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Do You Want to Be A Certified Lecturer / Trainer/ Coach?

Aventis Certified Professional Trainer (ACPT) Program


The training and development industry is expanding rapidly worldwide, and The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) “estimates that U.S. organizations spend $109.25 billion on employee learning and development annually, with nearly three quarters ($79.75 billion) spent on the internal learning function, and the remainder ($29.50 billion) spent on external services.” To increase productivity and enhance employee motivation, organizations are increasingly seeking external trainers to supplement their training requirements. This has resulted in a growing demand for well qualified and certified trainers across a myriad of competences and functional levels such as sales, HR, coaching, financial planning, business development, interpersonal skills, and service leadership skills.

Professional Trainers also enjoy diverse career opportunities in challenging and stimulating settings and are sought after both locally and across the region. However, to excel as a professional trainer, you not only require good industry knowledge but also the ability to handle training with confidence, flair, and professionalism.

Futureproof Your Career As A Professional Trainer & Adult Educator

The ACPT program has been specially designed to equip participants seeking to escalate their competencies development as a Professional Trainer & Adult Educator.

Besides enhancing on key training skills set of participants, the ACPT program also aims to equip participants with the latest adult learning methodology to design, develop and deliver competency-based training. Participants are also expected to acquire a set of tried and tested transferable skills, including communication and organizational skills that will enhance their success in their pursuit of new career options in specialized roles such as curriculum developers, educational advisors. In addition, participants will also be equipped with leading-edge coaching skills, tools and resources for effective training and development roles.


Key Takeaways

The Aventis Certified Professional Trainer program is designed to equip participants with the tools, and techniques required for professionals seeking to elevate their training capabilities. Besides emphasizing on key training skills set, the program also aims to equip participants with the know-how to design and deliver competency-based training using time tested methodology.

The program is designed to provide participants with leading-edge coaching skills, tools and resources for effective training and development skills.

  • Verification of your competency in Training and Teaching
  • Developing effective competencies that will enable you to motivate yourself and energize your participants
  • Enhance market status and confidence to deliver impactful training and consultancy
  • International endorsement and recognition of your expertise that draws clients to you
  • Competency building by staying ahead of peers by building a reputation of delivering impartial, professional trainings
  • Provides transferable skills that can be used in various subject area

14 Hours of Practical Based Skills Training

  • Developing engagement strategies
  • Effective presentation strategies
  • One-to-one Coaching Session
  • Peer reviews, competency reports
  • Business Roadmap towards becoming Professional Trainer
  • Includes identifying areas of expertise
  • Identifying potential clients and performance review


There is a plethora of programs in the market but Aventis’s Certification provides participants with a comprehensive program covering not only training skills and tools but the knowledge to apply them effectively. Activities are stimulating and thought-provoking where one of the benefits includes acquiring realistic, hands-on learning tools that improve not only skills set but also instill participants’ confidence.

Dr. Georgina, Management Consultant

Truly, I have gained tremendous insights in further developing my knowledge and learning experience from the inspiring and engaging session. It was important for me to make the right choice in selection; an institution with friendly, helpful and professional support staff makes the learning more refreshing and encouraging. Besides these, sharing ideas and different viewpoints with interesting working professionals from various fields has indeed enhanced my learning journey here.

Ms. Jane KF, Chief Steward SQ

Certification Program Structure

This is a structured program that will be delivered over the course of 1 week. The program will first begin with a 2 full day workshop of training, and end with a half day assessment for the participants to attain their certifications.

Certification Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification, but it is expected that most candidates are intending to embark on a trainer or lecturing role and will therefore be educated to degree level or hold a minimum of five years business experience.

As a guide, it is recommended that candidates are:

  • Educated to degree level or postgraduate equivalent, and hold a minimum of five years’ business experience
  • Relevant qualifications/experience to underpin their specific technical competence or Managerial roles in your primary area of technical specialism or expertise
Aventis Master Trainer: Dr. Samuel Lee

Aventis Master Trainer: Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Samuel is an experienced Master Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in Regional Training and Education for the past 30 years. He has been doing Training and consultancy work in Leadership Development, Human Resources and Change Management areas for MNCs and SMEs in Singapore and in Asia.

Many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses still struggle to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and the internet. Today, he is helping more SMEs in Singapore to acquire skills necessary to create Digital Transformation and develop Technology and Digital roadmaps as part of their Leadership change so that their businesses can grow and expand globally. Dr. Samuel has extensive experience and knowledge in Leadership and Change from the extensive profile of companies he has assisted, coupled with a strong education, having attained the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from UMT USA.

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