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Your Challenges

Want to develop your mental skills so that you can improve yourself, organise your thoughts and save time? The Mind Map, transforms the way organizations and people think and innovate to achieve optimal success and performance.

This workshop is specially designed to equip participants with the knowledge, brain skills and techniques developed by Tony Buzan, in order for them to apply, excel and advance in their organizational goals to innovate for higher productivity success.

If you are a manager, executive, IT professional, engineer, administrative personnel, secretary, personal assistant or just wishing to develop your mental skills to achieve optimal work performance, this workshop is for you.

Our Solutions

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Be Transformed and Be Equipped with the Knowledge, Brain Skills and Techniques Developed by Tony Buzan, the Inventor of The Mind Map® that is used by millions of successful business leaders and managers across the world


In just 2 days, you will learn in-depth and practical Tony Buzan Mind Mapping techniques on:

  • How to activate their inert brain skills to achieve infinite possibilities;
  • How to adopt whole brain thinking using the original Buzan Mind Mapping® techniques;
  • How to apply practical Buzan Brain Smart techniques onto:
    1. Information management through effective note making
    2. Creative Brainstorming with 5X more and better ideas
    3. Effective Meetings and Note Taking
    4. Daily Task Planning
    5. Creative Problem Solving
    6. Accurate Decision Making
    7. Information Recall and Memory


8 Key Takeaways

Let Dr. Henry Toi, Buzan Master Trainer for Asia, help you by:

  1. Discovering How Your Brain Works
  2. Introducing the Buzan Mind Mapping Technique
  3. Buzan Mind Maps for Presentation
  4. Radiant Technique for Organizing Information
  5. Creative Problem Solving Technique
  6. Mind Map for Decision Making in Convergent Thinking
  7. Running Productive & Effective Meetings
  8. Introducing computer iMindMapping

Raving Testimonials

“We are a complicated business so Mind Maps help – I could not manage the complexity of my work without Mind Maps.  I have often used Mind Maps to deal with the complexities of how we should move forward. Frankly, they are invaluable.”
Alan Matcham, Director of Oracle


“Tony Buzan… unlocks the power of our brains and shows mankind how to tap and use his creative genius with ease and effectiveness. For more than three decades Tony Buzan has been tireless in his quest to bring this powerful tool to the world. By the latest estimates, about 200 million around the world are now using Mind Mapping, so it is just a matter of time before Mind Mapping becomes a universally used technique.”  

His Excellency Dr Abdul Hussein Ali Mirza, Minister, Bahrain


“The use of Mind Mapping is an integral part of my quality improvement project here at Boeing. This has provided savings of over $10M this year for my organisation (10 times our goal)!”

Dr Mike Stanley, Boeing Corporation,  USA

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Event Details

Date: 17 & 18 Mar 2016 (Thu & Fri)

Time: 9am – 5pm


100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel


Contact Details

Amelia Lim


6720-3333 | phone

6720-2222 | fax

Course Fees


  • Inclusive of 1 buffet lunch and 2 light refreshments
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