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The Complete Toolkit to Create a Holistic Reward System to Recognise, Retain and Reward Your Employees

An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Business Owners on How to Retain, Recognise and Reward Staff



In today’s rapidly evolving environment, traditional Compensation & Benefits (C&B) management is no longer effective.Besides financial benefits, employees are seeking other intangible factors when considering their career progression. Thus it is imperative for HR professionals and business owners to change their thinking and tweak their rewards and recognition strategyto effectively attract, motivate and retain talent.

The Total Rewards Strategy to Enhance Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

ProgressiveTotal Rewards Strategy has helped many leading businesses overcome their EVP challenges by communicating strong company culture thattheir employees can identify with and embrace as their own.





Event Details

Date: 28 Jul 2017 (Fri)

Time: 9am - 5pm



100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel
Singapore 238840


Course Fees

$600 | $360 after PIC Grant of 40%


(Inclusive of course materials, buffet lunch and two sessions of light refreshments)

To register, you can either register online or download a hardcopy registration form.


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Contact Details

Chye Fen Lim


6720-3333 | phone
6720-2222 | fax




True Total Rewards - 1 Day Workshop to Unlock the Secrets To Successful Employee Retention


At the end of the workshop, you will learn how to utilise key components in Total Rewards to keep employees motivated without incurring high turnover costs by:

  • Creating a compelling future where employees perceive that the company is "going somewhere", and that it has ambitious but achievable goals for growth where the employees see themselves playing an integral role

  • Constantly creating opportunities for personal and professional growth by recognising their distinctive talents and abilities.

  • Developing a safe and welcoming work environment where employees feel there is enough support and communicationfor them to accomplish their roles in the organisation and there is alignment between the values of the organisation and their personal values.

  • Clearly communicating financial rewards where employees know that if they achieve organisational expectations, they will be recognised and rewarded.


Who Should Attend


For SMEs, NGOs, Government Agencies and MNCs in order to become Employers of Choice.

  • HR Directors, Managers, Executives and Administrators

  • Finance Director/Manager who handles HR matters

  • Anyone seeking a HR or Rewards specialist career





“Ms Cheng is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. What is valuable is her ability to draw from her experience, and forming different perspectives to provide elegant and innovative solutions. The solutions recommended were practical and meaningful to meet business and employees' needs” - Pang Thai Jiuan, Business Solutions Director, Burgeon Bricks Pte Ltd


“MeeiChiann’s guidance in HR courses is well-explained and we are sure that after attending her course, we will achieve consistency in application and keep our staff motivated to performtheir best.” - Ann Teo, Managing Director, COEN Design International Pte Ltd

Trainer's Profile


Leadership Coach, Certified Consultant and Career Touchpoint LLP – Ms Cheng MeeiChiann


Cheng MeeiChiann has a passion for people and has a successful career leading teams in Total Rewards and Performance, and HR Operations for over 20 years. Her clients include SMEs, large local companies and MNCs spanning across the Hospitality, Healthcare, Service, Insurance, Media, IT, Industrial, Hi-tech manufacturing, and Statutory Boards. 

In 2011, she took a leap from her corporate career to start Career Touchpoint, offering HR consulting, training and leadership coaching. In her current role, she is a HR Strategist who designs and buildscompanies’ infrastructure of rewards and development, and a culture of recognition and engagement to help businesses realise improvements in their leadership and employee effectiveness to contribute dramatically to the bottom line. Her work has helped her past corporate employers and dozens of her Small and Medium Enterprise clients to capture, retain and scale their employees towards peak performance. 

As a Leadership and Performance Coach, she will partner busy executives and business owners to manage their 3 – 2 – 1: 3 things that are most important to them; 2 things that they can control; and the 1 thing that will help them be the best version of themselves. 

MeeiChiann’s proven track record in leading high performance teams with organizations of different size and backgrounds is a testament to her capability. Her vast experience and passion in Human Resources is a valuable resource for companies and individuals with these needs. 

She is an independent certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team and Neuroleadership Group, and an Associate Coach and Consultant with Drake International, a Practising Management Consultant certified by the Practising Management Certification Board, and a Spring Singapore certified consultant to carry out HR Capability projects under the Spring Singapore government grants.



100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840


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