-house resource capable of either organizing events directly
  • Staff better informed to provide project oversight of event management suppliers
  • Staff capable of ensuring tight budgetary and scheduling control over events

Course Duration

Customized according to Organizational’ s requirement. Please email us at training.aventis@gmail.com or contact us @ 65 6720 3333


Elaine demonstrated excellent qualities of a professional trainer throughout the course. She is able to stimulate and maintain interest of the participants and encouraged active participation from the class. Elaine managed questions from the participants well. Her eloquence and teaching abilities allow the participants to each gain new understanding and knowledge that will benefit them in future.

Jolene Huang, Senior HR Manager, Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and very engaging way of delivering the lesson. I learnt alot and feel more confident (in term of dining and grooming) after the course. I will definitely introduce my friends to your course if they are interested in business etiquette.

Nguyen Viet Ann Philips, Bank Vietnam

The business etiquette course you conducted is very useful and helpful in my job. I am very glad to participate in your course and look forward to future courses with you!

Karen Chia, Ministry of Education

Certified ACTA Trainer and Corporate Image Management Consultant, Ms. Elaine Heng

Certified ACTA Trainer and Corporate Image Management Consultant, Ms. Elaine Heng

Elaine is a qualified image consultant, makeup artiste and hairstylist, and certified ACTA Trainer, specialising in personal and corporate image management courses, like personal grooming, corporate grooming, dress sense, deportment, social, business and dining etiquette. Having worked in both government agency and private sector, she garnished extensive working experiences in marketing communications, public relations, event management and business development. It also gave her valuable insights into various business cultures and settings, complementing her consultation in helping corporations build their corporate image by advising corporate professionals on their appearances and mannerisms.

Elaine is highly recognised in the image consultancy arena and was conferred Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014 and 2010 Successful Entrepreneur award by Singapore Today. In additional, the company was appointed to be the official grooming company to conduct training for Youth Olympics Games 2010 volunteers. Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic School of Business have also invited her to be their adjunct lecturer for topics related to selling and sales management and marketing communications.

Ms. Mardiana Bte Abdul Rahman

Diana is a successful Trainer having spent 10 years in this industry. As a former Professional in the banking industry, Diana made a vital switch and pursued her passion for effective visual presentation, personal development and people interaction. She is also a fully qualified cosmetologist who specializes in giving expert advice on personal image development through dressing, care and maintenance of the skin, make-up techniques as well as customer service, stress management, anger management, mind mapping techniques, body language and etiquette.

With a diploma in TESOL and Advanced Professional Aesthetics, she gained her experience as a recognized consultant and public speaker from various major events, managing large groups of audience. Her engaging style of presentation, role-plays and ‘live’ demonstrations are able to reach out to audiences of various backgrounds, from financial and creative industries to healthcare professionals and students.

Diana is actively involved in extensive corporate programs, training participants and uniformed staff on the importance of stress management, anger management, personal grooming, customer service, body language, mind mapping and image presentation with grace and poise. Through her personal demonstration and engaging practical lessons, participants understand how to orchestrate their visual and verbal presentation successfully to inspire others to invest in them. Participants also acquired all the knowledge and skills to make their own effective and beautiful Mind Maps.

She has done training for MINDEF, SIM, Hwa Chong Junior College and etc on topics related to stress and anger management. Some of her other clienteles include Milcom-Sass Atlantic, Alexandra Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*), MINDEF, CPF, Ministry of Manpower, Housing and Development Board, Standard Chartered Bank, United Overseas Bank, Singapore Polytechnic, Nelson Buchanan and Oostergaad, Ricoh, Capitaland, Centrepoint, NUS, SIM amongst others. 

Course Outline


  • Introduction to protocol
  • Universal method and basics of protocol- basics; precedence of officials, welcoming, greetings, escorting, seating, saying farewell, receiving VIPs
  • The difference between protocol and etiquette
  • Social etiquette Vs cultural etiquette vs business protocol and diplomatic etiquette
  • Culture, protocol and cross-cultural sensitivities
  • Dinning etiquette for different occasions and races
  • The difference between classical and modern protocol and its application in organizations
  • Strategic protocol and how it contributes to the goal of the organization


  • Why do organizations need protocol and the effect of lack of protocol?
  • Other forms of protocol; gift giving, MOU signing rules, ceremonial protocol, speeches, decorations, dignitary security
  • Communication skills; Personal presentation, breathing techniques, speaking volume, meeting, greeting, receiving, postures and authenticity.
  • Networking and politeness; introducing clients, colleagues, VIPs, cultural differences in introductions, etc
  • Protocol Logistics for VIPs; assisting VIPs, seating plans and arrangement, royal and diplomatic protocol, forms of address etc.
  • Types of corporate gifts and mode of presentation


  • Understanding the concept of Event management
  • The PR events toolbox: 25 types of PR event
  • Key components of event design
  • Event planning and preparation
  • Practical event execution on the day
  • As step to step guide to plan and manage a typical event.


  • Strategy design for major events
  • Project management for strategic events
  • Event strategy frameworks and blueprints
  • Press conference planning and strategic preparation
  • Understanding the role and purpose of press conference
  • Hosting a press conference: introductions, transitions, briefing and preparing spokes people, closing etc


  • Ensuring events add value and deliver return on investment
  • Drafting an event strategy: the 10-pillar framework
  • Planning and directing high profile events
  • Planning and risk assessment
  • Event trouble shooting and Crisis management

More information

Please contact us at training.aventis@gmail.com or @ 65 6720 3333

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