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The number of changes that we need to adapt during this COVID-19 pandemic is no joke. Starting from frequent hand washing with soap to wearing masks and to working from home. Due to the circuit breaker mode, many of us have sort of break our normal routine a.k.a. habits.

While some of the people are good at adapting to any situation, there are a portion of people who felt uncomfortable with the changes around us. It could also have created anxiety in them due to the overwhelming changes that breaks their habits. (Watch our AventisCares Session 1 on How to Overcome Anxiety & Stress with Mindfulness)


But, do you know that on another perspective, you may not need to break your habits after all. You just need to tweak your habits to adapt to your current situation. Following are the 6 great habits that you need to cultivate during this circuit breaker mode and for all you know, it may be the same habits that you have been repeating after all.


1. Set specific goals and focus on achieving them

Goals are direction markers in our lives. They help us to determine a specific path of progress that we can pursue on a daily basis. When you have goals, you have a specific target that you are working towards. (Related: KPIs for Performance Appraisal Process)

Now, you may be wondering with all these working from home policy, what happen to your SMART goals? Whether it is your career’s or personal life’s SMART goals, you need to acknowledge that things are changing so does your goals. Talk to your superior, talk to your family and adjust your SMART goals and focus on achieving them (Come on! You can do this!).


2. Establish a positive mental attitude

In life, it is all about attitude. A positive attitude leads to a positive life. Attitude affects how you see the world around you. While it’s true that COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis, how can you remain a positive attitude and turn it into an opportunity? (Related: Turning this Crisis into a Successful Opportunity)

If you want to be successful, then you need to cultivate a positive mental attitude. It is a foundation that helps you to stay motivated. What goes on in our heads is mainly self-talk. Purpose to say nice, empowering things to yourself in your mind. Even when everything looks terrible around you, focus on maintaining a positive outlook. This habit helps you to let go of negativity and achieve your goals quicker.


3. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly

We are what we eat. This saying is true in every sense of the word. The food that we eat either contributes or deducts from our general body health. Working from home may seemed fun but, if you lack of self-disciplined (just like me), you will start to binge-snacking while doing work from home.

When you eat unhealthy junk food, it will reflect in your appearance and performance. On the other hand, if you eat healthy food, your body will be better, perform at a higher rate and boost your chances of success.

But of course, it is not enough to simply eat. We need to exercise regularly too. This can be intense strength training or simply a jog around your neighborhood every morning. Instead of waking up one hour later because you no longer need to commute, you might as well use the time well to do some exercise.

Exercise helps our bodies to become stronger. It is also a proven way to eliminate stress. As such, develop a habit of eating well and exercising regularly to create a healthy body and a mind capable of success.


4. Learn how to turn negative emotions into positive ones

Our lives are a reflection of ourselves. Any negative qualities that we have within us eventually manifest into our reality. In this COVID-19 crisis, you may have faced fear, anxiety, frustration or even despair. These negative emotions may have turn into negative actions such as hoarding of supplies or bullying and racism towards Chinese race people in some of the western countries.

In keeping your negative emotions, you could have done something that your rational self might regret. Therefore, you must learn how to turn negative emotions into positive ones so as to manifest constructive actions. These will consequently build your life.

Develop a habit of noticing the negative emotions when they emerge within you and turn them into positive emotions immediately. By doing this, you create positive energy around yourself and have a much better chance of achieving success in life. (Related: How to Use Affirmations to Harness Positive Thinking)


5. Keep Learning

One of the foundation elements of success is keep learning to gain knowledge and skills. Learning is a never end journey and in fact, it is a lifelong journey. You can either read a book, listen to audio book (National Library online apps still allow you to borrow their resources, so no excuses!) or simply attend an online course. (Related: Essential Topics to Equip Yourself and Your Employees to brave this COVID-19 Crisis)


6. Plan out your day the night before

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We have heard this saying a million times around us and it is true. It is easy to get distracted when you do not have a plan for your day. The most basic plan is a To-Do List. Write down all the activities which you hope to accomplish during your day on the night before. This will help you to be mentally and physically prepared to tackle them. As such, when the alarm clock rings on the next day, you will wake up with purpose. (Related: Ikigai – Unlock the Ancient Japanese Secret to Help You Live a More fulfilling Purposeful Life)

Even if some unforeseen activities emerge, you will be able to adapt without losing sight of the direction of your day. Planning your day is a habit that leads to success.