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Breakthrough Sales Strategies For B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals

Developing Effective B2B Sales Processes & Strategies

The challenge of business services sales is unique: you’re selling something intangible. Buyers cannot see or touch it, sales requires prospect education, relationships are crucial, and buyers have to be convinced of the value of working with you and your company.

Level Up Your Sales Techniques to Close Deals and Tug the Heartstrings of Your Prospects

From Hard Sales to Heart Sales

Selling starts with the customer, not the product. It requires creative thinking and new approaches. Today’s salespeople shouldn’t be focusing on just selling the product specifics but place more emphasis on identifying what the customers truly want. They should learn to be a problem solver who is capable of building trust, sharing knowledge, and ultimately creating memorable experiences and value in every interaction.

According to Dr Edwards Deming, an adviser and consultant to some of the most influential businessmen, corporations, and scientific pioneers of business process re-engineering, it is concluded that 94% of the performance of an organization, success and failure, is due to the system!

The Complete B2B Sales System For Organizations: Achieve Immediate Positive ROI

B2B sales professionals today operate in a highly competitive and complex environment where conventional selling techniques and strategies no longer work. Reliance on volume transactions, pricing and other usual sales techniques may even hurt the company’s long-term prospects in the industry. To succeed and sustain peak sales performance, B2B salespeople need to invest in training and orientate themselves to go beyond product pushing. This requires a major paradigm shift.

By implementing a world-class sales training program and a complete system, team members help each other achieve their goals, best practices are implemented and most importantly, closing ratios are increased.  Tapping into several proven sales tools, processes and systems, this program will equip you and your sales representatives with the ability to sell effectively in the modern business world. As you learn to think strategically and sell based on value, you will become more adept at building trust, sharing knowledge, and ultimately creating memorable experiences in every interaction with their clients and partners, closing and handle large business accounts with confidence and competence!

Key Takeaway

  • Master the psychology of selling and use positive framing to influence buying
  • Connect and build trust quickly with different types of customers
  • Overcome buying resistance through the use of covert influence
  • Engage precision questioning skills to uncover and influence needs
  • Apply tools and techniques to empathize with buyers
  • Activate the unique hot buttons of prospects to create buying interest
  • Improve closing ratio by mastering the close with persuasive linguistics
  • Differentiate yourself from competition through “eduselling”
  • Learn how to establish speed of trust and connect with prospect effectively
  • Making effective cold calls and appointments
  • Understand and applying value-added selling
  • Identify and master different selling styles to sell successfully to different clients
  • Improve linguistics skills to influence buying decision process
  • Identify potential buying objections and overcome them in advanced
  • Anchor positive thoughts in a client’s mind towards your products or services
  • Negotiation strategies to build synergistic partnership

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Newly-appointed salespeople embarking on a B2B selling career
  • Business development executives responsible for developing new B2B accounts
  • Sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to boost their sales and improve their selling skills;
  • Professionals who often meet high-value clients

With the help of Jacky’s training and coaching, I broke the sales barrier for my team in just one month!

Benjamin Tan, Sales Manager Stream Peak International

Jacky has given me a lot of tools and understanding into communication, enhancing my rate of self-improvement.

Kris Kuah, Financial Advisor and Million Dollar Round Table Member

I was able to close a deal within 2 hours after applying just 1 technique that Jacky taught me.

Gin Seah, Serial Entrepreneur

Asia’s Rising Star, Influence and Sales Coach: Mr. Jacky Lim

Asia’s Rising Star, Influence and Sales Coach: Mr. Jacky Lim

Highly sought after for his transformation and dynamic programs, Jacky has over the last decade worked with more than 50 organizations and positively impacted the lives of more than 3300 salespeople, professionals, high-level executives and business owners all across the region, including countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Known for his passion to give the best and go the extra mile in coaching his clients towards success, Jacky’s personal motto is to “empower lives and to inspire breakthroughs”. Capable of training in both English and Mandarin, Jacky has developed many of the coaching frameworks he trains by himself. Jacky is also well known for his ability to simplify seemingly complex concepts into easily digestible ones for his clients to enjoy and experience real-life benefits. Jacky’s knowledge and ability to communicate with influence and inspire action have landed him clients and working opportunities with big names such as Singtel, Samsung, ING Bank, MSD, NHST Media Group, Swiss Precision Industries, Trichokare, Great Eastern Life, Housing and Development Board (HDB), Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and many more.

A worldwide-recognized NLP trainer and NLP Master Practitioner with one of the world’s largest and most prestigious NLP universities (The American Board of NLP), Jacky Lim is also the author of a bestselling book “Increase Sales with NLP- Secrets of Psychology Selling”. Over the years, Jacky Lim has also been featured three times on air with Singapore’s top radio station 93.8FM and appeared on both the Straits Times and the Sunday Times several times. Besides his professional accomplishments, Jacky Lim is also a winner of several speech competitions in the Toastmasters organization. He is also a member of one of the world’s largest service organizations Lions, actively involved in humanitarian causes.

Course Outlines:

The Key Changes Affecting Modern B2B Selling

  • Changes and their impact on modern day selling
  • What it takes to succeed in sales today

Sales Planning & Targeting B2B Customers

  • The need to target and plan the sales call
  • Identifying the selling cycle

B2B Prospecting Techniques

  • Traditional prospecting techniques
  • Developments in approaches to prospecting

B2B Pre-call Planning and Strategies

  • Identifying prospects’ business problems and initiating solutions
  • Creating a target account profile

Building a Problem Ladder of Target Prospects

  • Mapping the causes and flows of critical business issues throughout the organisation
  • Identifying target executives and mapping selling strategies and techniques

Managing Relationships

  • Establishing multi-level alliances
  • Building and maintaining relationships at different levels

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