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Professional Certification in Marketing Analytics and Return of Investment
An Updated Certification that Provides Critical Framework and Fundamentals of Marketing Analytics and Return of Investment

  • Apply effective, measurable and impactful ROI techniques to boost sales and brand dominance
  • Cracking the digital & social media ROI measurement code
  • Social media ROI: Turning social interactions into business results
  • Bring together best practices in the measurement, analysis and optimization of social media expenditure and show you how to create a high-value digital marketing plan that helps you achieve the ROI you truly deserve.

You will learn how:
  • Setting Clear Goals: Be equipped with the skills to be more data-driven in your decision making and planning process.
  • Empowering and driving creativity: Using competitive and industry data to help you discover strengths and respond to customer preferences
  • Measurable and cutting-edge strategies to boost sales and ROI in social media marketing
  • No-Go Zone: 8 Common pitfalls to avoid in of social media planning & measurement
  • Making a Difference: Redesign your current ROI measurement metrics and generating immediately better returns
  • Industry Tricks and Secrets Reveal: Powerful techniques in measuring customer advocacy, social media reputation, influence and authority

Participants will learn, discover and understand:
  • Introduction - Understanding of Google Analytics Demystified and Traffic Acquisition, defining goals and measuring digital marketing effectiveness and Application of different techniques and methodologies

  • Measuring ROI - 5 steps for your ROI measurement strategy

  • Visitors Tracking - Analytics suitable for different types of websites to track visitors from search engines, pay-per-click advertising, emails and other sources

  • Consumer Online Behaviour - What do your visitors do on your site and how to monitor specific user actions?

  • Site improvement - Tracking error pages and repair broken links used

  • Perform Active Monitoring & Reporting – Actionable insights, analyse new reports & how to use A/B testing and cross-learning from fellow participants

  • Directing Visitors using Google Analytics – interpretation of web metrics data, exploring web traffic, setting and measuring ROI using conversions

  • Measuring Performance through Dashboards – Best practices in setting and applying filters & funnels in google analytics and practice session on using new reports and report tools, ad version testing etc.

The Professional Certification is designed for professionals like:

  • Marketing managers & executives
  • Sales Managers & executives
  • Sole Proprietors & Business Practitioners
  • Any interested individual

To find out more, please contact Ms Clare Ong @ 6720 3333 or clare@aventisglobal.edu.sg

Register Online or download Registration form and email/fax to 6720 2222
Venue 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Time 9am to 5pm
  • $880 (Excluding GST)

Ms Clare Ong @ 6720 3333 or clare@aventisglobal.edu.sg

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